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Platform Win, Mac Publisher Blendo Games Developer Blendo Games Release Date 2012-08-20

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Cart Life wins big at the 15th annual Independent Games Festival Awards

At tonight's 15th annual Independent Games Festival awards, held at the Game Developers Conference, Richard Hofmeier's Cart Life won three of its three category nominations, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Narrative and the Nuovo Award. FTL: Faster than Light won one of its two nominations, which was the Excellence in Design category. It also won the Audience Award. 140 beat out Hotline Miami for the Excellence in Audio award. Kentucky Route Zero and Little Inferno won Excellence in Visual Arts and Technical Excellence, respectively. Zineth won the Student Showcase category. Each full category is listed below. Seumas McNally Grand Prize Cart Life FTL: Faster than Light Hotline Miami Kentucky Route Zero Little Inferno Excellence in Visual Arts G...


IGF 2013 finalists announced, including FTL, Hotline Miami and Super Hexagon

The juries for the 15th annual Independent Games Festival have released a list of this year's finalists, which honors games like FTL: Faster Than Light, Hotline Miami and Super Hexagon. This year's finalists divide into seven categories that recognize achievements in art, audio, storytelling and more. The categories and nominees include: Seumas McNally Grand Prize Cart Life FTL: Faster than Light Hotline Miami Kentucky Route Zero Little Inferno Excellence in Visual Art Guacamelee Incredipede Kentucky Route Zero Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Year Walk Technical Excellence Intrusion 2 LiquidSketch Little Inferno Perspective StarForge Excellence in Design FTL: Faster than Light Samurai Gunn Starseed Pilgrim Super Hexagon Super Space ____ Excellence in...


Super Shock Bundle contains 13 indie titles for $12.99

The Super Shock Bundle, a collection of 13 indie titles including VVVVVV, Puzzle Bots and Cortex Command, will be available today only for a seven-hour time span, according to a post from Indie Statik. The bundle's page contains a countdown to the sale, which begins at 12 p.m. ET. It will include the following games: Deepak Fights Robots VVVVVV Swift*Stitch Little Gardens Puzzle Bots Starseed Pilgrim Probability 0 Home Captain Foraxian Cortex Command Thirty Flights of Loving Jottobots Offspring Fling Developer Michael Todd, creator of Electronic Super Joy, compiled the bundle. Titles available on Steam will come with keys, and each game is DRM free. Check out the Super Shock Bundle page here.


'Thirty Flights of Loving' now available, includes 'Gravity Bone'

Thirty Flights of Loving, the sequel to Blendo Games' 2009 first-person spy title Gravity Bone, is now out and comes with a copy of Gravity Bone. Blendo Games developed Thirty Flights of Loving for the Idle Thumbs podcast's Kickstarter campaign. Idle Thumbs' Chris Remo and Jake Rodkin put together the trailer below, and Remo composed the game's music; Kickstarter backers gained early access along with some exclusive content in the form of a "Goldblum mode." Gravity Bone, a 15-minute experience, gained acclaim for its first-person storytelling and stylish art direction. Thirty Flights of Loving is a similarly brief but engaging interactive story that focuses on the same character, Citizen Abel, who is wrapped up in a heist this time. Blendo Games, the studio consisting of former Pandemic...

Thirty Flights of Loving Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 08/20/2012
    • Publisher Blendo Games
    • Developer Blendo Games
  • Mac
    • Released 11/13/2012
    • Publisher Blendo Games
    • Developer Blendo Games
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