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Platform PS3 Publisher NIS America Developer imageepoch Release Date 2013-07-16

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Time and Eternity review: forever alone

Time and Eternity's treatment of women is intolerable Time and Eternity follows the story of Toki — a time-traveling princess — and her fiancé, the player-controlled pervert of a protagonist. The plot is absurd to a degree well beyond the complex scenarios typical to the genre. When the couple's wedding is interrupted by murderous ninjas, Toki reveals an aggressive "second soul" named Towa living inside of her. Putting their powers together, Toki and Towa jump back in time six months to search for their would-be murderer, while their fiance's soul is accidentally put into the body of her pet dragon, Drake. Drake is a despicable character, and I was dismayed to be stuck playing as him during some scenes and guiding his conversations. From the moment I named his human...

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Time and Eternity launch trailer shows dual heroines in anime action

A launch trailer for Imageepoch's anime-style JRPG Time and Eternity focuses on the combat abilities of heroines Toki and Towa. As two personalities in one time-traveling body, Toki and Towa must dodge enemy attacks in real time and counter with their own abilities. Both use a rifle, though the redheaded Toki prefers bare-handed martial arts for melee combat while the blonde Towa uses knives. Time and Eternity releases today on PS3. Polygon took an early look at the game last month at E3.


Time and Eternity launching in North America this week

Luminous Arc developer Imageepooch's animated role-playing game, Time and Eternity, is available now in Australia and New Zealand and will launch in North America on July 16 for PlayStation 3, publisher NIS America announced. Time and Eternity's story centers on a princess whose body is inhabited by two souls: the nice Toki and the edgy Towa. Her would-be husband, a knight, was assassinated during their wedding, so the princess and her companions travel back in time to uncover the murder plot and save the kingdom. In the PlayStation 3-exclusive, players can switch between the princess' two personalities, Toki and Towa, catering their respective abilities against various enemies. For information about the game, be sure to read our hands-on preview. Time and Eternity was released in...


Time and Eternity hands-on impressions: all that glitters

Time and Eternity is what you'd call a looker. Even as a Japanese role-playing game, it's anything but typical in its hand-drawn visuals and battle system, we learned while demoing the game at E3. But though the game is unlike many titles we've played in the genre, the novelty we experienced during the demo eventually wore off to mediocre results. In Time and Eternity, players take control of Toki, a young woman whose body is inhabited by two souls. During Toki's wedding, her soon-to-be husband is murdered by assassins. Joined by her alter ego Towa and pet dragon, Toki must travel back in time to prevent the attack. The game features bright, hand-drawn 2D visuals layered on top of a 3D world. Time and Eternity's animation is easy on the eyes, but the demo's background lacked the same...


Time and Eternity trailer shows off time-warping hand-drawn anime JRPG combat

NIS America has released a new trailer for Imageepooch's anime-style JRPG Time and Eternity focused on the game's combat. The protagonist of the game is a princess inhabited by two spirits, Time and Eternity, who must travel back in time to stop the murder of the knight who was to marry her on their wedding day. Switching between the two spirits changes the princess' hair color as well as her style of combat. The game itself features hand-drawn sprites against rendered backgrounds, and battles seem to be about careful timing to dodge enemies' attacks and counter. Time and Eternity will be released in Europe and America this summer as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.


Time and Eternity coming to North America and Europe this summer

Luminous Arc developer Imageepooch's Time and Eternity will be localized for North America and Europe this summer, western publisher NIS America announced today. The animated role-playing game, known as Toki to Towa in Japan, will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will receive additional downloadable content post-launch. The game features 3D backgrounds and hand-drawn cel-animated characters in 2D, both in cutscenes and during real-time combat, and a time-travel mechanic. Time and Eternity tells the tale of a knight who is murdered during his wedding to a princess, who reveals her body is inhabited by two souls. She and her companions must go back in time and uncover the murder plot in order to prevent it and save the kingdom. Players can switch between the princess' two personalities,...

Time and Eternity Releases
North America
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 07/16/2013
    • Publisher NIS America
    • Developer imageepoch
    • Score 3.0
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