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Platform Wii Publisher Nintendo Developer Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development Release Date 2009-07-26

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Nintendo Land: The postmortem interview

The Wii U is out worldwide, stowed under Christmas trees or already set up in family rooms across the continent. Bundled with the Deluxe Wii U console, Nintendo Land has a pretty hefty task to undertake: be approachable to casual gamers, keep the hardcores entertained and at the same time show off all the console's new features. How did Nintendo make it? In this week's Famitsu magazine the game's creators shared information about how the game came together at a developer roundtable. The tidbits from the roundtable are shared below. Nintendo Land, much like Wii Sports for the original Wii, largely came about as the design team at EAD put together prototypes for potential launch games. "The Wii U is a game system with a completely new structure," said producer Katsuya Eguchi, "so...


Nintendo Land for Wii U brings mini-games based on Zelda, Donkey Kong to showcase GamePad

Nintendo will release Nintendo Land for Wii U, a game designed to showcase the Wii U's unique features, much in the way that Wii Sports for the original Wii showcased the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls. Katsuya Eguchi, producer of Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Animal Crossing games, is directing Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land will feature 12 theme park-like attractions based on established Nintendo franchises, including The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Animal Crossing. Titles include Donkey Kong: Crash Course, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Takamaru's Ninja Castle. On stage, Eguchi showed off Luigi's Ghost Mansion, an asymmetric multiplayer game that uses the Wii U GamePad and four Wii Remotes in a top-down five player multiplayer game. In a...

Wii Sports Resort Releases
North America
  • Wii
    • Released 07/26/2009
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development
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