WildStar gameplay - Housing customization, farming and more

WildStar has a metric ton of content for players to dive into, but at level 14, the game's most addicting component is unlocked: player housing. The recently released MMO has some of the most robust housing customization tools in the genre, allowing you to add helpful attachments to your home, move and resize furniture and even change the atmosphere surrounding your plot. Check out the video above to see these mechanics in action — and for more insight into the game, check out the Overview video below.


WildStar - Overview video

It kind of seems like developer Carbine Studios shot itself in the foot — WildStar is an immensely content-rich game, with huge areas to explore and a wide variety of activities to take part in. We haven't even come close to experiencing the full breadth of what the game has to offer; but that's really our own fault. Once we unlocked customizable player housing, we didn't really need to do or see anything else. In today's Overview of WildStar, Phil and I fling psychic energy-eagles at our enemies, bounce twenty stories into the air on hovering trampolines, and then we spend like 15 minutes decorating a room. Sorry that we don't get to the exciting stuff until the end, there.


Wildstar beta - Overview video

Needless to say, Wildstar’s shaping up to be a bizarre game, one that attempts to redefine the core MMORPG genre rather than infuse it with other genre’s mechanics. It attempts to provide tailored content to each and every player based on their habits and interests, and attempts to significantly increase the pace of combat with position-based strategy. It attempts to do a lot; time will tell how much of that it can actually achieve. In today’s Overview, Phil and I go on a super dangerous butterfly hunt during Wildstar’s beta test ahead of its proper launch next month. Watch as we dive into the game’s unique Path system, and claim a mountain in the name of our favorite character from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


WildStar launches June 3 in two editions, pre-orders begin March 19

WildStar, the long-in-development massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Carbine Studios, will be released June 3, publisher NCsoft announced today. The MMO will be available in two editions, standard ($59.99) and deluxe ($74.99). WildStar's Standard Edition comes with a free 30 days of playtime, three seven-day passes for guests and an Eldan housing decor item. The Deluxe Edition includes a few additional pieces of unique Eldan-themed content: a hoverboard, a costume, a title and a dye set for armor. That package will be available digitally, and in a Steelbook case at retail. NCsoft will open pre-orders for WildStar in one week, on March 19. Pre-order bonuses are the same for both editions of the game: an exclusive rocket house, a housing decoration, an increased...


WildStar video introduces the sneaky, lethal Stalker class

A new video for sci-fi MMORPG WildStar gives an overview of the game's Stalker class. The Stalker class, says the video, is WildStar's version of the MMO class that has an unfair advantage because it can walk around completely invisibly. However, the video assures, Stalkers aren't overpowered — they're just "pretty sweet" in a Batman/Wolverine/Predator "ninja kind of way." Stalkers dual-wield retractable blades on their hands and have nanomachines in their bodies that enable them to leech health when damaging enemies, turn invisible or become surprisingly durable. As such, players can choose to build their Stalker as an ambushing assassin or something more combat-oriented, or even a tank who skillfully evades opponents' attacks. WildStar is slated for a launch some time in early...


WildStar dev diary explains new takes on MMO ability mechanics

A new "DevSpeak" dev diary for upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar discusses how standard MMOs have players interacting with combat, and what makes WildStar unique in that regard. Most MMOs have abilities that function in one of three ways: Instant-cast, where hitting a button immediately uses the respective skill; cast time, where hitting a button causes a bar to fill up and the ability is resolved once it does; and channeled, where an ability state is maintained (say, continuously calling down a blizzard) as long as the player stays still after hitting a button. In WildStar, channeled and cast-time abilities can be used while moving to make for a more reactive and mobile fight. There are also new types of ability triggers, like rapid-fire abilities where pressing the button more during a...


WildStar dev diary demonstrates the value of double jump, dash and sprint

The latest Wildstar dev diary demonstrates the basic movements of double jump, dash and sprint, and their in-game applications. As outlined in the video, double jump, when used in conjunction with sprint, comes in handy to access difficult items. Dash, for instance, is instrumental in situations such as dodging out of the path of giant laser-belching worms. Players must also be wary of their sprint meter, lest they find themselves out of puff in inopportune moments. WildStar entered a closed beta last month that will last for "several weeks," where players will have the opportunity to check out the game's classes, factions and races. WildStar is expected to launch later this year for Windows PC. For more information about WildStar, please read our interview with executive producer...


WildStar trailer explores the story and systems of this stylized MMO

Carbine Studios has released a brand-new trailer for its upcoming MMO WildStar, explaining the game's plot in a nutshell and examining its various systems. When the legendary planet Nexus is discovered on the edge of known space, explorers of all stripes converge on the place to make it their own. Players can join up with the rag-tag Exiles or the imposing and imperial Dominion as they explore the place and kill whatever lies in their way in the name of epic loot. Players will be able to purchase "Warplots" and turn them into heavily armed fortresses bristling with weapons to fight off enemies, as well as standardized player housing that they can decorate at their will. As seen in this trailer, WildStar also offers four "Paths" beyond its normal class system: Soldier, Explorer,...

WildStar Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 2014-06-03
    • Publisher NCsoft
    • Developer Carbine Studios
    • Score 7
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