WildStar playable at PAX East 2014, devs appearing on three panels

WildStar, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Carbine Studios, will be playable at PAX East, and the game's developers will appear on three different panels during the show, the company announced today. Visitors to the booth for NCsoft, WildStar's publisher and Carbine's parent company, will have the opportunity to play the game in two different ways. People who aren't familiar with WildStar can try the Levian Bay zone, while experienced players can check out the tougher Farside zone. And PvP fans will have the option of playing a 10-on-10 Battlegrounds match. In addition to the NCsoft booth, #562, WildStar will be available in the Intel LAN area. The NCsoft booth will allow visitors to pre-order WildStar for a chance to win a replica of the Lego rocket house being...


WildStar launches June 3 in two editions, pre-orders begin March 19

WildStar, the long-in-development massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Carbine Studios, will be released June 3, publisher NCsoft announced today. The MMO will be available in two editions, standard ($59.99) and deluxe ($74.99). WildStar's Standard Edition comes with a free 30 days of playtime, three seven-day passes for guests and an Eldan housing decor item. The Deluxe Edition includes a few additional pieces of unique Eldan-themed content: a hoverboard, a costume, a title and a dye set for armor. That package will be available digitally, and in a Steelbook case at retail. NCsoft will open pre-orders for WildStar in one week, on March 19. Pre-order bonuses are the same for both editions of the game: an exclusive rocket house, a housing decoration, an increased...


How science and player habits shaped WildStar's Paths

The genre, in general is becoming faster, with hotbar-laden interfaces and standstill combat being ushered out by MMOs like Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2. Fantasy trappings, which contributed to a stylistic homogeneity (with a few exceptions) during the MMO's rise to relevance have become far less pervasive. Developers of these sorts of online games are adapting to gaps in the market, to player demand. Carbine Studios is no different; a fact that's evident in WildStar's rich and unique world, fast-paced fighting and — most of all — its dedicated Path content. The philosophy behind WildStar's Path system has been well explored by the developer. Essentially, it groups players into four categories based on the habits that MMO players typically foster: The Soldier, for the type of...


WildStar video introduces the sneaky, lethal Stalker class

A new video for sci-fi MMORPG WildStar gives an overview of the game's Stalker class. The Stalker class, says the video, is WildStar's version of the MMO class that has an unfair advantage because it can walk around completely invisibly. However, the video assures, Stalkers aren't overpowered — they're just "pretty sweet" in a Batman/Wolverine/Predator "ninja kind of way." Stalkers dual-wield retractable blades on their hands and have nanomachines in their bodies that enable them to leech health when damaging enemies, turn invisible or become surprisingly durable. As such, players can choose to build their Stalker as an ambushing assassin or something more combat-oriented, or even a tank who skillfully evades opponents' attacks. WildStar is slated for a launch some time in early...


WildStar dev diary explains new takes on MMO ability mechanics

A new "DevSpeak" dev diary for upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar discusses how standard MMOs have players interacting with combat, and what makes WildStar unique in that regard. Most MMOs have abilities that function in one of three ways: Instant-cast, where hitting a button immediately uses the respective skill; cast time, where hitting a button causes a bar to fill up and the ability is resolved once it does; and channeled, where an ability state is maintained (say, continuously calling down a blizzard) as long as the player stays still after hitting a button. In WildStar, channeled and cast-time abilities can be used while moving to make for a more reactive and mobile fight. There are also new types of ability triggers, like rapid-fire abilities where pressing the button more during a...


WildStar looks to reinvent the role of MMO crowd control

Carbine Studios hopes to fix a lot of things it sees in the MMORPG genre as being broken with its upcoming title WildStar; its latest target, crowd control, was explored in-depth during a demonstration at Gamescom 2013. Crowd control refers to any mechanic that immobilizes or hinders enemies, allowing a player group to focus their effort on smaller, more manageable pockets of enemies. It's an essential, rewarding part of player vs. environment play in MMOs, but in Player vs. Player combat, it comes with some inherent issues. Namely: It's not very fun standing still while you wait for the debuff to wear off. The trick, lead combat designer Chris Lynch explained to us, is to take "waiting" out of the equation altogether. All of the myriad of crowd control effects players can get hit...


WildStar to require subscription, players can buy time with in-game gold

WildStar, Carbine Studios' upcoming, imaginative MMORPG, will require its players to pay a subscription to gain access to the title; however, those same players can also purchase game time using the title's in-game currency as well. In a roundtable call attended by Polygon, executive producer Jeremy Gaffney laid out the business model. First, players must purchase a copy of the game for $59.99, which comes with one month of access and three "guest passes," to allow friends to play the game for free for a week. To keep themselves in the game, players can either sign up for a traditional subscription — costing them $14.99 a month (or a reduced rate if they pre-purchase three, six or 12-month subscriptions) — or by spending their accrued in-game gold on "CREDD." CREDD, or Certificate...


Chua and Mordesh added to WildStar character race

Carbine Studios announced today that its upcoming sci-fi massively-multiplayer online game, WildStar, will feature two more races: the Chua and the Mordesh. The Chua and Mordesh join six previously-revealed races that include Humans, Cassians, Granoks, Drakens, Aurins and Mecharis. The Chua — who are part of the Dominion — are characterized by their small size and are known for being "nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic," according to the game's developers. They're inventors of advanced weapons and technology, have a history of industrialization and seek to explore the planet's legendary natural and technology resources. Lead narrative designer, Chad Moore said that while the Chua may resemble physically small races in other MMOs, "they're not the downtrodden small race...


Carbine Studios reveals WildStar's scientist and settler paths

Carbine Studios revealed two new character paths today for its massively-multiplayer role-playing game, WildStar: the scientist and the settler. At a recent hands-on event, Carbine showed off the two paths in action: the scientist path is for players who are more interested in the game's story and the world's lore, while the settler path is more skewed toward those who are interested in building things, crafting objects and taming hostiles. "What settlers do is they do things to improve the areas they're in," executive producer Jeremy Gaffney told Polygon. "They take chaos and make order out of it. So in this particular case, we give you some things to do around town, so if you see something that's broken, you can fix it and get a little reputation." Gaffney said settlers can also...

WildStar Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 2014-06-03
    • Publisher NCsoft
    • Developer Carbine Studios
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