World of Warships trailer demonstrates grand naval destruction

The first trailer for Wargaming's free-to-play multiplayer online game, World of Warships, features a montage of cannons, torpedoes and air squadrons obliterating giant warships. The United States and Japan will be playable factions at launch and ship classes will include Battleships/Battlecruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers Light/Cruisers Heavy and Destroyers. The game will release with several multiplayer modes such as a World of Tanks-like "capture the base" mode. World of Warships will enter beta phase testing later this year. Last month, Wargaming released a set of screenshots detailing the USS New Mexico, which fought in the Atlantic and Pacific naval campaigns during World War II. Wargaming announced earlier that it plans to remove all "pay-to-win" elements from its...


World of Tanks founder warns console makers of the risk of ignoring free-to-play

By 2015 the free-to-play market is expected to be $9.25 billion ... in the U.S. alone. Wargaming founder Victor Kislyi's speech at the DICE summit this week centered on how to carve a little space out of that blossoming game space. He also took a moment to warn current console manufacturers that they ignore the trend at their own peril. "They keep their own prejudice and they keep to their old ways," he said. "If they keep holding to their old way, single player box ideas they may pretty well drop. "I hope they are wise and smart people and will have a chance to come back. I believe in this, which is why we were so happy to announce the acquisition of Day 1 studios in December to venture into console space." Kislyi knows what he speaks of. Fifteen years ago Kislyi launched...

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