Life, the Universe and Minecraft in one amazing interactive graphic

As a species we humans have often struggled to remember just how insignificant... and significant we are. Allow this amazing interactive graphic of the universe and seemingly everything in it, including Minecraft, to help you put things in perspective.

Squeezed in neatly between the size of the great expanse of the 160 billion light-year universe and the nearly nonexistent blip of a 0.00000000001 yoctometer Quantum Foam is the world of Minecraft. The randomized, but not limitless, game world is, according to this graphic, bigger than Neptune, but smaller than even a ring-less Saturn.

The graphic, created by Cary and Michael Huang, is packed full of fun facts, like that it would take you about 200 years to meet every person on the planet even if you only took one second saying "Hi" to each.

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