Capcom future includes Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6 and a thankfully fun DmC

Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6, DmC, Street Fighter X Tekken: We flew ourselves to Rome earlier this month to check out the best Capcom has to offer in gaming for the coming year or so. We went hands on with DmC and came away impressed, learned about the upcoming prequel to the Lost Planet series and watched Resident Evil 6 in action during Capcom's annual "Captivate" showcase.

Capcom games inspired by Microsoft hardware

Gamers wondering what inspired the look and aesthetic feel of Capcom's Sci-Fi-inspired Lost Planet franchise need look no further than under the hood of the first Xbox 360.

Speaking at Capcom's annual "Captivate" event in Rome, Lost Planet producer Jun Takeuchi says the graphical power and capabilities of the Xbox 360 console inspired him to begin thinking about ways to create a world that would be both visually striking and aesthetically simple for Capcom's launch title success story.

"We were given the opportunity to create a visually arresting world," says Takeuchi-san. "To create...

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'Lost Planet 3' is a prequel starring a 30-foot mech

Lost Planet 3 hits early next year, delivering a prequel to the first two Capcom games, the publisher said during their annual "Captivate" press event.

Lost Planet 3 stars Jim, an unlikely hero for a Capcom game. Jim is the equivalent of an intergalactic trucker, piloting a 30-foot tall mech called "The Rig," the precursor to Lost Planet's VS suit. Jim has a wife and child back home on Earth, and he's just trying to get by ... by shooting giant bugs in their weak spots for massive damage.

The prequel takes place on the by-now familiar ice planet of E.D.N. III, where massive ice storms make...

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'Resident Evil 6' preview: Leon and Chris, together at last

If you can't decide who's the dreamier Resident Evil protagonist, Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield, you're in luck: In Resident Evil 6 you get to play both.

Resident Evil 6 features three separate but intertwined story lines that collide for a dramatic conclusion in China as Leon, Chris and newcomer Jake track the source of the mysterious C Virus. Moreover, for the first time in series history, metro government agent Leon and rough-and-ready Chris will meet face to face.

When I asked Capcom representatives at the 2012 Captivate event whether or not the epic meeting would set off sparks, I was...

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DmC preview: Same Dante, different hair

The first thing I notice about DmC, the Western-friendly Devil May Cry reboot developed by UK-based Ninja Theory, is this: It's not completely batshit crazy, Japanese flying vaginas and ghost-whispering teens nonsense. It actually makes sense. And I liked it.

Ninja Theory is the studio behind the surprise 2010 hit Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, an adventure platformer with as much heart as brains. As Capcom tells it, Ninja Theory understands narrative, and critics of Enslaved would agree. As the iconic Japanese publisher slowly demonstrates its awareness that its wider target audience in...

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Resident Evil 6 release date moved forward

The worldwide release date for survival/horror shooter Resident Evil 6 has been moved from November 20th to October 2nd of 2012, according to Capcom.

Speaking at Capcom's annual Captivate event in Rome, Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated that audience anticipation for the game motivated the Resident Evil team to press harder for an early release date. The result: a rare occurrence of a videogame shipping over a month early.

Resident Evil 6 will feature online and offline multiplayer co-op, interwoven narratives of three playable protagonists and an all-new control scheme designed...

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Free Street Fighter x Tekken update adds gems, fixes bugs

Bowing to criticism over Street Fighter x Tekken's buggy online sound and other issues, Capcom has announced a comprehensive free update that will address several of those problems and add a few new features.

The patch, scheduled for release on April 10th, will repair a bug causing audio issues for certain online games, and will add a Tournament Support mode, over 60 new gems, a gem loadout save feature and a replay analyzer.

The embarrassment of new stat-boosting gems includes Pandora Extend, Defense and Expert Input.

Pandora Extend does what it sounds like, extending the Pandora duration...

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Street Fighter x Tekken Vita gets new characters and cross-platform matching

The ever-dubious question of whether or not to plunk down for a mobile version of a game you may already own for a console just got a lot simpler in at least one instance. Street Fighter x Tekken will be shipping for the Sony Vita with 12 extra characters that you can import to your PS3, according to Capcom officials. Fans of Blanka rejoice.

The complete list of characters:

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