Steam Summer Sale possibly uncovered, includes 11 indie bundles

Steam's Summer Sale 2012 may include 11 days of indie game bundles.

Details about Steam's rumored Summer Sale, which may include 11 days of indie game bundles, may have been uncovered through Valve's Steamworks registry.

According to entries retrieved from Steamworks' registry, each indie bundle seems to contain at least five games, including titles like Braid (day three), QUBE (day seven), and VVVVVV (day 10). Recently updated registry listings also include publisher-based bundles for Square, Bethesda, and THQ and franchise-based bundles for Bioshock, Sniper Elite, and Command and Conquer.

Open Steamworks, a web-based implementation of Valve's Steamworks API, allows a users to search the Steamworks database. A search with the keyword "summer" returns a long list of summer bundles going back to at least 2010. Several recent additions to the Steamworks database include the phrase "Summer 2012."

Circumstantial evidence suggests that the sale may run from this Thursday, July 12th, through July 22nd. We have contacted Valve and will update this story as more information becomes available.

The complete list of the alleged summer 2012 bundles appears below.

  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day One
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Two
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Three
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Four
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Five
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Six
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Seven
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Eight
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Nine
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Ten
  • Summer Sale Indie Bundle Day Eleven
  • Alan Wake Bundle
  • Binding of Isaac Bundle
  • Duke Nukem Bundle
  • Trine Bundle
  • Bioshock Franchise Pack
  • Command and Conquer Franchise
  • Majesty Franchise
  • Sniper Elite Franchise Pack
  • Sword of the Stars Franchise
  • Victoria Franchise
  • Civilization Collection
  • Railworks 3 - Summer Sale Collection
  • Stardock Collection Pack
  • Strategy First Complete Pack
  • 1C Collection Pack
  • Bethesda Collection
  • Kalypso Collection
  • Paradox Collection
  • Square Hit Collection
  • TellTale Collection
  • THQ Collection

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