Company of Heroes 2 reveals the cold brutality of Rzhev Meat Grinder

Company of Heroes 2 takes you on a battle against nature and Germans.

In Company of Heroes 2's "Rzhev Meat Grinder" campaign, your task is to clear the crossroads and drive out the occupying German forces while simultaneously battling dynamic snow and freezing temperatures.

The historical event, named for the incredibly high mortality rate seen during the event in the second World War, is re-envisioned in this Company of Heroes sequel which pits units against breakable ice, and an environment that can change due to shifts in accumulating snow and melting then re-freezing ice.

A thermometer next to the Soviet unit's health bar shows their level of warmth, which will become crucial as units can freeze to death. To counter this, they will be able to enter buildings and vehicles to escape from both direct gunfire and also keep warm from the elements. Units can also build fires to stay warm.

Throughout the campaign, they will make use of flame-throwers against German troops while clearing crossroads. Eventually they will gain machine gun reinforcement units, with 30 seconds given to prepare for a wave of attacking enemies. Victory in the campaign is rooted in acquiring a tank and defeating both the German's tank and remaining troops.

While the "Rzhev" campaign features no base building, later campaigns like the "Battle of Moscow" will.

The Relic Entertainment-developed Company of Heroes 2 is scheduled to release next year on PC.

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