Edmund McMillen on talent and why his 'Basement Collection' was so long in coming

Basement Collection is coming to Steam August 31st.

Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen is bringing his Basement Collection to Steam on August 31st, he announced today.

The Basement Collection features nine years-worth of games developed by McMillen, re-released with new content, development extras, as well as a number of never-before-seen extras from the film Indie Game: The Movie.

It will be available fo $4 on Steam, running on both Mac and PC. The collection has been in development for the past three months with the help of Closure developer Tyler Glaiel, whose own game will release to Steam on September 7th.

"I actually tried to do this in 2008, on disc only," McMillen tells Polygon. "I didn't at the time know anyone with the tech knowledge to actually put the collection into a single pack so I just placed the .swf files in folders on a CD along with bonus content and had the CD physically printed. It sold out within the year and by 2009 it was in the hands of a lot of prominent producers at Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft that all reached out to me about making a console game. this is actually how the Super Meat Boy deal appeared.

"I got emails weekly about the CD, and if it was ever released digitally... I've always wanted to make a collection 'game,' and Tyler had some time between the PS3 and PC release of Closure so I asked him about it and he said it was doable."

Explaining the difficulties of looking back on early creative work, McMillen says "some of the games in the pack have cringe-worthy aspects to them."

"Talent is a word lazy people use to explain why they can't do things."

"I actually talk about this in depth in a few of the game commentaries. I think it's important to show your mistakes, it kills the illusion of 'being talented.' I get that a lot, 'I wish I had as much talent as you so I could make cool games.' Talent is a word lazy people use to explain why they can't do things.

"I'm not talented, I just did something a lot for a very long time. The collection shows most of this, it shows mistakes I made and learned from and how I've built off of what I know, and ended up creating Super meat boy and Binding of Isaac. That's not saying the games are bad... Three of the games I feel are on par with SMB and Isaac (Aether, Time Fcuk and Spewer) but the rest are a bit rough around the edges in some ways for sure."

The Basement Collection will include Time Fcuk, Aether, Spewer, Grey Matter, Triachnid, Coil, as well as a flash prototype of Meat Boy. In addition it will also feature a secret title "updated with new content, soundtrack, difficulty modes and achievements."

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