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Random Runners, Type:Rider and Monsters Adventures - Mobile Watch List

Because you don't know quite enough about the history of typography.Random Runners (iOS) From the developers behind the Random Heroes series comes Random Runners. It basically takes the charming art style from previous games, while adding in a forever-runner mechanic to make the game more about survival and less about exploration. A decent entry in the series, but not as strong as the first two Heroes games. Type:Rider (iOS / Android) Platforming and the history of typography, together at last! Type:Rider is a peculiar blend, but nifty art and a solid physics engine make it worth checking out, especially if you're a burgeoning Johannes Gutenberg. Monsters Adventures (iOS) Now that the new Pokemon is upon us, you may be wishing that it was more action-oriented and less turn-based. M...

Pocket Trains, Gunner Z and Space Qube - Mobile Watch List

We've got some mobile games to whet your appetite.Pocket Trains (iOS / Android) Ever wanted to master your own railway with an iron fist? Pocket Trains gives you that power. Admittedly it's also extremely similar to Pocket Planes, so if you think you've had your fill of transportation mastery, you may want to look elsewhere. Gunner Z (iOS) Damn zombies. Always showing up where they don't belong. Gunner Z places you in the cockpick of a jeep with a machine gun attached to it. Your goal? Well, let's just say it's not to make nice. Space Qube (iOS) Space Qube is a top-down shooter that brings to mind Space Invaders, but with a more blocky art style. You can actually craft your own ship using a simple editing too, and you can even print it out with a 3D printer if you're super fancy....

Where's My Water 2, Beach Games and Heroes of Loot - Mobile Watch List

Dates are tricky!Where's My Water 2 (iOS / Windows Phone) The popular fluid dynamics puzzler returns, bringing with it some new modes and challenges. It's also free-to-play, which is good news until you realize that they've implemented a pretty worrying "energy" meter that requires a connection to Facebook. Beach Games (iOS / Android) While not extremely deep, I got a fair bit of enjoyment of of this batch of beach-centric minigames. Brought back fond memories of California Games! Heroes of Loot (iOS / Android) This randomly generated dungeon crawler has an 8-bit aesthetic and some pretty cool mechanics. The controls could use a little tuning, though.

Call of Duty: Strike Team, Terraria and Junk Jack X - Mobile Watch List

Aren't into shooters? We've got two world-builders for you.Call of Duty: Strike Team (iOS) Call of Duty has already been seen on mobile devices, but Strike Team is the first entry that doesn't deal exclusively with the Zombies mode. Strike Team follows the traditional single-player campaign model, with the key difference of being able to command a squad of soldiers rather than just one. Especially cool is the ability to switch from a top-down tactical view to a first-person view at any time during a mission. Terraria (iOS) and Junk Jack X (iOS) Looking to build words on a mobile device but have difficulty with MineCraft's 3D perspective? Both Terraria and Junk Jack X feature more manageable 2D perspectives. Which one you pick is really dependent on which art style you prefer, though...

Plants vs. Zombies 2, Rymdkapsel and Battle Train - Mobile Watch List

A highly anticipated week of mobile games!Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time (iOS) Fair to say that there was some concern when EA announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 was going to be free-to-play. After all, the original was so finely tuned, that just paying a bunch of money to unlock everything would kill all the magic. But worry not: Plants vs. Zombies 2 might be one of the most content-rich free-to-play games I've ever played, and if you're not looking to spend a dime, you'll still love progressing through its levels and challenges. Download it right now. Rymdkapsel (iOS / Android) Enjoy base-building strategy games but get overwhelmed by lots of graphics and menus? Rymdkapsel boils down the genre into its simplest form and is diabolically satisfying to boot. I can't seem to...

Knife That Guy, An Alien with a Magnet and Ultima Forever - Mobile Watch List

Here are three games that are out on mobile devices. Yeah, I wish I was more enthusiastic too.Knife That Guy (iOS / Android) Your objective is handily spelled out right in the title of this arcade game. So long as you stab the right guy and not the wrong guy, you're golden. The guys get faster and harder to stab as the game progresses. An Alien With a Magnet (iOS) Yet another physics-based puzzle game which uses magnet and gravity mechanics. The gameplay, unfortunately, feels sluggish and not super fun, which holds this back from besting games like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds Space. Ultima Forever (iOS) There are plenty of hack-and-slash RPGs on iOS. Ultima Forever is not one of the best ones. It's by no means bad but weak controls and dull gameplay leave it square in the middle...

Knightmare Tower, The Drowning and Pivvot - Mobile Watch List

A series of games that are all about survival. Some are better than others.Knightmare Tower (iOS) With all the "forever runners" out there, it's hard to separate from the pack. And yet, Knightmare Tower does an excellent job, blending legit twitch gameplay and RPG mechanics with a high score chasing mentality. The Mad Magazine-esque art style doesn't hurt, either. This is a great game and an easy recommendation to make. The Drowning (iOS) The FPS genre has never fared too well on touch screens, so the developers of The Drowning tried a completely different control scheme, blending swipes and two-finger taps. Unfortunately the new control scheme doesn't seem to make things much more enjoyable, though if you are desperate and/or curious, the game is free-to-play, making it easy to try...

Mobile Watch List - Sky Tourist, Prince of Persia and A Ride into the Mountains

The journey is always better than the destination.Sky Tourist (iOS) This adorable arcade game sees you controlling two rockets tied together with a rope. In the middle of that rope: A sky tourist. By manipulating the height of the rockets, you can make him slide left and right, collecting gems and other random nicknacks. Super responsive controls, though I was maybe too stupid for some of the game's puzzles. A Ride into the Mountains (iOS / Android) This artsy, pixelated adventure game tells the story of Zu, who is trying to discover what has happened to his local magical artifact. If the into cinematic is any indication, a large rock fell on it. Anyway, this game offers a pretty groovy art style, though the gameplay is somewhat simplistic and the motion controls feel tacked on. P...

Mobile Watch List - Breach & Clear and Sky Gamblers: Cold War

War. War never changes. But sometimes it does!Breach & Clear (iOS) On paper, the prospect of a turn-based tactical strategy game from a former Call of Duty developer sounds great. Unfortunately, Breach & Clear needs a lot of work. Spotty controls, dull gameplay and a confusing menu system make this one to avoid, at least until it gets a hefty update. Good news: There's always XCOM! Sky Gamblers: Cold War (iOS) The graphics-heavy flight sim series returns for a historical sequel. A bunch of single-player modes have been added, on top of online multiplayer and AirPlay support. If you dug the first one, the sequel continues the trend. Halo: Spartan Assault (WP8) We weren't able to play through Halo: Spartan Assault in time for press, but early reactions seem to imply that it's a...

Mobile Watch List - Deus Ex: The Fall, Tiny Thief and The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Can Deus Ex make the transition to mobile? Can a thief really be that tiny? We're here to answer those questions.Deus Ex: The Fall (iOS) Even though everyone is clamoring for a full-fledged sequel to Human Revolution, The Fall does an admirable job of bringing the charms of Deus Ex to a mobile platform. Pretty much all of the gameplay elements make the transition to mobile devices, and the controls are pretty solid. Tiny Thief (iOS / Android) The most gosh dang adorable game about theft ever. Tiny Thief plays like a point-and-click adventure game, but with discrete levels rather than a sprawling adventure. Think you could steal a fish from a medieval guard dog? Only one way to find out. The Walking Dead: 400 Days (iOS) This episode of The Walking Dead acts as a bridge between the...

Mobile Watch List - Limbo, Miseria and Perfection

I was on vacation this week.Thankfully the lovely and talented Mush Gustick jumped in to help with the Mobile Watch List. Here are his picks of the week: Limbo (iOS) The visuals of this excellent puzzle/platformer make the jump from consoles, but the controls...well, maybe not so much. Miseria: Worlds Apart (iOS / Android) Another game with Limbo-inspired graphics. This time it's more of a traditional puzzle game. Mush is terrible at this game. Perfection (iOS / Android) Cut larger shapes to make smaller shapes! Trust us, it makes way more sense in the video. Simple idea, but super fun and satisfying.

Mobile Watch List - League of Evil 3, Block Block Block and Layton Brothers

The mobile train keeps chuggin' with three new games.League of Evil 3 (iOS) Even though touch controls make Super Meat Boy-esque platformers a bit of a challenge on mobile devices, the League of Evil series compensates better than most. The third installment adds new traps and sharable video replays. Block Block Block (Android / iOS) This simple puzzle game gets increasingly complex, as you struggle to match three similarly-colored squares in a certain number of moves. I felt like a genius in the first few levels, but quickly descended into dummyville by level 20. Layton Brothers: Mystery Room (iOS) This strange spin-off seemingly mixes the crime-solving skills of Phoenix Wright with the logic puzzles of Professor Layton. It's an odd blend, sure, but well worth a download,...

Mobile Watch List — XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Maximus and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

A long-awaited port arrives on mobile devices.XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iOS) The moment XCOM: Enemy Unknown was announced, there was a crowd of people calling for its release on a touch device. That crowd should be officially sated, thanks to the rather excellent iOS port of the game. The $20 pricetag may be a bit steep for a mobile game, but for dozens of hours of gameplay, it's hard to complain. Excellent touch controls make it an even more worthwhile purchase. Just keep in mind that it may have trouble running on older devices. Maximus (iOS) Dig games like Castle Crashers? Maximus offers up a similar vibe, albeit with a slightly more rough-around-the-edges art style. Hack and slash your way through orcs, trolls and warrior maidens, the game is aided by solid controls and a forgiving...

Mobile Watch List - 9th Dawn, Dead Ahead and Quadropus Rampage

We're back from E3, loaded down with mobile gaming recommendations!9th Dawn (iOS / Android) This old school-styled RPG has been on Android for a while now, but it finally has made the jump to iOS. Not for the faint of heart, you're liable to die very, very quickly. But hey, that's what old school RPGs are all about. Dead Ahead (iOS) It's tough to get ahead of the pack of forever runners on the App Store, but Dead Ahead does a fine job of it, thanks to a unique art style and really, really good gas milage (scooters!). Free-to-play, but the ads are disabled by a buck, which makes this a pretty good deal. Quadropus Rampage (iOS / Android) What exactly is a quadropus? A four-legged octopus ... probably! But that's not really important. What is important is this game, a roguelike action...

Mobile Watch List - Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Scurvy Scallywags and Bridgy Jones

Even though consoles seem to be dominating the headlines this week, mobile gamers have a few games to cheer about.Kingdom Rush Frontiers (iOS) One of my favorite tower defense games ever gets a sequel, this time bringing in more dynamic maps and none-too-subtle Star Wars references. Super, super good. Scurvy Scallywags (iOS) This pirate-themed match three comes from one of the minds behind Monkey Island. Neat RPG mechanics and fiery skeletons make this well worth checking out. Bridgy Jones (iOS) Remember those wooden bridges you had to build in shop class? Bridgy Jones is all about those, just with the addition of a prospector and his furry dog.

Knights of the Old Republic, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD and Warhammer Quest - Mobile Watch List

This week's collection of mobile games is sure to kill hundreds of hours of your precious time.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (iPad) The classic BioWare RPG gets a re-release on iPad, but all of the features have made the transition, including the grumpy, downer Wookiee! Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD (iOS) Three of the best text-driven adventure games of the last decade come together on iOS. If you've never played an Ace Attorney game before, this is a pretty good place to start, since it's free to play the first couple of trials. After that, you'll have to pay up for justice. Warhammer Quest (iOS) Rodeo, the developers behind the Hunters series, bring their turn-based strategy skills to the Warhammer universe. Tons of customization and loot collection make this...
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