Notorious Airbnb squatter may be the dev behind two flailing Kickstarter games

The brothers behind two video game Kickstarters, one backed and one not, appear to be the duo who have threatened to sue a homeowner after turning their 44-day Airbnb rental into a squatter's rights claim in Palm Springs, California. A woman rented her 600-square-foot condo to someone for 44 days in May, but when the Airbnb contract ran out the man staying there with his brother refused to leave, according to homeowner Cory Tschogl. Under California tenant law, the man has rights as a tenant after he stays in a home for 30 days. Airbnb told Tschogl that they would they would help her with legal support. According to Business Insider, Tschogl said that the name of the person still staying in her home and refusing to leave is Maksym and that he listed his home address in Austin, Texas....

League of Legends team says it's working to add more diversity to its women champions

Riot Games says it's working to add more diversity and body types to its lineup of women champions in League of Legends, and the result of that work will be seen soon in an upcoming character. League of Legends producer Omar Kendall, responding to a fan request for other body types in the game's women, said at Comic-Con that Riot has been implementing "new strategies for what our champions look like." That includes body type, body shape, he said, and answering the question "how can we make [a champion] that's not like all these other guys?" The vast majority of League of Legends' champions who are women fit the same physical mold: slim, athletic and busty. The game's male champions show a more varied range of body types. Kendall said Riot is currently working on a champion who's...

Report: Google to acquire Twitch for $1 billion

Google is buying streaming video network Twitch for $1 billion, according to a GamesBeat report citing "sources familiar with the matter." GamesBeat's story today echoes a previous report from Variety, which said this past May that the acquisition was taking place. However, the Wall Street Journal reported at the time that the discussions between Google and Twitch were "at an early stage." Twitch, which was launched in 2011 by co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, is the internet's foremost destination for livestreams of video games, including eSports titles. According to Twitch, more than 50 million people watch video on the service every month. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allow users to broadcast gameplay directly to Twitch and other sites, and Twitch users can...

Sigourney Weaver and Alien cast talks old movie, new game

The team at Creative Assembly sure knows how to get Alien fans whipped into a frenzy. In this new trailer for the upcoming Alien: Isolation, the original cast of Alien chats about making the new game and shares memories from 35-plus years ago, on the set of the original film. It’s savvy marketing. There’s a powerful hit of nostalgia that comes from watching Sigourney Weaver (Ripley, duh) talking about the appeal of the Alien Universe. There’s also just something charming about Harry Dean Stanton exclaiming "Jesus Christ!" when he’s told it’s been 35 years since the release of the film. That’s so Brett. The original actors (minus Ian Holm) have reprised their roles for Alien Isolation’s Crew Expendable DLC, which will be available as a pre-order bonus for Gamestop customers, or...

How to join Nintendo's roving band of Smash Bros. players at Comic-Con

Nintendo is bringing Super Smash Bros. to San Diego Comic-Con, and attendees will have the chance to play the 3DS version of the game with a roaming group of Nintendo employees, the company announced. The "Smash Bros. on Demand" service works like this: after an alert from Nintendo's official Twitter, people tweet their location with a photo to the account. Those selected will then be direct messaged on Twitter and joined by a group of employees carrying the game, who will be moving throughout the convention center to play. Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U is also at the show, for anyone interested in the console version. The game is expected to launch Oct. 3 for Nintendo 3DS and this winter for Wii U. Nintendo will have almost 20 games at the convention, which takes place today...

Halo: Nightfall's Agent Locke is playable in Halo 5, and other details from Comic-Con

Halo: Nightfall, the live-action series that will serve as a prologue to Halo 5: Guardians, will be set on a broken fragment of a halo ring and tell the origin story of Agent Jameson Locke, who will be portrayed by actor Mike Colter. At a Halo: Nightfall panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, 343 Industries' Kiki Wolfkill and Frank O'Connor were joined by executive producer David Zucker and actors Mike Colter and Christina Chong to show first footage from the show and reveal more details about its setting. "Setting it on a halo is a pretty big statement about the scale of this project," O'Connor said. "This is a partially functioning fragment of the halo ring and its nature and functionality play a role in the fiction." Given that it's set on a damaged halo artifact (with a functioning...

Report: Walmart canceling Destiny Ghost Edition pre-orders 'due to a supply issue'

Walmart is canceling pre-orders of the Ghost Edition of Destiny and replacing them with the cheaper Limited Edition, according to a post on NeoGAF. A NeoGAF member posted what appears to be a screenshot of an email from Walmart to a customer who pre-ordered Destiny's Ghost Edition on PlayStation 4. The $149.99 package includes a replica of a Ghost (the player's companion robot), a letter of introduction from developer Bungie and "relics" from the Golden Age of Destiny's fiction. "Unfortunately, due to a supply issue, we will be unable to fulfill [your order]," the email reads. "We would like to offer you a substitution with the Limited Edition, which is a comparable item." Destiny's Limited Edition, which does not contain the aforementioned goodies but comes with everything else in...

Attention: we now have dates for your Sonic Boom launch party

Sega's upcoming Sonic Boom games are coming this November, according to a post on the Sega Blog. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS will be available on Nov. 11, while Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U will hit one week later on Nov. 18. The games, announced earlier this year, as part of a new spin-off branch of the main Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, in which Sonic and friends take on a new villain that isn't Dr. Eggman and dress like Nathan Drake. Accompanying the games will be a new cartoon TV show, featuring almost a dozen additional characters new to Sonic's world. The games are also part of a deal with Nintendo, in which the publishing giant has exclusive platform rights to Sega's Sonic games.

Sony: We settled PSN hack suit to avoid trial costs, but 'continue to deny the allegations'

Sony this month agreed to a $15 million preliminary settlement in a class-action lawsuit over the 2011 data breach of the PlayStation Network, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment services. But the company continues to deny allegations that the company's network wasn't properly secured, leading to the hack. "A proposed settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuits arising from the April 2011 criminal cyber-attacks on the PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment services," a representative told Polygon in a written statement. "Information regarding the proposed settlement, which is subject to final approval by the Court, is available in the settlement agreement and other documents filed with the Court. "While we continue to deny the allegations in the...

Why is 2K suddenly so preoccupied with the original BioShock?

Why is publisher 2K International teasing a still from BioShock on its official Twitter account? The company uploaded the photo earlier today alongside one decidedly obtuse comment: "#discuss." On the official 2K United Kingdom account, the same image is teased alongside the comment "Oooo, what COULD this mean?!" Oooo, what COULD this mean?! — 2K United Kingdom (@2KInternational) July 24, 2014 But so far no clues are being offered up. The image itself is an in-game advertisement that comes from an exotic dancing venue in BioShock's Fort Frolic known as Eve's Garden. That area can also be found in BioShock 2's multiplayer. Series creator Ken Levine noted earlier in the month that BioShock isn't likely to launch on PS Vita, despite...

Titanfall getting in-game currency in update 5, coming July 31 with Frontier's Edge map pack

Titanfall's second expansion, Frontier's Edge, will be released July 31 on Windows PC and Xbox One along with the game's fifth major patch, developer Respawn Entertainment announced yesterday. Frontier's Edge brings three new maps into Titanfall: Haven (screenshot above), Dig Site and Export. It will be available for $9.99 on its own, and it will be free to owners of the game's $24.99 season pass, which also includes a third map pack that is coming later. Titanfall publisher Electronic Arts has not yet announced a release date for Frontier's Edge on Xbox 360. The game's first add-on, Expedition, was released May 15 on PC and Xbox One, and launched June 17 on Xbox 360. The last-generation version of Titanfall is developed by Bluepoint Games, not Respawn. Respawn will also release Game...

Shadowgate remake coming to Mac, PC on Aug. 21, mobile this fall

Zojoi's remake of 1989 NES adventure game Shadowgate will launch for Mac and Windows PC on Aug. 21, with Android and iOS versions slated to launch this fall, the developer announced today. Shadowgate will be available through Steam and other online distribution outlets for $19.99. This reimagined version, made possible in collaboration with indie company Reverb Triple XP, features new puzzles and harder difficulty levels, as well a bonus Retro Mode that let's players "experience the game like its 1989." Shadowgate was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter in November 2012, pulling in $137,232 from 3,468 backers. For a better look at how the remake stacks up to the original, check out the below video comparing the two.

The new Unreal Tournament looks incredible, see it in motion

The new Unreal Tournament looks fantastic. The design, at least in this map, is clean and well-lit, nothing like the muted, apocalyptic Gears of War series that Epic spent the previous decade developing, before eventually selling to Microsoft. It's been a few months since Epic made the surprise announcement that the next Unreal Tournament would be a moddable, free-to-play project developed with its players. Even though Epic Games is known for being at the tip of the spear for graphics technology, and even though the studio wants people to refer to the game simply as "free," the business strategy of Unreal Tournament set some fans' expectations to "restrained." Those fans might be surprised to see the quality of this "playable concept art," revealed and analyzed in a recent video on...

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes arrives Sept. 23

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, the next entry in the Disney-based, toy-filled franchise, will launch for  iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Sept. 23, Disney Interactive announced today. Disney Interactive announced the 2.0 Edition of the game in April. The game introduces a variety of Marvel super heroes, from the Avengers to Guardians of the Galaxy. As of today, those interested can pre-order the game for a bonus Marvel figure. In Disney Infinity, players control popular characters from Disney's vast vault in a sandbox world. The game uses physical figurines, which players place on a an Infinity Base to activate. In Toy Box mode, players can craft their own worlds complete with items, characters and more. The original Disney Infinity...

The Uncharted movie finally gets a release date set in stone

The film version of Uncharted now has a release date set, as Sony aims to bring the title to the screen on June 10, 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The game-turned-movie will be directed by Seth Gordon, who is best known as the man behind The King of Kong and later Horrible Bosses. The Uncharted adaptation was previously helmed by director David O. Russell prior to his leaving to direct the now Oscar nominated film American Hustle in 2011. Director Neil Burger was later attached to the project before also reportedly leaving in 2012. Likewise, a new draft of the film's script has been developed following an earlier version by the writers of Disney's National Treasure franchise Marianne and Cormac Wibberley. This most recent script is the work of Safe House writer David...

Here is how anyone can get The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition for free

If you have an EA Origin account then you can now get The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition for free, as part of a recent policy change by the game publisher. This news comes just a week after EA's initial plans to offer a free digital version of this Sims collection to all users who previously purchased The Sims 2, as the company will no longer offer content updates for the sequel and its expansions. EA changed this policy, however, as not everybody who purchased the original title was able to redeem their copy of the Ultimate Edition. Now the game is available for all current and future Origin account holders. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for one online and still download the release. It's a limited time offer, however, that's set to expire on July 31. The Ultimate...
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