Playgrounds: Cards Against Humanity's Max Temkin

Max Temkin is a horrible person. If you've ever played his game, Cards Against Humanity, you know why. A mutant hybrid of Mad Libs, Apples to Apples and both toilet and political humor, it is perhaps the best selling free card game on the internet. Max Temkin in an amazingly nice person, so much so that he invited all his friends to come work with him at the office he rented just a few months ago. Formerly a turn of the century pharmacy, it's not all that far from where he lives now in Chicago's bohemian Logan Square neighborhood. It's an urban creative's dreamland. The concept is called "coworking," and during our April visit you could immediately see the appeal. The space has resources, like internet and a conference room, all shared by energetic young people and situated...
A look at the eclectic playground of Gaijin Games' Jason Cirillo

Playgrounds: Gaijin Games' Jason Cirillo

This is our very first installment of Playgrounds from outside of the Polygon staff and it's with great pleasure that we introduce Mr. Jason Cirillo, a designer at California-based Gaijin Games (makers of the BIT.TRIP series), and host of retro gaming web series Bit Museum. If you're a collector, developer or super fan with a collection worth sharing on Playgrounds, let us know at! Take it away, Jason! My name is Jason Cirillo, and I have been collecting weird, retro and obscure games for many years. I'm kind of a game history weirdo and get really engrossed in the crustier bits of trivia. I've got a pretty sizable software library, but the stuff I've always been particular fascinated by is old hardware. I've got a soft spot for strange Japanese stuff from the...
A look at the upstate New York playground of Polygon's Brian Crecente.

Playgrounds: Brian Crecente

We've spent a bit of time showing you what city gaming looks like, exploring the urban dwellings of Polygon bossman Chris Grant's Philadelphia digs and Russ Frushtick's fancy Union Square apartment in Manhattan. Today we'll be looking over what it's like to game in the sticks, aka the middle of nowhere, aka sort of upstate New York, but not quite.My house is located in the tiny town of Pawling, N.Y., about an hour-and-a-half's train ride north of Manhattan. Pawling is home to the mega Ziff mansion, unconfirmed Bigfoot sightings and a creepy little museum packed with shrunken heads and taxidermy nightmares. It's a quaint town with a cute little dark underbelly. We've only been in our house for a year and a half, so I'm still trying to figure out how exactly to game in it. Right now I've...
A look at the New York City playground of Polygon's Russ Frushtick

Playgrounds: Russ Frushtick

You've already seen some of the finest interior design Philadephia has to offer in the pad of my boss, Chris Grant. Now prepare to delve into the wild and wooly world of New York City apartments, as we take a look at my domicile, which ranges from half-heartedly tidy to dark underbellies of mess.My apartment is located just north of Union Square, on the east side of Manhattan. Since space can be an issue in apartment living, I try to not let gaming overwhelm the rest of the place, which leaves two centralized areas where it all goes down. It's about here where I must admit my ignorance regarding the details and history of my furniture. I picked up the couch in a sale at ABC Carpet on Broadway and 19th street about 7 years ago. It's probably my favorite piece of furniture. It's shaped...
A look at the Philadelphia playground of Polygon's editor-in-chief

Playgrounds: Chris Grant

Welcome to our very first installment of Playgrounds, wherein we highlight the, uhh … grounds where people play games. It's our hope that this series will show you how and where some of your favorite (or not-so-favorite!) journalists, developers, collectors and fans play. We start, selfishly enough, with my house.I live in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, far from the video game journalism industry in San Francisco and less far from the media industry in New York City. It's here, in the converted remains of an old brass bed factory, overlooking the city's Market-Frankford El, that I do my gaming. I prefer to play early in the morning, around 7:30 a.m. before making the long commute upstairs to my home office, where I punch the clock around 9. Often, this is the only gaming...
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