Risen 3 teaser trailer is all teeth and swords

A new teaser trailer for Risen 3: Titan Lords offers a brief glimpse at one of the enemies sea-faring players will have to face once they step into the game's war-torn world. Risen 3: Titan Lords is the third game in developer Piranha Bytes' pirate-focused role-playing game franchise. Like in previous installments — players will be able to explore the world at their leisure and engage in combat with various foes. The story will focus on a young warrior whose soul is stolen; he then sets out on a revenge quest to reclaim it. The world, "abandoned by all gods" according to the Risen 3 website, is filled with different guilds that the player must align himself with in order to achieve his goals. "Like a carpenter with a hand-crafted piece of furniture, we put together the story, the...

Defense Grid 2 and the refinement of tower defense

Hidden Path's Defense Grid 2 builds upon the well-established, but consistently addictive tower defense formula that has engrossed players for more than a decade. The crowdfunding-backed strategy game takes the creep-killing fun of the original game, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and further refines — rather than redefines — it with a bevy of intelligent changes. Using resources that are doled out over time, Defense Grid 2 tasks players with building a series of defensive towers in an attempt to stop aliens from plundering their base. A variety of towers are available in the game's arsenal, from long-range cannon towers to low-cost gun towers to lasers, which quickly fire but deliver a continued burn. The goal, as in most games in the tower defense family, is to build the smartest...

Curses 'N Chaos trailer is goblin-slashing pandemonium

Mercenary Kings developer Tribute Games debuted gameplay footage today of its arcade action title Curses 'N Chaos, showcasing how players will be able to defend themselves against the game's oncoming waves of enemies. In Curses 'N Chaos, players will take on hordes of goblins, ghosts and other nasty creatures, which will run in from either side of the screen. Players will be in the middle, punching, kicking, jumping and scraping by with minimal armor and weapons. The object of the game is to break the curse set on the players — the curse that attracts the monsters to them. Players can also purchase items and craft potions with the in-game alchemist, who can help players create the ultimate potion to help them take down the final boss. Check out our hands-on impressions of the title...

PlayStation horror series Siren is getting a manga adaptation

SCE Japan Studio's survival horror series Siren is getting a manga adaptation, according to a tweet from PlayStation Japan. The manga, Siren: The Call of the Red Sea, will commemorate the franchise's 10th anniversary and will be drawn by horror manga artist Wataru Kamio. The Call of the Red Sea will feature a new storyline set in the Siren universe and is being overseen by series veterans, including longtime director and creator Keiichiro Toyama and scenario writer Naoko Sato. Both Toyama and Sato will have editorial conrtol over Kamio's work. This is the second manga adaptation of the series, the first being Siren: Eternal Siren, which was released in Japan in 2005. The Call of the Red Sea will be released periodically over the next several months, with the first issue launching in...

Call of Duty: Ghosts adding R. Lee Ermey as a screaming drill instructor April 22

R. Lee Ermey, the actor best known for playing the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket, will join the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer voice cast April 22 on Xbox platforms, according to a video released today on the series' official YouTube channel. Press play above to hear Ermey's voice work in the upcoming Drill Instructor Voice Pack, which will arrive on other platforms after the Xbox Live release. True to his best-known work, Ermey informs players of their major malfunctions with phrases like, "A day without blood is like a day without sunshine!" and "When they drop weapons, take them you idiot!" Call of Duty: Ghosts won't be Ermey's first foray into video games. The actor has lent his distinctive voice to games in the Toy Story series, where he plays the army man toy...

Xbox One surpasses 5 million units sold-in worldwide

Microsoft says it has sold more than 5 million Xbox One consoles to retailers since launch, according to an update from Yusuf Mehdi, Xbox corporate vice president of marketing, strategy and business. Citing NPD Data, Microsoft said it sold an estimated 311,000 Xbox One consoles in March. During the same month, Titanfall for Xbox One was the number one selling game in the United States, according to NPD estimates, though sales figures for Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter were not provided. Xbox One's latest sales milestone follows an announcement from chief competitor Sony, who says it has sold more than 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles since launching in November 2013. A key distinction between the two sales numbers is that PS4 sales are reported as sold-through, or...
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Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories headed to PS Vita

Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are in development for PlayStation Vita and planned for a European release, Konami announced today. Each game will cost £7.99/€9.95 at its unannounced release date, according to a press release from the publisher. Developer Climax Studios' Silent Hill: Origins was first released on PlayStation Portable in 2007, and a PlayStation 2 port followed in 2008. The series prequel follows Travis Grady, a truck driver exploring a town after saving a girl from a fire. Climax's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was first released on Wii in 2009 and also made its way to PlayStation 2 and PSP. The game is perhaps best known for its psychological focus and lack of combat. We've reached out to Konami to see if the games are headed to other...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xbox One version 'TBD,' says Activision

The existence of the Xbox One version of upcoming action game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been called into question, with Activision telling MCV its fate is up in the air. The game, slated to launch on April 29, is being published for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Windows PC and Xbox 360. All mentions of the Xbox One version have been removed from the game's official website, with Activision stating that version is "TBD." "We want to inform you that we are revising our release plans for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Xbox One," Activision said in a statement to MCV. "When and whether The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released on Xbox One is TBD." When contacted for comment, a representative for Activision told Polygon that the company is "working with Microsoft in an...

The Last of Us PS4 could be discounted for PS3 game owners

The Last of Us is slated for release this summer on PlayStation 4, and it might be offered at a discount to those who own the PlayStation 3 version. The Last of Us: Remastered will include the campaign and the post-apocalyptic game's downloadable content. It is currently listed for pre-order on Amazon for $59.99. In response to a question on the European PlayStation Blog yesterday asking if those who purchased the PS3 version and its Season Pass might get a discount, Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli said that the developer is still determining pricing. "We're looking into the business model for all this," he wrote, "and will post about this once we have input from all regions." Monacelli revealed the third and final pack of downloadable content for The Last of Us...

See why MLB 14 The Show 'is better' on PlayStation 4 in first gameplay trailer

The first official trailer for the PlayStation 4 edition of MLB 14 The Show offers a look at the game's rebuilt stadiums, retooled lighting engine and more. During a recent comparison of the old generation and the new, we found that the PS4's biggest change is in its visual detail. The PS4 version of the game features more detailed crowds and enhanced visuals on the players. It also introduces bat boys and children for the first time. Check out the trailer above for a look at the game. MLB 14 The Show will be available on PlayStation 4 May 6. The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions were released April 1; all three versions of the game are cross-save, meaning players can continue their game on any platform. For more on the PlayStation 3 version, read our review.

Sony's PlayStation Now-ready Bravia TVs coming in June

Sony's line of 4K Ultra HD Bravia television sets with PlayStation Now capability are set to launch in June, the company announced on its blog. The Gaikai-powered PlayStation Now cloud steaming game service was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Through the service, users will be able to stream and play PlayStation 3 games with a DualShock 3 controller directly through their TV, according to the blog post. When the service was first announced, the company noted it would stream PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PS3 games to PlayStation 4, PS3, PlayStation Vita and other non-PlayStation devices, including ready-capable televisions. The line of Bravia TVs will include nine different models from three different Bravia series of varying sizes. Models will range from...

Trials Fusion - Overview video

Welcome to the future!Those are the first words you hear after booting up Trials Fusion - but although its setting is certainly advanced in years, the latest entry in the moto-platforming series doesn't feel like a huge leap forward. It's partially because Trials Evolution did such a great job expanding the series with hooks like zany skill missions and zanier environments. Fusion, despite its futuristic potential, is surprisingly far more level-headed. In this Overview, Russ Frushtick and I explore Trials Fusion's glossy take on the land of tomorrow while I wreck close to forty-dozen bikes. Hopefully, future scientists have invented some kind of bike-cloning technology, or else this process is going to get very expensive, very fast.

Resogun developers tease local co-op DLC

Finnish developer Housemarque is teasing upcoming add-on content for its PlayStation 4 side-scrolling arcade-style shooter Resogun, with an image recently posted by the studio's Twitter account hinting at a new game mode. The photo, posted above, shows two players side by side with Resogun projected over them. Their placement and presence of two DualShock 4 controllers suggest the game could be getting local two-player co-op mode. "First of many things to come #RESOGUN #DLC #teaser," reads the text beneath the photo. This also suggests that the next update to Resogun will contain more additional features besides the teased local co-op. Earlier this month, Housemarque teased via Twitter that an update to Resogun featuring new content and improvements was on the way. When contacted...

What is Bruce Lee doing in a UFC video game?

Bruce Lee died in 1973. Twenty years later, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was founded. And 21 years after that, both are appearing in a video game together, EA Sports UFC.The team-up is not without some controversy. Bruce Lee's brand of fighting, distinct though it is, isn't what you see in the UFC. Hardcore MMA fans may dispute his background in jiu-jitsu, a core fighting style in modern MMA. Hardcore Bruce Lee fans might point out modern MMA isn't the kind of street fighting for which Lee was known as a competitor. "They go, 'He'd poke you in the eyes, kick you in the knee and then do something to take you out,'" mused Brian Hayes, the creative director for EA Sports UFC. "We know there are going to be people like that on both ends." Hayes brought all this up when his studio...

Why Square Enix uses DRM

Square Enix uses digital rights management to earn profits and protect its intellectual property, Square Enix America's senior manager of business and legal affairs Adam Sullivan told TorrentFreak. Square Enix has "a well-known reputation for being very protective of our IPs," Sullivan said, and it employs DRM to further that goal. "The primary benefit to us is the same as with any business: profit," he said. Though he acknowledged that some players have problems and there is "no perfect solution yet," DRM also has other benefits that help developers. "When F2P began trending, lots of people thought it would be the death of DRM. I remember talking with one F2P developer who couldn't imagine why hackers would want to attack his game, since it was free and all. Two months later they...

Alien: Isolation video explores its 'low-fi sci-fi' design, straight out of 1979

Alien: Isolation is designed to look like the "low-fi sci-fi" universe in Ridley Scott's Alien film, and a video released today on the game's official YouTube channel shows how the developers are recreating that aesthetic. Press play above to see how The Creative Assembly is recreating the world of the 1979 movie for the upcoming first-person survival horror game, in which period-limited technology will affect gameplay. "This is a a game set in the future but based on the past," creative lead Al Hope said. "It's a place which we can really relate to. It's also a world where technology won't save you." Alien: Isolation is headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC on Oct. 7. For more on the game and its developers, be sure to read our interview with...

The Walking Dead Season 2 launching April 22 on PS Vita

The second season of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead will arrive on PlayStation Vita next Tuesday, April 22, the studio announced today. So far, Telltale has released the first two episodes of Season 2, "All That Remains" and "A House Divided," and both will debut simultaneously on Sony's handheld. There's no word yet on whether Episode 3, "In Harm's Way," and the two subsequent episodes will launch simultaneously on PS Vita with the other platforms. We've reached out to Telltale to ask, and we'll update this article with any information we receive. Telltale previously said it planned to release the PS Vita version of Season 2 in late March. Season 1 launched on PS Vita in August. For more on Season 2, check out our reviews of Episode 1 and Episode 2.

PS4 update 1.70 coming soon, introduces video editor app, USB saves, game pre-loading

PlayStation 4's next system software update is "coming soon," Sony announced today, introducing video editor app ShareFactory, USB drive saves and software pre-loading on PlayStation 4 systems. Update 1.70 will add the ability to pre-download pre-ordered games "up to several days prior to release." Following the update, users who enable the auto-download feature will automatically pre-download software to their systems. Sony told Polygon last month that it was "considering" allowing software to be pre-loaded on PS4 systems, following a series of tweets from Sucker Punch Studios indicating that Sony Computer Entertainment America would roll out the feature in April. The system update will also introduce video editor app ShareFactory, featured above, offering users the tools to...

EB Games Expo 2014 to take place in Sydney, Oct. 3-5, ticket sales begin April 24

EB Games Expo 2014 will kick off in Sydney, Australia on Oct. 3-5 at the Sydney Olympic Park, the company announced today, confirming the attendance major publishers Activision, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft. This year's expo will see the addition of a new pavilion, expanding event's space to 35,000 sqm, which will hold demonstration sessions from U.K. television series Robot Wars. Sessions will feature Q&As, photo opportunities and allow visitors to "get up close" with the robots. As well as giving attendees the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest releases from the publishers, the event will offer Tumbletown playground area, Family Zone Café, the Lovesac Handheld Lounge & Stage, Free Play City, Retro Central...

Infamous Second Son patch coming to PlayStation Network April 17

The patch for Infamous Second Son, Sucker Punch Productions' open-world action adventure game, will be available to download via the PlayStation Network April 17, co-founder and producer Brian Fleming announced via the PlayStation Blog. The patch for the PlayStation 4 title introduces the option to select the time of day from the game's option menu after completion, turn off the HUD and cap the game at 30 frames per second. Fleming adds that this is a cap, not a lock, and it "won't eliminate the rare instance of a dropped frame during gameplay." All settings will be reset to the game's default, however, when players restart the game. "We chose to not disturb our game save file format with this patch in order get these features to you as quickly as we could," Fleming wrote. In...
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