Cooperatives: Pokemon X and Y

After finishing Pokemon Red in 1998, twelve-year-old me decided to never again play a Pokemon game. The choice was probably based on some sad perception of what was and wasn't cool at the time, but I appreciate the results nonetheless. By missing out on a decade and a half of Pokemon culture, I came to Pokemon X and Y with low expectations and minimal context. Oh the surprises I found: The new Pokemon is in color! And has 3D graphics! And there are like seven times as many Pokemon! And I get a new starter Pokemon and also my old starter Pokemon from 1998! Every minute of the game overflowed with discovery, because what's old hat to fans was brand new to me. So snobby twelve-year-old me, thanks. You're desperate need to fit in brought joy to this Pokemon playing adult. This is the...


Cooperatives: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

I grew up with a Nintendo console in the house and have fond memories of the Zelda series. I did not however play Wind Waker when it was originally released in 2003. I can't remember why. I assume the release conflicted with one of those periods where something else in my life took priority over video games — probably high school theater. Any who, now I have an opportunity to play Wind Waker on my high definition television or my low definition Wii U GamePad. Nintendo has made playing Wind Waker a convenient and improved experience, far easier and more appealing than eBaying a dusty GameCube. And that, oddly, is what I find the most fascinating thing about the game. Not to say the game itself isn't a jewel of an adventure — it is — just that the release shows the potential of...


Cooperatives: Grand Theft Auto 5

We follow-up our Grand Theft Auto 5 video review and Today I Played with a special episode of Cooperatives in which Frushtick mistakes everything for a spoiler. Grand Theft Auto 5 is that rare blockbuster game that includes so much interesting stuff — things to do, places to see, social satire to criticize — that you can pick at it for weeks. This is the final opinion video for the week, but I invite you wonderful readers to share your thoughts on YouTube or in the comments. Now that the game is available, tell us what you think!


Cooperatives: Spelunky

If you haven't played Spelunky, you should read our review. Actually, you should just play the game. Last year, Spelunky was exclusive to Xbox 360, but this month it was released on Windows PC and next week you'll be able to download it on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. If you're an obsessive loon like me, you'll wind up owning it on a console, a PC and a mobile device. We dig deep about what makes the game special, so I'll leave that discussion to the video (and the comments). But before I leave you with this week's episode, I want to prepare you for our first (and probably last) celebrity guest. Brace yourself.


Cooperatives: EarthBound

For the past few years, I've had an ongoing argument with my friend, the film critic and reporter Matt Patches. When he isn't evangelizing The Legend of Korra, Patches enjoys rapping about why and how we become so passionate about our favorite media. He believes that when we say a movie (or video game or television show or subway line) is our favorite, we are also saying it is the best. In his words: We're taught to think that there are objective standards for art. A movie earns points for its technical, dramatic and critical achievements. But in the end, the movie we love the most works to that effect because it's running on all the cylinders a great piece of art should. Best is an objective term that has no place in the subjective conversation of art, and if we're going to use it,...


Cooperatives: TowerFall

That is, unless you happen to be one of the 2,000 people whom bought TowerFall for Ouya. The local multiplayer arrow-fighting game has been hyperbolically praised by critics (like this guy) since this year's Game Developers Conference. It plays like a cross between Joust and the Super Smash Bros. series, and has become the default multiplayer game for the NYC Vox Media office. Maybe you think it's obvious that a bunch of game writers would go gaga for a semi-obscure 2D indie game. But when I say it's the game of the office, I mean the entire office. Writers for The Verge and SB Nation, members of the sales team, developers, producers: everyone loves TowerFall. For awhile, I found the notion of this game's middling sales on a troubled platform disappointing. But maybe that's the wrong...


Cooperatives: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is brilliant. Too often filming Cooperatives can feel like sucking marrow from a bone. Few games have a lot to say, and fewer still say something as concisely, eloquently and intelligently as The Last of Us. Our conversation barely breaks skin on a game that warrants a full autopsy. How did Naughty Dog do it? How did the animators make Ellie's characterizations so believable? How did the designers create a world so sprawling and twisted and not need to include a mini-map? How did the writers stick the ending? The more I think about the game, the more it feels like a series of technical sleight of hands, gracefully guiding the player from the prologue to the climax. So, this won't be the last time we discuss The Last of Us. Both Frushtick and I look forward to...


A secret sneak peek at Polygon's next video series

We've heard your requests. We've crunched the numbers. We've consumed countless gallons of iced coffee. This is the result. We'll be bringing you more video content all summer, so stay tuned to Polygon.


Cooperatives: Holiday Special

Where do we start with this episode? You see, our intention was to make a joyful holiday video that you might enjoy with some eggnog or peppermint hot cocoa. We'd share warm memories of opening presents and spending time with loved ones. We sort of did that. But then someone, no, something appeared and we realized this: We are not alone in the white space. But let's put that aside for a moment to discuss the season. What are your favorite holiday memories? What do you play during the December break? And what should I pack for my upcoming car ride?


Cooperatives: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 is a big game, both in its globetrotting, time-bending narrative and its vast amount of content included on the disc. We try to condense our opinion into a payload of explosions and confusing plot turns. Brace yourself. WATCH MORE COOPERATIVES EPISODES HERE

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