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This is because there wasn’t any FFXV news, isn’t it? =P

Dragon Quest, Ys, and Persona seemed like pretty good news for a Japanese audience to me. Also a PS4 Gundam next year.

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Congrats on seeing it through!

What is it about Civ V that is so engrossing? I agree with you, and often find myself wondering where the day went seemingly minutes after starting a new game, but I can’t put my finger on why it invokes such extreme tunnel vision. No other game, not even Skyrim, “immerses” me as much as Civ does.

The most frustrating thing about that, to me, is that there’s no overarching progression in this game. Plenty of other games that rely on regularly playing new matches have each victory contribute towards some greater progression (look at Dota 2, or Call of Duty, as prime examples) allowing me to fool myself into thinking “well, at least I got closer to X” at the end of a play session. Whereas with Civ, after the end of a long gaming session, whether victorious or not, I have that sinking depressing feeling that nothing has been gained. Obviously that’s the case with pretty much any game, but with Civ there’s no way for me to pretend I didn’t completely waste multiple hours of my life, so I find myself only playing it during dire straits in my life when I really need to escape from reality…

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So have they announced how this will affect existing 3DS games? For example, using the 3D function in Pokemon X and Y decimates framerate on the current hardware. Will this “faster” hardware improve that framerate, or is it only designed to improve download speeds?

Even I’m confused… Please, Nintendo. As an existing 3DS owner I have no idea if this new model is going to be worth upgrading to.

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I think my brain will implode when I’m asked “Would you like a second hand New 3DS instead?”

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Turning points are almost always brutal. Human beings typically hate change, fearing the worst from it. I’m amazed to see that truth also applies to the hobby of gaming, but given how a minority make gaming their life’s obsession… Well I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising. No less depressing though.

The silver-lining: For people to be getting this upset, change must be happening. That’s great news. I personally never agreed with the way Sarkeesian handled her topics, despite agreeing with her key points 100% (I felt she often over-exaggerated and took examples out of context for greater effect) but now I completely understand and support why she’s doing it. This industry definitely needed those points repeatedly banged over its head with a mallet, and now it seems they’re finally sinking in.

All this aggression is a last-ditch attempt at denial, and it never works. Just got to weather through this shit storm, and hope the bravest guys and girls in the firing line make it through with their humanity intact =(

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Augmented Reality Pokemon Snap on my smart phone, please! Make me travel the world, pretending to all the other humans out there that I’m just “taking photos”, when really I’m scanning natural environments for wild Pokemon =D

Google knows what’s up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YMD6xELI_k

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