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Oh my god, yes please! EVE is a game I’ve tried playing three times now, and just haven’t been able to get into despite loving the visuals.

Honestly, I think it’s the UI, and the controls. The whole "playing a spreadsheet" comment is obviously an exaggeration, but for a new player it really isn’t too far off the mark. I’ve always wanted to be a trader in the game, buying low, selling high, browsing different stations for bargains, so of course I expect that aspect of the game to feel like a spreadsheet. But plotting routes, piloting, exploring..? Again, I’m playing with drop down menus and a bland-looking list in the top right corner of the screen, rather than interacting with the world and feeling a part of my ship.

I have no idea why they can’t put me in the cockpit, and build the UI into the game. If I’m interacting with buttons and screens that look and feel a part of the ship I’m flying, visibly a part of my ship’s design and interface, rather than being a boring looking list completely separate from the game world as it is right now, that’d be great. I assumed that was the direction they were taking when they introduced the Captain’s Hangar thing all those years ago – a far more immersive game – but that project seemed to stop as soon as it began.

Seems to me they won’t attract new players unless they address these issues, making the game more attractive to players like myself who want a more immersive world, where the UI is a part of the game rather than completely separate. I just can’t immerse myself with a UI so ugly, and so disjointed from the game’s visuals =(


Yep, and to expand on that, the contract specified that each of the three games would have four DLC releases, two large, and two small.

Activision invested $500 million into Destiny, presumably knowing full well that they won’t be turning a profit until the second game is on the market and the IP is established. I think this marks the first time we’ve seen an investment in IP like that, rather than in a single game.

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A quick run-down on how to grab the game:

1) Go to the "Redeem Product Code" section, by clicking on "Origin" on the top left of the window.

2) Type I-LOVE-THE-SIMS into the box.

3) ???

4) Profit!

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Hopefully more than the last iteration. It bore absolutely no resemblance to the games.

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Rumours are that it’s an emblem – makes sense, since that’s purely cosmetic, rewarding beta testers with something they can show off, without giving them a gameplay advantage.

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Not millions, no, but enough to be financially viable. I can’t see this going any other way than the same direction as their last Shield device.

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Which is why I say this is insanely niche. At $360 for the cheapest 16GB model plus the controller, there’s no way that’s going to seem like a good deal to many gamers.

It seems like a strange thing to focus on to me, as a tablet’s selling point. Such a small target audience.

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That’s the fatal flaw? Imo the flaw is why anyone would want to stream a game for their existing gaming PC to a small tablet screen. I can understand wanting to stream to a widescreen TV in the living room (like Steam’s Big Picture), but… how many PC gamers are thinking: "You know what’s missing from my life? The ability to play my PC games on a smaller screen. This monitor is just too big for me, man."


If he’s freelance now, that could genuinely happen =)


Not even remotely true. There were plenty of games during the tournament with dream turnarounds.

I can understand why you’d think that’s true if you only watched the grand final, but then you’re taking a big risk trying to talk with authority about it.


Yep, I think most of the disappointment comes from the comparisons to last year’s grand final. Man, what a 5-game show that was.

You’re right that calling GG early made it feel underwhelming, but at the same time it was a smart decision every time they did it. The matches were over long before they called it in each game. They just got outplayed completely in the last three games, and Vici gave it all they had until it was clearly impossible to fight back.

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