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That’s smoooooooth.


Just give us Peggle 2 on mobile, dammit. BUY TO PLAY. END OF STORY.

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Fatigue would be my best guess.


Modifying your LOD and graphical settings is a different kettle of fish to resolution, to be fair.

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Hey dude, I used the link provided in the warning notice, which was moderators at polygon dot com.

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I found Polygon in Jan 2013 after decided it was time for more than Kotaku’s often-shallow reporting and click bait. Before Kotaku, I’d been a long time IGN reader, but when it was Imagine Games Network. I guess when they were more "independent" (I use that word so loosely).

Polygon was a breath of fresh air for me. It was what I was craving. I was giddy like a little girl! Great insights, very few one-paragraph stories and being a designer, the look of the site appealed to me too. I visited twice a day and even though there wasn’t often new content, I knew when there was, it was going to be a good read and worth the click.

I shouted Polygon’s praise from the rooftops. I went cold turkey from Kotaku. Times were good, especially when there was a new episode of Russ and Chris’ Today I Played. Oh god, they were funny. But…

In the 1.5 years I’ve been reading I’ve noticed a change here and in recent months I’ve found myself beginning to look for the next place to get my news from. There’s not one thing that has made me fill ill towards Polygon but many things that add up.

Things like the video player: It sucks. It plays ads flawlessly but when you get to the content you came for, it falls on its face. Buffering for eternity, pumping out 8p video, auto playing content following the video I came to watch, an obnoxious pause screen, etc.

The moderation: People have already commented on this, so I won’t repeat all of that, but I got a warning on a post of mine and was encouraged to contact the mods to discuss it. I did so, writing a fairly comprehensive reply asking several questions hoping to clarify the reason and didn’t receive a response. I even forwarded the email to the team again, several weeks later hoping to get a reply. Disapointing.

Agendas: When I came to Polygon, things seemed quite neutral. People played on both sides of the fence. These days there seems to be very obvious topics Polygon likes to focus on and its getting to the point where it’s becoming tiresome—like a whinging 2 year old. It doesn’t feel like quality journalism anymore, but a pandering to get more hits—because let’s be honest, you look at these types of stories and they have the most comments. Why wouldn’t someone who’s trying to expand the reach of the site keep pumping these stories? In business terms it makes sense.

This is where I feel Polygon has changed in my eyes. When I came to Polygon, I got the feeling that Polygon’s ethos (as only a reader and supporter) was—like all good things—you make a good product and the readers/users/consumers will come. I don’t feel like that’s so much the case anymore and the machine is taking over.

Whether I stick around or not, I wish you guys luck and whoever is steering the wheel stays true to where they want this ship to go.


haha my thoughts too. I bought the premium version or whatever it was called at launch, but not even the DLC I paid for can make me play this game. Such a flop.

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