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This one thing I really loved in the episode was the Russian boy. I’m Russian, and it was very fun to hear russian spoken mixed with english by the same character.

(Spoiler next?)

Although the speech of others was way worse. He sounded like an actual russkie guy trying to talk, while his friends (or whoever they were) made tons of mistakes and sounded like american actors trying to spell out russian words, failing miserably as in most games/tv shows/movies.


Completely agreed on those emotional moments. I totally had them, and I can’t see how this episode could be named a “bad” or “cold” one. I also loved the action sequences very much, like that one time you had to push that “chest” and the zombies were right behind.


Agree with you on all of that. This episode deserved a higher score.


I do think that Sarah’s death was made right though, meaning that she wasn’t really brought up later by the group. I think that she was always considered to be her father’s little girl, and with him gone, they only took her with them out of respect towards him. No one really liked her because she was REAL trouble, and it was even hard for me (Clementine) to get closer with her because of how weird she was. But hey, at least we finally knew that she actually wanted to live at that last moment.


Speaking of the guy on the fence, it felt like Clem was the coldest one. Once others knew, Rebecca for one did take it hard, although I’m not quite sure why, didn’t think of them as friend or anything. Speaking of disagreements, I think it’s all different because first, everyone escaped from the terrible place they were at, second, not everyone made it and everyone’s depressed and just has to try and survive, so there’s no time to argue.

One thing I hated is how the black guy (honestly can’t remember his name) still gets little “screen time”. You couldn’t even talk to him that time you were together in the same room.

For what it’s worth, this episode I think had the best and the most tense action sequences. And plenty moments were actually very hard on you (at least on me), mainly beginning and ending.


Since the BF4 worked fine for me almost since the initial launch, I’m sad to see this get postponed, as the beta was way more fun than I expected.

However it’s a good thing that BF4 will still be the “next best thing” for at least a while longer, not splitting the community. For that I’m glad for.


I loved it. Overall it’s not a 10, but DEFINITELY not 6. It has the best action sequences of the whole season, and at times it’s pretty damn morally heavy. Yes, a couple of moments definitely felt weird and the character’s emotions rushed, but it didn’t ruin it that badly for me. I know my heart was beating fast many times, and it almost stopped at the very end.

I can’t wait for the ending of the season. It won’t be good though…


Just give us Dawn of War 3 that’s an actual RTS like the first one but with modern visuals. Then I can die in peace.


Except on PC it’s kinda the opposite. In all the good looking games professional players (or simply ones trying to get advantage) always put all settings on low to see enemies easier, removing all the sun glare, fog, grass, etc., or at least some of it.


I read it, and it only mentions programs. No video files, no documents. Besides, once again, it’s only names. As long as it’s not named “child porn” – who cares? And as I said, it’s allowed under their TOS. It’s pretty unethical for them not to inform of this in a straightforward manner and give a opt-out option, but still, this is not a NSA-scale level.

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