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If you have script blocking enabled, you might have to White List since that is the video provider that Vox has decided to use.

Hope this helps

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The Vita is seriously a competent machine all on its own merits, the fact that it hooks in so well into the PS3 and PS4 ecosystem is just a phenomenal bonus.

It’s hands down the best handheld I’ve ever owned; so smartly designed.

I was thinking about getting a tablet (iOS or Android) but came to the realization that my Vita and Phone handle EVERYTHING I’d use a tablet for anyway— gaming and light productivity. Since I’m already covered I might as well get a Windows Tablet and get serious about my mobile productivity.


Game seems kinda pervy but damn….. Properly modified… lol
They’ve invented fuck holes sex toys for men that are entire silicon torso so I could only imagine how awesome stimulating it would be with this kind of tech behind it.

But I digress.
I’m excited for Morpheus and while this isn’t a game I’d ever buy (I mean, what’s even happening? Are you getting tutoring?) I’m stoked to see what else is brought to TGS.

I’m not ready to buy a Morpheus quite yet, but in two years or so I’ll be ready and I’m sure lots of other people will be too. It’s smart that Sony is bidding time as the PS4 picks up an audience since it would seem too expensive upfront in the first year of ownership.

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The video doesn’t load.
I’ve watched the ad already three times

Mission Accomplished! d=(´▽`)=b
— The Ad Team

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I dunno what the dealio is, but the Vergecast and all the other video content from TheVerge (Polygon’s sister site) went down at about the same time.

I miss all the video content too! Come back guys!

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So do you mean they never show Hell in this movie, or do you mean that they never discuss Hell in the TV show and as a result the movie seems to be kind of in its own orbit?

I haven’t seen Bleach in ages and stopped watching when they started that Muramasa filler arc. The Espada/Arrancar arc was VERY good but it was so drawn out that I lost interest and any incentive to see it completed.

The fillers are interesting, but ultimately feel like throwaway plots and I just couldn’t deal with having the main action broken up so frequently.

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I think you did fine by NOT mentioning them.
It would have been good to say that some characters make a cameo in Hell, but to actually reveal who they are seriously ruins the impact the cameo was intended to have.

PS: Thanks zombie711…. Spoiler tags people, use em!


Somewhere in Kyoto there is a hardware designer that needs to be shot… I don’t even know why I’m surprised; even whenNintendo tries to do the right thing they STILL fuck it up in some major way.

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I’m sooooooo excited to try out sports friends!

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