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Software Developer by day and gamer by night!

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Great read!

Personally I use whatever is best for me. For a while now it’s been Sony and will be this generation. I see the benefits of the other consoles, but the PS4 fits my needs this time around.


Looks interesting.

I got a Helldivers vibe when watching the video

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Ticket to Ride is my group of friends board game of choice. It’s a pretty easy to pick up and doesn’t have direct conflict.

I keep seeing Pandemic but just haven’t pulled the trigger on it for various reasons. Now that we have a regular group I may do just that!

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Highergrounds Game
28 days ago

That is very cool of them!

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I’m glad they openly advertise it now. Maybe they did before and I never saw it, but on the PS Blog they clearly state you can do this and encourage it.

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I don’t understand the complaints

1) You can’t make everyone happy. Someone is always going to have something on the list, especially when you’re giving away quality games. If they gave away games the majority of people don’t have they would end up giving away crappy games and people would be complaining about that.

2) It’s a free damn game. If you don’t like what they have then don’t sub and shut up.

We get 6 games a month… for “free”… Even if you only end up playing one or two of the bigger games on the list you end up making your money back. Not to mention the sales they have if you end up buying games.


When I first heard about Dragon’s Crown I was going to suggest it to my dad so we could play something together. He liked the old Gauntlet and it gave me that vibe. However, after reading more about it and watching videos I decided against it. I’m not offended by it but I know he wouldn’t like it!


I already do that =) I’ve had it for over and year and didn’t know you could do this so I missed out on some stuff.

I had the same situation with my Vita that I bought in January. Had a bunch of Plus stuff stockpiled so I had some great stuff waiting for me! Same thing with happen whenever I get a PS4

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Wow, I’m excited about this month! I have been eyeing Dragon’s Crown for a while but haven’t been able to bring myself to pull the trigger with the price tag it was at. Was bummed when EU got it last month.

Just downloaded the demo of Fez for my wife. Now she can play the real thing instead =P

Wish I had a PS4 to try out Road Not Taken, looks interesting and I love what Spry Fox does.

Good month for me. I know some haven’t liked the last few months but we have received quite a few games that I am playing(Terraria, Dragon’s Dogma, Castle of Illusion)

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