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User Experience/User Interface Designer.

Does a lot of Web Development.

Graduated from 4 Year University with Degree in Software Engineering.

Enjoys SciFi and non-fiction books on the mysteries of the universe. Also: Calvin & Hobbes. All of them.

Plays A LOT of video games (no sports or racing games though!).

Worships the Fallout franchise. Well...ok, I don't worship, but I really do like the Fallout games....

Uncharted has been cool up until #3 (Jeez Amy Hennig, since when is it good game design to stick me in an area with enemies that spawn from every which angle with infinite grenades in their dang pockets!?!) *Takes deep breaths while counting to ten.

Thinks Diablo III is better than Diablo II.

I probably lost all respect and friends for that last statement....

Wants to eventually transition into a UX Design job in the Gaming Industry.

Profile Picture is about 3-4 years old, but I like it. It's me at Epic Games, getting to hang out with all the awesome game devs who were working on GoW3 at the time.

My profile name means nothing. I thought of it on the fly, and it looked silly enough to work. I regret the all caps though. Sorry!

Website: Portfolio

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Yeah, I’m with you on this one. I don’t get the hate on Phil Fish – never have, and probably never will.

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I’m not hyped up. I’m perfectly calm and collected, not anxiously awaiting September 9th at all.


Well, since I was talking about my interest in the gaming industry specifically, it does have something to do with gaming, but otherwise, I understand what you’re getting at.

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This is one the reasons I stopped gunning for a job in the game industry. It just doesn’t seem worth it anymore – you can’t make a game without someone hating on you. You can’t state an opinion without someone taking it as a personal attack. You can’t be you without someone ridiculing who you are.

Slightly off-topic, but I mean, there was a guy who decided it would be fun to DDOS Wildstar’s servers a little while back – all because he wanted attention! There’s no accountability, and no way to get it through people’s heads that this kind of idiotic behavior isn’t doing favors for anyone!

Much respect to the developers out there who continue to do what they love, and craft awesome new games for humble gamers like myself to play.


Well, it’s definitely getting people to talk about it. Now whether people are saying good things is another story.


I’ve really enjoyed this game so far (Steam). The throwbacks to games like Myst and Riven make this one of my favorite games to relax to – especially after a hard day at work, or rock climbing.

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We didn’t make this game thinking, ‘Oh we’re gonna make a female hero because there aren’t any in video games,’" Fox said. "We made a game about Fetch because we liked Fetch.

This is what the game industry needs more of. Instead of diversifying characters for the sake of doing so, they made her the hero of this DLC for the sake of fleshing out Fetch’s character. It makes sense, it’s cool, and I can’t wait to play it!

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I actually really like the female Link art. Totally down for an alternate universe female Link character – bring it on!


Man, this game looks gorgeous.


This game is looking better and better!


I was thinking the same thing – Xbox needs their “Uncharted”…unfortunately, I started out with Tomb Raider on the PS3…if they’re not bringing to the PS4, than I’m not gonna bother grabbing it on my Xbone.

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