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User Experience/User Interface Designer.

Does a lot of Web Development.

Graduated from 4 Year University with Degree in Software Engineering.

Enjoys SciFi and non-fiction books on the mysteries of the universe. Also: Calvin & Hobbes. All of them.

Plays A LOT of video games (no sports or racing games though!).

Worships the Fallout franchise. Well...ok, I don't worship, but I really do like the Fallout games....

Uncharted has been cool up until #3 (Jeez Amy Hennig, since when is it good game design to stick me in an area with enemies that spawn from every which angle with infinite grenades in their dang pockets!?!) *Takes deep breaths while counting to ten.

Thinks Diablo III is better than Diablo II.

I probably lost all respect and friends for that last statement....

Wants to eventually transition into a UX Design job in the Gaming Industry.

Profile Picture is about 3-4 years old, but I like it. It's me at Epic Games, getting to hang out with all the awesome game devs who were working on GoW3 at the time.

My profile name means nothing. I thought of it on the fly, and it looked silly enough to work. I regret the all caps though. Sorry!

Website: Portfolio

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Wow, I love the clean aesthetics. I hope they retain that style on some of the maps, because I’m feeling burnt out on the “grimy, grunge” stuff, myself – dunno if anyone else feels the same.

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I hope it has awesome music like the original DOOM.

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Hopefully it’ll reappear as an easter egg somewhere in the game. :(


I guess I’ll have to wait till I hear something regarding Battleborn’s gameplay, cause otherwise, this doesn’t really seem to stand out much amongst the other big titles that have been announced this past year.

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Some pretty negative commenters in Polygon today, sheesh.

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Love this game. If they could jusssssst remove all those awful bots stealing our resource nodes, and maybe bump up that Trigger Fingers AMP drop rate, I’d be quite happy (I think they’re already working on those too!).

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