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What time did you see that at? The only time someone ziplines is as a pilot! It’d be hella sweet if you could though, but fairly certain you can’t!

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Clarification on my part. I was 100% not serious.

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Also, what if we’re talking between more than 2 titans, what if we had a tennis match between 4 titans passing it back and forth, that might give the shields long enough time to recharge.

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“(what on earth does ‘1080p means 60fps’ mean?)”

Because 1080 / 18 = 60, therefore only resolutions that are divisible by 60 can perform at 60fps. D’uh!

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WOLOLO – Your Priest is converting an enemy, it will take 1:00 hours to complete – Complete converting now buy spending 25 Empire Bucks”

Calling it now.

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Ahhh, ok. My mistake, thanks for correcting me!

That’s really good news then!

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At first I thought this was genuinely really amazing. But if someone can correct me, are they shutting down the PS3 version entirely? That’s not so good. “Upgrade to the PS4 version for free! … Because we’re shutting down the PS3 version.”

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“This man’s opinion on this game is different from mine, he must have been told by his boss to say it’s bad.”

Clearly Ben thought the game sucked, you didn’t. Such is life.

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What everyone else says plus it has an unbelievably good soundtrack.


Yep, you’re totally right. Sorry. :(

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Sometimes I think using a word on it’s own isn’t as good as using it twice so it isn’t on it’s own.

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