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Mario Kart Wii was selling to an audience considerably larger than the Wii Us install base.


Smash Bros and a new Zelda game will shift units

That’s what people said about Mario Kart. They will shift units, but it doesn’t matter if they shift a small number.


You’re worried about uninstalling something a year from now? You can download it as many times as you want.


Will folks want to play 20 year old games? Depends on the game.

The games worth playing from this period will be available like it always has been. The rest will be, you know, available on torrent sites. Like how it works now.


People not caring about special features is “ruining” special features.

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It has to do with some perceived improvement in the sound quality (which may or may not be real, but is still the reason).

It isn’t perceived. It’s absolutely real. Vinyl is objectively the best sound.

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Ya. Emulators and pirates will figure it all out even if GoG does go offline.


Parents are the kings/queens of saying stupid things.


Proper checkpoints stopped you?…… WHAT!?


Not sure about GTA 5, but their mission design/check pointing was ALWAYS shit. How it made it out of the door is beyond me.


This isn’t baffling that Nintendo is doing this. Nintendo is a Japanese company and Japanese companies have always been very controlling with DRM and the like. They hang on to their shit like grim death.

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