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They stated in the play through that crafting was much deeper than going from wood to shed. They showed the shed just to give you an idea of how world placement works, not crafting.

Given this was the game that was supposed to being back SWG players (aka massive crafting fans), this game will have deep, deep crafting. That, IMO, is what makes this game stand out from all other combat-focused MMOs these days. Somewhere along the way we lost the crafting part of MMOs.

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Nicole: But, the problem here is that at no stage of your analogous event did you ever say to the bully that you appreciate his efforts. You don’t need to tell him how great he is, or how awesome it is that he appears to be changing, but put yourself in Mike’s shoes for just a second.

He made a mistake — a big one — one that he seems to deeply regret (the handling of the Dickwolves debacle). He’s made a few attempts to fix it: apologizing, donating money to the Trevor Foundation, the New Year’s Eve Resolution, and now the DL.

I understand if you don’t fully believe he’s changed, but every time he’s put himself out there to say, “Look, I’m trying to be a better person,” a very vocal group of people is there to slap him in the face and say, “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” Why would he even try? Your analogy shows that, most likely, nothing the bully could ever do would ever be good enough for you.

You say he should have educated people on why he feels it’s important; however, I get the feeling that if your fictional bully had done that, you would still find some new action he should have taken to better satiate your need for closure.

Please understand: I, in no way, even remotely excuse Mike’s past actions. However, I feel like it’s unfair for us to keep moving the goal posts on him every time he does something to try to make amends. If you keep doing that, you eventually disenfranchise him to the point of saying, “Screw it. I’m done.” And then, you end up with nothing.

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It seems like OP’s only verifiable argument is that it wasn’t busy enough. I’m not sure that’s PAX’s fault, as they can only set the place up for access; whether or not people come to it is down to the individual attendees.

I hope word got out about how great the DL was, and more attend at the PAX Prime version (assuming they have it).

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Unfortunately, I think you’re right. I think that there really is nothing Mike can do at this point to win over some people. I think there is going to always be a very, very small yet very, very vocal minority that will simply never forgive (not saying forget; none of us — including Mike — should ever forget the words he spoke/wrote) him, no matter what actions he takes to make up for his past remarks.

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Warning, fake monologue: Bringing Thornwatch was about him saying, “Look, not everyone is going to come to the Diversity Lounge. But, I think it’s important, and to encourage that, I’m going to host our very popular event here.”

If he HADN’T hosted Thornwatch in the DL, then it would be the DL people griping, “Why didn’t he bring Thornwatch here?!? It would have brought so much press and exposure to this very important faction of PAX.”

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The entire article is all about acceptance, inclusion, and diversity; yet, when someone with a past that they’re trying to rectify shows up to support them, it’s suddenly “awkward,” a phrase that I’ve — unfortunately, and disgustedly — heard homophobic-minded people use quite often.

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“I found it extremely awkward”

What an ironic choice of words given the entire point of your post.

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