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Yeah most companies usually would… except for when they’re doing exceptionally well and know that even their sold through numbers will make them look better than the competition.


I don’t want to be too critical it just strikes me as odd how slow everything moves. Especially when the lighting, dynamics, compositing/motion tracking and rendering are all quite nice. It might be tough to nail that Mario movement speed but this is clearly on the slow side of things. Otherwise great work.


Yeah I would love that! Especially if it was cross-platform multiplayer and I could play with my friends on the PS4. Remote play works really great with this game, but there’s obviously the minor unavoidable control latency.


You’re right. The thing is most of the time when this subject comes up, and again here, it reads like without PC gamers the PC market will cease to exist. I just think that’s wrong. The PC market will shrink once mobile devices are powerful enough to replace most consumers needs but they will be around for the business market. Component manufacturers won’t just disappear altogether from the industry, some will, but most will just continue at a smaller scale to meet the shrunken demand.

The problem is most of the time this subject reads like another alarmist, the sky is falling, situation instead of what it really is. An expected gradual change with the times.

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Damn. Max and crew are some brilliant people. In this rapidly expanding digital world where true surprises are such a rarity I’m glad there are people out there that are still trying to catch us off guard. I love surprises.

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PC gaming is only a small fraction of a PCs function so it is a bit remarkable that that small fraction is maintaining the whole.

I don’t see how you’re so certain in that statement, maintaining the whole? I think PC gaming is only maintaining exactly that relatively small fraction of PC gaming users. Relative to the number of business men and women who use PCs for work.

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I’m not sure that is the argument is it?

Sure some companies are making a push in that direction, the kinds of people who don’t really need the power that a PC can offer them. The kind that just need enough power for Microsoft Office and there are a lot of people that only need that kind of power. However there are still plenty of companies that need more, you have to think about the entire world that’s the scale we’re talking here.

There’s no chance in hell I’ll be doing my Maya or After Effects work on a tablet or laptop anytime soon. I need that expandability and stability that a desktop PC offers me in that kind of work.

I realize eventually things will change, they always do. My argument is not that desktop PCs will be around forever, it is that it’s going to be quite some time before they’re gone forever. Which is why whenever this comes up it’s always a bit silly to me. If the argument is simply that they will be gone forever with no timeline specified then sure, of course they’ll be gone someday but that’s not a very bold prediction.

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Which is, and always has been, crazy talk because everything gets made on PCs and that doesn’t look like it’s going to stop happening anytime soon.

While gaming is certainly helping keep the PC alive and well in the consumer market, there’s very little chance of it disappearing all together in any kind of near-future timeline. Even when mobile devices become powerful enough to completely replace desktop devices business people will still want to sit down and do their work. And at that point, what’s the difference?


That’s crazy! Thanks Brian!

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As Castellanos walked through the city, buildings rise up around him on pillars of ground.

I can’t tell if the buildings were actually animating up out of the ground or this is just some flavor text?

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Holy shit, who’s fighting the “rape victims are just whiners” fight?


I shouldn’t have been so hyperbolic in saying that it’s not about getting the joke “at all,” it certainly is. I just think to a larger degree all of this controversy is brought on by the vast number of differing tastes in humor and how very particular those can be.

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It’s not about getting the joke at all, it’s about different tastes in humor. I don’t think Penny Arcade is funny so I don’t follow them, at the same time the reaction to the Dickwolves thing seems weird. It’s certainly not in good taste but that’s fine, there’s plenty of humor out there that isn’t and I certainly enjoy plenty of it. If it’s not for you then don’t support it. One things for certain, it’s absolutely absurd to say that the kind of person that thinks the Dickwolves joke is funny also thinks “rape is hilarious.”

Other men and women that also find it funny would not feel scared to be surrounded by those people because they understand why it’s funny to them. They understand that the joke is not funny because “rape is hilarious” but that it’s funny because of the inherent absurdity of the idea that a group of bipedal wolves are able to round up, capture and torture people. However if you can’t understand that, if you can’t even fathom why people would think it was funny (other than assuming that they think rape is hilarious) then yeah, it’s going to seem pretty offensive to you for all the wrong reasons. Don’t go to Penny Arcade. They’ve certainly greatly mishandled their public relations, but I’m not a proponent for censorship of comedy.

For a truly brilliant (and funny) look at the wildly different approaches to comedy look no further than this video of Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais.


Yeah my friends and I are really enjoying it. It took me a while to break out of my, let’s call it, “modern day gamer” comfort zone. Even being a huge fan of Dark Souls and other “difficult” games that have been recently popular, Mercenary Kings just demands a different kind of playstyle than we have been conditioned for in the past decade. Once I stopped trying to brute force my old habits onto the game it became a lot more fun.

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