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Yep, I’m actively looking forward to giving God of War Ascension a try. This tech has me really interested and God of War should be a great test case for both visual fidelity and gameplay responsiveness.

I’ve already used it but not long enough to have any kind definitive stance on the matter. I have a feeling we’re still a little ways off a truly ideal experience. That being said, if I just want to go through the motions and experience the single player bombast of a game like God of War this kind of thing might be just the ticket.


Haha that is freaking awesome! Nicely done!


The last thing a promotional piece of artwork will be is realistic in any way. Also, I said the colors won’t be vibrant.

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The Mako was always awesome. I have extremely fond memories driving down the side of a hill and blasting off the side of it gaining some extra distance.

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Yeah, I’m sure the colors aren’t going to vibrant in the movie but I would attribute the overall look of this promotional image to some poor color correction.


The average person who buys games for other people doesn’t do it at GameStop, they do it at Target or WalMart or some other place that sells more than just games.


You have every right to not like the violence but so do the developers to put it in. If anything you’re just realizing this game that you really want to play might not be right for you.


I’m really looking forward to seeing Tekken in UE4 and with hopefully a bunch of story content.

Not too sure how I feel about some of the additional characters if they try to weave them into the story or not, they sound find as additional characters to fight with, but leave them out of the fiction unless there’s a good reason.


It’s not even a question, Aliens is freaking fantastic!

…but Alien is still even better than that.


Always refreshing to see reasonable comments on the internet.

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