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Writer, work for a talent-led media company.

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sticks fingers in ears and starts singing tunelessly

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This would be perfect for VITA. Here’s hopin’.


Sensationalism has already ruined it – and a lot more besides.


Interesting concept but graphics/design look awful! No personality, which is hardly what you want from such a graphically rich source material.


Boobs aside (or side boobs aside) this is a great game and I think it’ll work something awesome on VITA!


Agree. Dota is an amazing model. After playing it for so many hours I literally wanted to buy stuff just to reward them a bit even though I didn’t really have any desire for the cosmetic items. My only complaint is the couriers seem weirdly expensive…

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Have played. Would recommend. The micro-challenges are great and although I couldn’t test it much the social aspect seems really cool too.

Obviously the graphics are sick.

Waiting for this game is…driving me round the bend.


Interesting exploration. For what it’s worth, I bought this ‘game’ because of one of my favourite haiku, loosely about Zazen, or the act of ‘just sitting’.

Now the birds have vanished from the sky
As the last cloud drains away.
We sit alone, the mountain and me.
Until only the mountain


Welcome to the fandom! (for the best game ever.)

This game gets better as it goes on. Only thing I want to warn you about – don’t worry, no spoilers – is that v. near the end of the game there’s a certain chain of events you need to enact to get the full ending – just be sure to find a no spoilers FAQ/Walkthrough and look up this very late game detail so you see the full ending.


Sounds absolutely perfect for a Hollywood adaptation then..!


I’ve heard this version is kind of gimped?

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I think we have to be very careful not to lapse into sensationalism here. I am staunchly supportive of gender equality where appropriate – that is to say, there is a fundamental but not hierarchical inequality between the sexes.

To that end, if a male gamer invited a female gamer into a party with the intention of playing fairly with them, and they get on, and the male gamer then proceeds to flirt – is that crossing a boundary, if it’s respectful and/or reciprocated? And does the line blur if the male gamer, or indeed the female gamer sends out a party invite with the express hope of meeting someone they can eventually hit on?

To echo @Pawkette, the issue is not confined to ‘online’. And more, there is no universality to whether being hit on is an ‘issue’ or not – it depends on two parties in a particular circumstance.

The wider problem is quite simple an endemic lack of proper manliness, the same manliness that leads to being a Gentleman; chivalry, honour, respect. These are manly traits. The problem of our generation is the very definition of manliness has become warped.

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