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I'm Darris and stuff.


Website: Raptor Inc.

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This might be one of the least logical comments I’ve read on the internet today, and I just spent time lurking Gawker.

The point isn’t that the character was gay, the point was there was no reason to bring it up in the game.

You think they are trying to get a sequel out of this article? Really?


You did. There is a loading bar after jumping into the game for the first time, says something along the lines of “Optimizing HD Content”.

That was actually the 1gb install. If you look on the Titanfall box it says on the front “HDD REQUIRED”.

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I love the DS4, everytime I have to go back to using the DS3 for something like Dark Souls II or Miku, it’s nowhere near as comfortable and balanced, in my opinion.


That’s surprisingly common.

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All I heard from 2007 to now from people paying for Xbox Live Gold is that it was “an amazing value”, which is why they stayed subscribed up to this day.

Well, this is an ACTUAL amazing value worth staying subscribed for, so I’ll call it whatever I want to call it.

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