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You’re reading the wrong gaming sites. Try Giant Bomb ;)


For me personally, there are a number of issues with the preorder system. The first is that I’m a completist, and I like to know that I’ve bought 100% of the content for my game. Many titles now how multiple preorder bonuses based on where you buy them. I’m not foolish enough to buy the same game from multiple sources so would rather wait for the GOTY edition which hopefully collects all these together. This means that the publisher doesn’t get my money until the title is much cheaper, which benefits me, but certainly not the shop or the developer so much. If I could be sure I’d be getting all the content, I’d be buying special editions more, but the ridiculous pricing on some of these makes that a non-starter, e.g. Forza’s DLC costing more than the game.

The other problem is that preorder bonuses have become so varied in quality that it’s arguable whether they’re really worth it anyway, especially as they’re bought sight unseen. It’s the same with DLC. Do you save your money towards a brand new game or dole it out to buy upgrades, pointless skins and other items for your existing ones? Back in the old days publishers would release enormous packs of extra content for free – remember Unreal Tournament? What about more recent hits like Super Meat Boy or Minecraft? They managed to extend the longevity of some titles by years and made purchasing the game more attractive to potential buyers who were sitting on the fence, too. The recent rip-off free to play culture in the mobile space looks to be encroaching on regular console gaming and that to me is because of greed. This isn’t a zero-sum game – developing the content takes money and resource, so why on earth shouldn’t everyone benefit?


I’d like to read a piece on failed games. All we hear about from the Indie scene is the breakout hits, but there must be dozens of titles which had passionate developers behind them, with just as much talent and drive as Towerfall’s, but which disappeared without a trace.


I’m pretty sure the Transformers movies are the antithesis of Netflix fare. They demand to be enjoyed on the largest screen with the sound cranked up to 11, so you’re distracted from the plot and lack of character. They’re summer tentpole events and meant to be enjoyed in the theatre.

I enjoyed the first one. The last three have been real disappointments. I just hope they get a decent writer for the next one.


And still everyone forgets that Bay is not an auteur – he directs movies, ILM does the SFX. For the last three Transformers movies, the scribe has been Ehren Kruger, who has been cranking out trash for the past 15 years. Blame him for the nonsensical plot, the poorly drawn characters and the stupidly long running time. Bay has proved in the past that he’s a director with a flair for spectacle and scale; he desperately needs a decent script to shoot next time.

As for the gender politics of the piece, ffs give us a break. The liberal agenda of Polygon is as transparent as it is self-serving. If you’re going to keep ramming this down our throats, I’ll go read another site.

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