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You missed out the press. There were dozens of articles about how games were achieving 1080p on PS4 and struggling relatively speaking on Xbox One.

I was particularly amused by EuroGamer’s take on this, seeing as they were one of the most vociferous posters of these resolution-centric stories:








Personally speaking, I played with the 900p versus 1080p magnified views on the Digital Foundry article, and could not see any difference. I’d have preferred if they’d kept it as is.


Download Harmy’s Despecialized editions. They’re 100% what you want – the original cuts with no additions, but with corrections made to matte lines, optical printer transparency errors etc.


Download Harmy’s Despecialised editions. They’re fantastic :D

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…and redubbing Boba Fett…and giving the Ewoks eyelids…and adding the notorious “Nooooo!” for Darth Vader in Jedi…and CGI Jabba the Hutt…and random CGI rocks being added in front of Artoo for some reason…and the change to Leia’s hologram to make the scanlines vertical (why?)…and the awful Mos Eisley additions…and the Sarlaac pit changes…and replacing the emperor wholesale…and and…agh!

The fact is that the 1990s editions look 100 times more dated than the originals because of the hatchet job they did with the CGI effects work. The despecialised editions are a great way of enjoying the original cuts with some of the more egregious technical issues being corrected (the colour of lighsabers being wrong, for example, or obvious matte lines being painted out).

It would be nice to see the original negatives rescanned in 4K/8K just for preservation’s sake though. Lucas has said in the past that the negatives were in such a bad state that they were destroyed in part during the restoration, but that’s often regarded as bullshit and an excuse not to release the original cuts again.


When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…


Can’t we just criticise neither? Can’t we get our games news without lashings of liberal agenda for once?

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As someone with a red beard, I take offence at your derogatory anti-ginger sentiment and demand an apology.

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I much preferred the 2012 footage. It looked more natural and immersive to me. The current footage looks fake and ‘videogamey’. The only thing that I didn’t like about the old style was the texture pop-in and obvious texture filtering.

If they want to highlight the realism of the simulation, I think they need to revert a good deal of the ‘improvements’ they’ve made to the visuals.


But Onslaught in UT 2004 was so good!

(And the announcer was a posh British lady.)


Remember, kids, if it’s a hypothetical, always use the subjunctive. “If I were a captain…”

I’m afraid to say the game looks pretty bad, too.

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