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Twenty something layabout; Eats jelly sometimes.

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I managed to walk on the bottom of the ocean in GTA:O a while back. No idea how I managed it, but it was funny shooting swimming players above from the ocean floor.

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I dunno, I think it would be nice if there were multiple options.

Like with all troubles in life, I like to turn to Tennis for guidance – men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles. I know Hearthstone isn’t necessarily a physical activity, but what I’m saying is there are multiple leagues – gender and mixed.

I think it’s okay if people want to only play whatever they’re playing with people of their own sex – maybe they have crippling anxiety around the opposite sex, or maybe they’re looking for some same gender bonding. Good ol’ fashioned sexism isn’t always the reason dudes like hanging around dudes.

Mo’ options, mo’ people happy.

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I think LOLdragon was just making a joke instead of trying to force anything, but what do I know!

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Are they developing each episodes as and when they are released, or are they all complete and they are all just waiting in a release schedule? I only ask cause it would be nice to know when each episode is coming throughout the year – I don’t mind the wait between episodes, but it would be cool to know how long we are actually waiting for.

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