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This is the sort of thing that I think will be the ‘killer apps’. VR gaming is great, and sounds really exciting, but on the whole people wont want to do it all the time. It’ll be a gaming option, like how energetic Kinnect or Move games are a gaming option, instead of an accompaniment to people’s normal gaming or entertainment habits.

If they can someway extend on to things that people already do, like watch movies or listen to music, then the adoption rate will be much higher as it doesn’t really require any further effort or commitment apart from the initial purchase.

Virtual concerts, movies, skype calls, theater productions; that’s the future of VR.

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The reason I mention Towerfall is because of this Polygon article on lag –

I sounds like a lot of these local multiplayer where made ‘local’ for important reasons – I just hope that Share Play won’t compromise the experience in anyway. Although, any way of getting my mates in to Towerfall is always a bonus.

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This sounds really cool, but I can imagine quite a bit of lag between the person running the game vs the friend streaming – especially on games like the mentioned Towerfall.

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I would get the NOD/DX pack just for Dlo Brown alone.


It’s going to be pretty awkward when they try and promote this on the show – which if the last couple of iterations is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty full on. How they going to get Cena out to talk about his bit in the game without also promoting CM Punk as a wrestler?

I’m guessing that this is either 2K taking more control and providing content that it thinks will sell to the target audience, or something that was way far too down the pipeline to be change. I just cant imagine Vince giving the go-ahead for this after all the events had happened.

Super stoked for the game though!

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This will be no where as good as the Archer / Bob’s Burgers crossover.

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