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Taric is a support that’s able to withstand a ton of punishment. Leona, as they say in the post in their site, is a fighter tank. She jumps into the enemy team and just starts messing them up and being disruptive. Neither of them really has a way to force the other team to attack them though.

Braum, on the other hand, has a jump that puts him in between an ally and the closest enemy to them while giving both increased defenses, and has a toggle that brings up a shield that negates projectiles. All the while his melee attacks cause a stacking debuff that eventually stuns and does damage, that the rest of his team can increase the stacks on, and a skillshot that also applies the debuff. So he quite literally tanks by sitting in front of his team and blocking everything that comes his way.

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God, I’m such a Mega Man nerd that the Star Man stage music popped into my head immediately upon seeing that screenshot.


Well, there goes any productivity I hoped to have during my 2 weeks off…


I claimed absolutely nothing. That was my first comment about any of this. Make sure you actually look at the names of posters before you reply, because now you’re putting words in my mouth.

And as for them not wrecking Instagram and Whatsapp, of course they didn’t. They didn’t need to do anything to Instagram and Whatsapp other than put in facebook integration. There was nothing for them to wreck.

Oculus is not a social network. It is not a service designed around Facebook’s method of business: data acquisition and sales of said data. If Facebook is smart and leaves Oculus alone to do their own thing, then this will be great. But their statement about expanding it has me worried that they’re going to try to make it do TOO much. This technology is still in its infancy, and it needs to be focused at first. Trying to do too much at one time is going to make it nothing more than another gimmicky device that lacks the focus necessary to do anything really great.

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That’s because Instagram and Whatsapp are in the same business as Facebook, just specialized in pictures and texts, respectfully.

Oculus on the other hand is a completely different product.


2K Games
Double Fine
Oculus VR
Riot Games
Square Enix
Telltale Games
The Behemoth
Think Geek
Wizards of the Coast (They always have a MASSIVE presence at PAX East.)
And Sony will have a presence. There’s a booth listed for Playstation Community.

There’s still plenty of big names there. Also keep in mind that E3 is around the corner, so some of the big names may be saving up for that. PAX has always been more of a haven for the smaller devs and indies, and they have a lot more presence this year. Plus, people always focus on the video game devs, while ignoring that PAX is about gaming in general. There’s a lot of content for tabletop and card gaming as well (which is why WotC dwarfs everyone else there).

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