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clause 15.4)

Developer will write a nice note about King (me) on their website the following day. Make it seem like we’re very very good friends, possibly more ;). Make it seem like u love me and think I make nice games.

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Here’s my entry. Send me the pass.

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My gut reaction was that I’d disagree with this entire article, but I found myself nodding my head to a lot of the points.

This part kind of stood out to me though

There is a bit of snobbery and gate-keeping at play here, as the old guard is defensive about sharing their hobby with games they don’t understand and gamers they don’t

I’m not defensive about sharing the hobby, but I am defensive about the free-to-play market coming at the expense of my hobby. I hate seeing developers I really like shifting their focus to a market I have no interest in.

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Oh hell yea, bout time games used a post-apocalyptic setting. And zombies too?! What a breath of fresh air.

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I think we get this stat every two months.

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Beginning to think he’s not Irish as well…

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Yep, same. I get 9-11PM to myself since my daughter was born and now gravitate towards shorter experiences. And I found myself having almost no patience for games that don’t grab me immediately. Started Dust: An Elysian Tale the other night for about 20 mins and wasn’t enjoying it, so I just deleted it. Old me would’ve played through it all because I bought it.

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Yea, youre right. It’s its own. Grammar owns.

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Using “it’s own” twice in a sentence is pretty cool on it’s own.

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Yea, the premise on it’s own sounds like it could stand on it’s own but, blah, that metaphor.

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