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Aspiring Stand Up Comedian from Britain, that believes Monty Python and Bill Hicks were the greatest two things to happen to the human race... I'm being deadly serious... I also believe Mass Effect to be the greatest gaming franchise of all time, as well believing it to be the greatest Sci-Fi universe created through any entertainment medium. I play games across the entire genre spectrum, I just play anything worth playing basically, no FPS or RPG hangups as it were. I'm a keen Martial Artist, holding black belts in BJJ, Judo, and I also Kickbox. I'm a huge Rugby and Football (Soccer) fan, although I don't play them much anymore, and have a passing interest in Ice Hockey, which I have never played. My favourite movie would probably be Pulp Fiction, and my favourite band is, at the moment, Biffy Clyro. If you've read this far you know more about me than I do. Seriously, why have you read all this? O.K if you must know my favourite colour is green. Get a life damn it!

Twitter: @DragonMageDrake

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The combat looks like it could be dope. I can already see some combos in my mind… Platinum you know what I want!


Clap… Clap… Clap… Bravo sir or madam, bravo. ; )


But it’s so bad that it’s good… ; )

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Love them both, but if we’re taking the phrase “best film” literally it’s Alien no question. The art direction, sound design, script, cast, direction and everyting else is easily on another level than Aliens. Plus it’s British soooo…. ; )


I’ve been involved in similar situations in the UK. One in particular always comes to mind. Me and my, at the time, girlfriend were walking past a pub after seeing a movie, and a drunk guy outside just randomly catcalled her. I felt her sink into me and grab me with real fear. It’s an appalling thing, and I wish that we didn’t live in a world where it happened. Things like this might change it… I hope…

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Watch this:

I have faith that the team behind this game actually cares about Tolkien lore, and I for one am stoked for SoM.


I’ve played nearly every day (stupid adult life!) since Hearthstone launched and am no where near bored. So Naxxramas is super exciting for me. Blizzard keeps showing how F2P should be done with Hearthstone, and I’m going to praise them for that by using real money to buy all wings at launch. I think that logic works… ; )


I run Mass Dispel… ; )

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This review just makes me want to play War and Fall again… Too bad…

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