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Aspiring Stand Up Comedian from Britain, that believes Monty Python and Bill Hicks were the greatest two things to happen to the human race... I'm being deadly serious... I also believe Mass Effect to be the greatest gaming franchise of all time, as well believing it to be the greatest Sci-Fi universe created through any entertainment medium. I play games across the entire genre spectrum, I just play anything worth playing basically, no FPS or RPG hangups as it were. I'm a keen Martial Artist, holding black belts in BJJ, Judo, and I also Kickbox. I'm a huge Rugby and Football (Soccer) fan, although I don't play them much anymore, and have a passing interest in Ice Hockey, which I have never played. My favourite movie would probably be Pulp Fiction, and my favourite band is, at the moment, Biffy Clyro. If you've read this far you know more about me than I do. Seriously, why have you read all this? O.K if you must know my favourite colour is green. Get a life damn it!

Twitter: @DragonMageDrake

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This bunny might just have what it takes to oppose Borris Johnson…

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As a big MMA, and martial arts film fan, as well as being martial artist myself, I have no problem with Bruce Lee being in the next UFC game. He’s probably just going to be Anderson Silva prime. I see it as being the same as having football legends like Pele and Maradona in FIFA.


I felt the same thing about writing a few years ago. So getting involved in (if you’ll allow me) “writing jams” on forums, where lots of really cool, creative, and welcoming like minded people post their short stories was an elixir to my reading/writing hobby. This article, and the episode of Friends List, has made me want to tackle my gaming hobby in the same way. Thanks for the inspiration Danielle.


I hoped that ESO would cure me of my complete disinterest in MMO’s. Alas! It seems even my most beloved RPG franchise can not do this. At least this video gave me a few laughs. Thanks McEl-Bros! ; )


Yes they are indeed. Also Arthur is the snarkily editor and occasional host of Rebel FM, which is also great. Overall Polygon probably has the best editorial pool at “making the funny”.

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I’m all for this. TWA was a really good game, and as another “MGS geek”, Volume seems right up my alley.

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You might even say they’re… THE BEST at it… ; )

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