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It’s not that funny at all actually. It’s all based on money.
The vita fans are a small group and wouldn’t be enough to warrant a release. It wouldn’t have made money and would never have been made.
However, translating and remastering for home consoles would be worth the risk in terms of money.

From sony’s stand point it’s kind of dumb, since they want people to buy the Vita, and this would’ve been one of those games that might have shipped a few Vitas.
From Square’s point of view, this would be the smart thing to do. Less risk, more money.


It’s the same team and director that made FF7: Crisis Core. Not sure if you played that, but it also had action based combat. But it was a nice mix between action and turn-based imo.
It wasn’t like the crappy FF13.

So I’m hopeful that this will still be pretty nice, even though Turn-based would’ve been pretty great, especially considering it’s a game about a whole squad.

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It actually just got worse as the game kept going.
Since you get more party members the gameplay lets reeeally long and boring.
The first Disc was the best part, and if that was too much.. well the rest isn’t going to be enjoyable for you.

My advice is to google the Thousand Year Dream stuff at least. That was the best part of the game anyway.
The actual story doesn’t come close to those short-stories and the combat is terrible.

I love Sakaguchi and his games, but gameplaywise Blue and Lost weren’t that enjoyable. :/

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Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.. but how does spells work?
Is it the old Spells-per-day thing from DnD, shorter cooldowns or mana?


That’s pretty generous.. and pretty stupid.

I really can’t see how this would led to more sales.. Demos don’t increase sales unless it’s a game with bad marketing but good gameplay.. most games today are vice versa.

If I had Watchdogs for 24hours, i would’ve never have bought it.. It’s a game that started out horribly.. I still think it’s underwhelming, but now I think it has it’s moments.. but if I had a long demo.. never would’ve picked it up again.

If I had BF4 for 24 hours.. i would never ever have bought it. It’s just horrible.. enough said.

Forza? I would’ve enjoyed the pretty graphics and been done with it.

I can probably say this about every single Xbone title.. the only exception might be Tomb Raider.. but hey.. I’m gonna get to finish it for free now! sweet.


Well i like that they’ve taken away the shield. Forces me out of my comfort zone.
I hope the game keeps going with the in mind.

It’s also hard to judge a game when watching a good player.. since everything seems easy when you know how to counter a monster.

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I love demon’s souls… Dark souls was amazing, haven’t had the time to get 2 yet..
This game gives me mixed emotions.
One one hand.. it looks amazing. No shield and relaying on dodge seems scary, in a great way! :D

On the other hand.. the video feels like it’s going to reward button mashy behavior with with the health regain and what seems to be a focus in poise/stunlocking… idk..
I’m a little scared.

Looking forward though.

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So instead of thinking outside of the box and coming up with something original and different.. maybe something that could’ve worked and been different… we get Generic Jungle Map 1. sweet.

Oh well.. why be creative right.

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Good article.

I was actually thinking about Games and their approach to story-telling a few days ago.
It was around the time when I saw the news about Last of Us getting a theatrical re-creation. It got me thinking about an older article about a Japanese Developer that said that Western game developers approach games as movies, where as Japanese approach them more like a theatrical play.

I think their approach is the correct one. I don’t see games as a medium that should try to mimic Movies or Books. Because neither of those have the interactivity aspect that theater can actually have.
Sure there’s RP books or movies/series that can be voted into choosing a certain choice.. but that’s not really the same as an improvised theatrical play that is alive. An act between audience and actors, between Player and the Game.

I believe that an interactive play, is a healthier approach to making a game and it’s story. There are limits to a theatrical play and it also needs the audience to make a certain leap with their imagination.
No set, no props etc.

These could all be things that games could incorporate in order to get a certain “agency” within the game.

Could be something to delve into.
At least this is my approach whenever I design D&D adventures for my friends and whenever I think about game design.
Choice, consequence and the freedom to say No, but the game still keeps on living.
Those are the most important things to me.

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