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This story just makes me sad. Almost seems like people try their damned hardest to be offended over something.

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Ugh, my brain is dumb. I keep thinking Infinity Ward = Respawn and that this article was going to be about some Titanfall DLC that made fun of COD Ghosts…


Recent news has made me go from not caring about this at all to totally rooting for it…

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A “brand marketing producer” is exactly the person I don’t want quotes from.


This article fails to tell me who Riot games are, and I don’t know what projects this Microsoft Games studio guys has been on. Not entirely sure why I should care about their opinions without context.

I know I can Google it, but the second I’m in another tab I’m thinking about other articles that explain themselves.

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Put an “Xbox One” app/boot option in Windows 8.2 or 9 or whatever the next version leap is. That way the games are still exclusive to MS eco systems, and it expands their reach.

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