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Newbee played very well throughout and it’s a well deserved win but those finals were really disappointing to watch. They were too short and ended in GG’s instead of playing things out to the very end. Playing things out to the end last year is what made TI3 so exciting to watch, Na’Vi fought tooth and nail right to the end, pulling off some crazy stuff some and pushing back when they were on the verge of losing.

The TI4 finals just looked like both teams went in with a strategy for each game and if the strategy was failing by the 15-20 minute mark then they’d just give up.

Again, a well deserved win but it wasn’t exactly a spectacle and the loser brackets was really the shining part of the tournament. TI4 was very enjoyable to watch overall, I’d just have loved to have seen Vici pull things out to the end and try to come up with an unexpected strategy to at least make things look a bit more interesting.

It felt like things ended far too soon. I hope things are a little more exciting in TI5. Congrats to Newbee though, it’ll be interesting to see how winning over $5 million will affect the team and if they can make it back to the finals next year.

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Team Fortress, Portal, Portal 2, HL2 (and ep1 & 2), Alien Swarm, Left 4 Dead 2, CS: GO and DOTA2 all come to mind as Valve developed titles throughout the past 10 years. Seems like quite a lot to me. IceFrog works for Valve, at Valve with many other Valve employees working on DOTA2. Valve also owns and develops Steam and Steam OS.

Valve is very much a developer, how on earth did you think they were no longer a developer and just outsourced all their projects? You couldn’t be more wrong!


I highly doubt using standby will wear the console down more since they’re designed with that in mind just like many of our other devices these days. I prefer standby mode myself anyhow, the upsides with startup times, background updates and things like turning the console on with a voice command on the Xbox One are more than enough to justify it for me.

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Yeah some just prefer having them turned off. I prefer standby myself, the start up times and stuff are a big enough of an upside for me. I also like turning the console on with “Xbox On” too much.

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It could just be your Xbox, you should definitely update it and see if the issue is still there for you. My Xbox One is also perfectly silent on standby mode.


I’ve owned one for a about 2-3 months now and I feel it’s really worth it. The UI is great, making the console a pleasure to use, there’s some great apps, switching between games and apps is really smooth and there’s some pretty good games out for it. Games with Gold is a nice way of getting some extra games to play on there as well.

I would say though if you do plan on picking one up, either buy the version with a Kinect or buy the Kinect second hand somewhere since they seem to be cheap at the moment. The Kinect and voice commands are core to the Xbox One and they work very well. They really will be what makes everything come together and feel “next gen”.

I know many like to get stubborn about it but it really does work well and it’s just such a pleasant part of the console to use. You just tell your console to do something and it does it, you just step in front of it to sign in and with Gold you’ll be able to use Xbox Fitness which is actually pretty good.

There are a few downsides however. There’s some apps available on the 360 that are just completely missing on the Xbox One and if you like the Youtube app on the 360, prepare to absolutely hate the Xbox One version which really is just the worst. If you like to have the volume up high on your TV or there’s people speaking in the room while using the console then voice commands will start to falter and there’s not a huge selection of games at the moment.

There are some good games, great even but pretty much all of them are currently available on the 360 in some form. That doesn’t mean you should hold off but it is something to consider.

Back to positives, the battery life on the control pad is great and if you get a play and charge kit (or swap out rechargeable batteries if you already have those) then you’ll be set. I only have to recharge mine once a week if it gets constant use. Updates are released regularly and generally introduce changes and additions people were asking for.

There’s a bunch of games coming out towards the end of the year so that’s something to look forward to and the games that are out on the Xbox One at the moment should last you a few months. I’ve gone digital only with the Xbox One and currently I’ve purchased Garden Warfare, Titanfall and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on sale and obtained Spartan Assault, Guacamelee and Max the Curse of Brotherhood via Games with Gold and I’m pretty happy with them.

I think it’s worth it, I’m pretty happy with my Xbox One and it’s definitely not going unused. For you, it’s really going to depend on whether you think there’s enough there to keep you busy and happy until the Xbox One and current gen exclusives start getting released towards the end of the year.

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Is it worth it? What does that even mean?

It means, is it worth it? It absolutely is expensive, I don’t care if it’s cheaper than some other devices out there, spending hundreds of pounds/euros/dollars/etc on something is expensive. There are still games coming out on the 360 that aren’t being released on the Xbox One contrary to what you’re saying. Some of them being XBLA titles.

I wouldn’t just buy it on the thought that if I buy a console now, I’ll have more games for it sooner because if I wait and buy the console later, the console will be cheaper, the games that are out now will be cheaper and there will be more games out meaning I could just get the console and games I want cheaper and then not have to wait months for something else I’m interested in to be released.

I think the console is worth it and I’m enjoying using and playing the games I have for it so I’d say it’s definitely worth considering (I’ll post my thoughts on it below) but I just don’t feel those are good reasons to recommend buying one. I think there needs to be something more solid than “it’s cheaper than this device” and having hope for more games in future.


Yeah you’ll have been thinking of rotation along those axes vs input on those axes. Easy enough to forget how 3D space vs controls differ in axes, you just have to remember rotation vs input.


I think you have a real lack of understanding as to what the issue is. You can’t tell people to just stop caring about this sort of thing, that’s not something you should be expecting of them. These bigger events have a culture that leaves many feeling unsafe for reasons already mentioned. The rules at large don’t matter, they just stop people going way out of hand at which point someone working there will have to step in and stop it.

They don’t matter because many people making up those cultures just don’t care about them. They’ll still shout insults and harass people whenever they feel like it. Telling these people where to get to will do nothing and may even just result in worse behaviour.

It’d be great if people were more accepting and followed the rules but rules don’t change a culture, much more needs to be done to make a dent in it. It’d also be great if people feeling unsafe could just disregard their feelings and emotions and have the whole push back mentality but people shouldn’t be expected to travel and pay for an event just to go through all of that.

People go to these events to connect with people, go to panels, relax and just all around have a good time. If having an event such as the one in the article above is needed for people to simply be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about other people then a physical space is absolutely needed.

The whole reason this event worked so well is because it was fundamentally built on being welcoming and safe for everyone by people who believe those principles are vital. Anyone can go to the event but because of who (GLBT and pretty much any decent human beings) the event is aimed at, far far less of these people that make others feel unwelcome at other events will attend. It’s clear without even attending that those sorts of people won’t be welcome at this event.

There should be more events where people can go to feel welcomed and safe without having to worry about any sort of abuse or unwelcome atmosphere. These events shouldn’t simply disappear because there’s already other events and conventions out there with a few basic rules in place.

Please try to understand that not everyone can and has the will power to stick up for themselves, push back and power through busy conventions where people may harass and insult them. Feeling safe is more than a simple state of mind you can turn on and off. Everyone just wants to have a good time at these events and be themselves, nobody should be expected to attend them if they feel unsafe.


Gone instantly again!


Well that was quick, gone instantly!


It’s up for me.

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I’ve been talking about it on Twitter with a few people and it seems like it’d be well suited towards it. If they add that and let you display videos you’ve recorded, screencaps and so on they could have something great going on there. It’d lend itself to that podcast format much better and it’d make it much easier to cover a variety of topics.

Here’s hoping it’s added at some point. I wouldn’t get to use it, circumstances have meant I’ve decided to go away from the whole PS thing since the PS4 but I’d like to see people getting some features like this. There’s some Polynauts that have some good podcasts that’d fit a format like this well.

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Does Playroom have any online multiplayer functionality at all? It seems like this would be well suited to doing video podcasts with people from all over with these new additions.


This was a great read, it’s really interesting to get a better look at Techland and how they’re going about building their games. The near death stunt bit in particular sounded a bit insane. I’m a bit more interested in Dying Light now, it looks like a lot of work is going into it just to make it really fun.

One last thing, this is one of the nicest looking pages I’ve seen on Polygon. Great use of space, really nice design with a clean colour scheme. It made this feature all the better to read. I’d really like to see more features like this on here.


Garden Warfare is definitely worth the money. I bought it when it went on deal a month or two ago and I’ve had a great time with it. All updates are free, all content is free and you can have a lot of fun with all the game modes on offer.

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Well they will now!

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No, depression is a very real thing that male or female, many have to deal with. It’s not stereotyping emotions here, depression can be debilitating, it can completely stop you in your tracks if it gets bad enough. This game is a about a girl and some of the issues teenage girls have to deal with but many will be able to related to it regardless of gender.

Again, depressing is a thing many have to deal with and if you’ve never truly experienced it, there’s a long and dark path it can go down to the point where it can completely disable you and beyond. I think “If Gemma becomes overwhelmed, she doesn’t die, but falls to her knees and gives up, drowning in bad thoughts.” is an accurate enough way of showing that.

This game isn’t getting a pass, you’re trying to fit the sexist label where it doesn’t fit. You can’t just look at everything with "well this game features females and emotions, therefore sexist because this other game also featured both of these and was deemed sexist. You need to look at the context and content, they are key.

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