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I didn’t hear about this either. It makes me sad hearing about this, ilomilo was a great game.


That was a great read, I quite like the idea of this approach despite taking a different one myself. I’m not vastly overweight or anything but I definitely could do with losing a little and getting a bit fitter and luckily I’ve found something that works for me.

I can’t track and plan things out like that as I’ve found that just doesn’t work for me, I seem to just have to go for things. My approach differs in that I just pick a few things to help me get fitter and put them into a routine. My current one started over a year ago and I’ve changed it until it became a bit more manageable and more importantly, something I could stick with.

I get up at 6am, play Nike+ Kinect Training for a quick start session, track progress in the Kinect Training app and then I walk with a fairly quick pace on a treadmill for an hour, playing a game or watching a video while I do so.

My eating habits have improved quite a bit as well but the biggest change in my mindset came from the realisation that many of us are really just eating recreationally these days. We don’t need a lot of what we eat, we’re just doing it as a past time. That took away most of the appeal it had before so I cook my own stuff and just eat what I need these days.

One great thing about doing this kind of thing is, regardless of what approach you take, you really do notice the changes yourself. I’ve found myself to be much more motivated, my moods have improved and I’m able to focus much better.

I’m passionate about games, I’ve wanted to develop them for a while and I’ve even studied games development at uni but I’ve struggled with motivation which I need to improve my skills and work towards my plans. I’ve gained that from getting healthier over the past few months.

I’m now racing to improve my skills with Unity as much as I can over the next 20 days so I can hopefully reach the point where I feel happy enough to have a go at entering the Public Domain jam. I’ve a public domain work in mind and an idea of what sort of game I want to make so it’s really just relying on me to put my head down for 20 days to gain the skills I need.

This motivation partly comes from me taking a different approach to things in general but I doubt I’d have taken that approach and gained the rest of the motivation if I hadn’t decided to get fitter. I thought I’d post this as I think it’s quite interesting how you can approach this sort of topic in quite a few different ways by revolving all or part of it around the idea of games.


That’s exactly what I scrolled down to ask about. Game Jam games and such are still games so it’d be nice to see.


I know you’re joking but the Flappy Jam actually is a thing. There’s a lot of entries and a few gems in there from what I hear so it may be worth a look if you’re interested.

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The game banks on your attachment to your characters (each of which is different with their own levels and abilities), using permadeath to really make you take in the atmosphere and make it feel like you’re surviving. I dread going into situations where I know my character could die, I’ve had that panic of near death just knowing it’s permanent in this game.

It’s really what encourages stealth in this game and makes everything that much more tense. It’s worrying when you’re sneaking around at night and you see a huge horde moving towards where you need to cross to get somewhere and little group of zombies to the left spots you. One wrong move or decision and it could result in a deadly situation with having an entire horde after me.

The game is about more than being scary though. The characters stories, the main story, base management, collecting resources, missions, surviving and exploring are all good parts of it. All of it coming together is what makes it fun for me.

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Children of the Seven Stars is the first and only of two Conception titles to make it out of Japan

Is right there at the top of the review. I wouldn’t expect to see a reviewer who has played the first one unless it’s on a site dedicated to these sort of games. I don’t think that matters anyhow, a sequel should still be able to stand on its own.

but others (like the boob bounce) are in many (MANY! shakes head, wether we like it or not) games, so it comes across as being bias.

Something being normal for one type of game doesn’t mean it should just get a free pass because of it. If it’s seen as a negative aspect of the game then it should be taken as such.

In sort people want a review by someone who’s use to this style and since it was done by a reviewer whom obviously isn’t use to this kind of game they want one that is. I think people are expecting Polygon reviews to be done by someone who’s use to the style of game they’re reviewing.

I really don’t understand having issues with the game play and some issues such as eroticised under age characters means the review isn’t used to this sort of game. You don’t have to be used to something to accept it and taking issue with something doesn’t mean you’re not used to it.

There were points brought up for both that are perfectly valid. People who play a lot of games of one genre can definitely take issue with games in those genres even if these issues are present in a lot of those games.


Wireless 360 pads work great but the problem is you need a wireless adapter for using them on PC and finding them is pretty hard since MS stopped producing them a while back.

There are third party wireless adapters out there but they all seem to be the cheap knock off variety so I’d advise avoiding them outright. I’ve had a few of them and the either come with a problem out of the box or they last a few uses and then start to die. Windows 8 is great for drivers but there is a chance you may have to manually assign drivers to them as well.

Wireless pads work great and I’d advise going for one if you prefer it and can find an official wireless adapter but a wired 360 pad is your best bet. It’s not worth trying the knock offs and some disguise themselves in listings as official adapters. If you do find a legit official wireless adapter then give me a shout, I’ve been after one of those for a while.

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Smite goes some ways towards this. You can chat with team mates but you can also just mute everyone in game and communicate with everyone via voice commands. You cannot chat with the enemy team at any stage other than the post game lobby. The community is fairly friendly in general but you can do this at the start of games and avoid the chance of encountering those types that ruin it for everyone.

You tap V and a little menu appears that allows you to quickly select categories and then voice commands that everyone on your team will hear. It’s a much faster way of communicating and it’s generally a bit friendlier than text chat as the most negative command is “Curses!”. There’s commands for saying “Nice Job”, “Sorry”, “Thanks”, “No Problem”, “You Rock” and so on as well as many that actually revolve around teamwork and specific tasks.

It helps nicely when playing with people speaking other languages as well as people tend to understand the voice commands. As a nice little extra, you can get voice packs for gods and if you own one for the god you’re playing as, the voice for those commands will be of that god.


I liked the change myself, I think it’d have felt too familiar if they’d stuck with the style of music from the previous games. I love Marty’s take on the Halo theme but I did feel it was time for a change by the time Halo 4 came around.


This has AA on sale though along with dlc and another game or two on sale. You also get to keep the stuff you buy when your sub expires. Free game is nice but positives and negatives on both sides.


I disagree that TVs wont’ be feasible in a few decades, maybe a dedicated TV won’t be feasible but screen with more features and uses will definitely be around then. Multitasking, having something on the background, getting at a glance information while doing something, having a local social gaming experience where you can just look up at someone, watching stuff as a group and so on.

I don’t think we’ll see screens go away even in a century or two. Our reliance on them may decrease, we may have more options and preferences but the utility and usefulness a screen provides alone will be worth keeping them around.

I do however agree that in 20 years we may see much more widespread use of virtual reality. We will probably have more virtual reality documentaries (Sir David Attenborough is making one of those as we type) and possibly TV shows and movies. I think for sure we’ll see this integrated into a live and post podcast format along with other sorts of shows and videos.

I think it’ll be much more integrated into gaming and possibly using computers. I could make something such as Skype that much better and playing as a group in games could be that much more immersive. Imagine the MMOs we’re going to be getting at some point (this is both an amazing and scary thought) with the sort of immersion we can’t get now.

It’ll probably be much more accepted and maybe even expected to have one of these in your living room and/or desk. VR headsets will be much more affordable, the tech will be better and I imagine, less bulky.

I may just want to sit down and have my TV on in the distance while eating or doing something else. I’ll still want my screen for general PC usage and talking to friends. I will however want VR as an option whenever I like. I will sometimes want to get lost in a nature documentary or film, feeling like I’m there or be in the front seat while playing a game. I’ll want to enjoy relaxed conversations with friends throughout the world and be in the audience for a podcast.

I won’t always want to use this but I definitely will often enough. This won’t replace TVs and screens outright but it will be a great alternative. I think a lot of people are getting caught up in the replacing part rather than the chance for this to get fairly close.


They may be US based but the US may not be their focus if ISPs have a strong enough hold to prevent something like this from taking off. I’d say anyways that with how tech is moving and how fast it’s moving, especially in when it comes to to internet usage that there’s eventually going to be a breaking point in the US with regards to what ISPs can get away with.

They’re already holding many areas back from being able to make use of new innovative technology and this is only going to get worse as time goes on. Europe is right there next to it where this is nowhere near as much of an issue and where people can take advantage of new technology.

There’s going to be a point where people in the EU are taking advantage of technology the US ISPs won’t allow and essentially living a bit in the future. They’ll be able to directly compare the US ISPs with those of the EU and the rules in place and something will have to happen to enforce proper infrastructure, rules and competition in the US.

If it keeps going down that road then it’s really unavoidable because they’ll eventually be holding an entire country back. If something like these VR rooms take off then the US will get it eventually. It may just rely on waiting from a when push comes to shove scenario.

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It’ll be interesting to see what games come from this.

“by growing internal its internal game development arm”

Was internal supposed to be there twice? :P The quote feature on the site seems to be broken btw.

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MS did change the world, not just the industry they were working in. I’d just look it up if you can’t see it.

Also, this:
“Not curing cancer.”

That’s not relevant, at all. You can change the world without solving a specific issue. If you have to cure cancer and poverty to change the world then the world hasn’t changed once during its existence.

You can’t just invalidate something like this because it doesn’t fit your view of what changing the world should involve. That’s a very narrow view to have.

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I completely disagree with the point about it not being intuitive with keyboard and mouse. One of the main reason I love using Windows 8 is how easy and natural it feels to us keyboard and mouse with everything and how much better gestures and hot corners make things.

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