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I liked the change myself, I think it’d have felt too familiar if they’d stuck with the style of music from the previous games. I love Marty’s take on the Halo theme but I did feel it was time for a change by the time Halo 4 came around.


This has AA on sale though along with dlc and another game or two on sale. You also get to keep the stuff you buy when your sub expires. Free game is nice but positives and negatives on both sides.


I disagree that TVs wont’ be feasible in a few decades, maybe a dedicated TV won’t be feasible but screen with more features and uses will definitely be around then. Multitasking, having something on the background, getting at a glance information while doing something, having a local social gaming experience where you can just look up at someone, watching stuff as a group and so on.

I don’t think we’ll see screens go away even in a century or two. Our reliance on them may decrease, we may have more options and preferences but the utility and usefulness a screen provides alone will be worth keeping them around.

I do however agree that in 20 years we may see much more widespread use of virtual reality. We will probably have more virtual reality documentaries (Sir David Attenborough is making one of those as we type) and possibly TV shows and movies. I think for sure we’ll see this integrated into a live and post podcast format along with other sorts of shows and videos.

I think it’ll be much more integrated into gaming and possibly using computers. I could make something such as Skype that much better and playing as a group in games could be that much more immersive. Imagine the MMOs we’re going to be getting at some point (this is both an amazing and scary thought) with the sort of immersion we can’t get now.

It’ll probably be much more accepted and maybe even expected to have one of these in your living room and/or desk. VR headsets will be much more affordable, the tech will be better and I imagine, less bulky.

I may just want to sit down and have my TV on in the distance while eating or doing something else. I’ll still want my screen for general PC usage and talking to friends. I will however want VR as an option whenever I like. I will sometimes want to get lost in a nature documentary or film, feeling like I’m there or be in the front seat while playing a game. I’ll want to enjoy relaxed conversations with friends throughout the world and be in the audience for a podcast.

I won’t always want to use this but I definitely will often enough. This won’t replace TVs and screens outright but it will be a great alternative. I think a lot of people are getting caught up in the replacing part rather than the chance for this to get fairly close.


They may be US based but the US may not be their focus if ISPs have a strong enough hold to prevent something like this from taking off. I’d say anyways that with how tech is moving and how fast it’s moving, especially in when it comes to to internet usage that there’s eventually going to be a breaking point in the US with regards to what ISPs can get away with.

They’re already holding many areas back from being able to make use of new innovative technology and this is only going to get worse as time goes on. Europe is right there next to it where this is nowhere near as much of an issue and where people can take advantage of new technology.

There’s going to be a point where people in the EU are taking advantage of technology the US ISPs won’t allow and essentially living a bit in the future. They’ll be able to directly compare the US ISPs with those of the EU and the rules in place and something will have to happen to enforce proper infrastructure, rules and competition in the US.

If it keeps going down that road then it’s really unavoidable because they’ll eventually be holding an entire country back. If something like these VR rooms take off then the US will get it eventually. It may just rely on waiting from a when push comes to shove scenario.

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It’ll be interesting to see what games come from this.

“by growing internal its internal game development arm”

Was internal supposed to be there twice? :P The quote feature on the site seems to be broken btw.

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MS did change the world, not just the industry they were working in. I’d just look it up if you can’t see it.

Also, this:
“Not curing cancer.”

That’s not relevant, at all. You can change the world without solving a specific issue. If you have to cure cancer and poverty to change the world then the world hasn’t changed once during its existence.

You can’t just invalidate something like this because it doesn’t fit your view of what changing the world should involve. That’s a very narrow view to have.

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I completely disagree with the point about it not being intuitive with keyboard and mouse. One of the main reason I love using Windows 8 is how easy and natural it feels to us keyboard and mouse with everything and how much better gestures and hot corners make things.


Is it just me or is the frame rate for the gameplay in that video pretty bad? It doesn’t even look smooth. The only time the frame rate was smooth was inbetween showing gameplay clips near the start.


Who needs that?!

If players are getting bored, they’re not having fun. If players are getting bored playing your game then you’ve done something wrong. This stuff has practical, real time use as well so I’m not quite sure you’re taking issue with this.

I’ll also argue that the games industry is every growing, it’s constantly improving as time goes on. This soft of stuff doesn’t even come close to destroying it.


Nope, give it time with Gearbox. The only decent games they can put out are Borderlands games. Everything else is beyond awful. Borderlands 3 will be announced at some point, possibly a little after this game has been out and received all its dlc support.


Yeah. Playing in any loot based games with random people is unbearable really. It’s bad enough with friends with the occasional person that has to get to all loot first and then the odd time when you all want the same bit of loot.


They probably want to make another few over hyped games that are beyond awful, dismiss criticism wait until people start to forget about them before announcing Borderlands 3 so they can get a bit of an ego boost.


If they do get emulation working then your physical copies should work just fine as they do now on the 360. As for their digital library, I’m pretty sure games would be the same price as they are on the 360 Store.

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You mean too late for you. My PS4 is getting sold very soon and I’ll be going the way of PC. If MS get emulation for Xbox 360 games working on the Xbox One then I’ll find it hard to resist purchasing one. It would mean I could play my 360 titles and the newer Xbox One games without having to switch consoles and I wouldn’t have to choose between playing a 360 game and talking to a friend on the One.

If they got older codec support for allowing chat with Xbox 360 users that’d be great too but even if they didn’t, just being able to jump into some 360 games with a few friends on the One after we’d played a bit of Titanfall would be great.

I wouldn’t call this little, the Xbox One’s library would basically be vastly expanded on release if they manage it. Sure they’re Xbox 360 games but if I’m able to play them on an Xbox One then that’s more games I can play on the Xbox One.

The cross buy stuff with Sony is nice but it’s only useful if you have more than one of their platforms. They also have absolutely awful customer support so if you run into an issue and it doesn’t directly relate to your warranty then you’re screwed (guess why I’m getting rid of my PS4).

Emulation like this would be huge. Most people haven’t purchased a current gen console yet so it’d be a pretty big incentive to stick with the same platform and people new to the platform would be able to jump in and play the exclusives they missed last gen.

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Yeah like Valve is going to give him a cease and desist over a fan project he’s not making money from. Also hobbies, people have them. Not everyone wants to turn every interest they have into a money grab.


I’d like to see you give this a go but I’d still like something spoiler free so I know if it’s worth my time looking into and potentially picking up at some point. Something like a spoiler free summary or tiny review at the top that talks a little about things without really delving into the story and a warning just below that which explains anything below including the comments will contain spoilers.

I’m not sure how feasible it’d be to have a sort of tabbed style for that with one side being the summary/tiny review with separate comments for that with clicking a button or something at the top switching the the longer, spoiler filled review that takes a good look at the story which is really the main part of these games.

I feel like some way for people to view a small spoiler free review or summary is needed because people are just going to see that it’s a review, click on it and then have the game or at least part of it spoiled for them.

Shaun’s idea seems like a pretty good way of doing things anyhow although for me, it’d be pretty interesting if these were perhaps separate pages or something working like the tabbed style I was talking about above so each chapter could maybe have a review if people want to have a look over and talk about them individually instead of a huge stream of comments that start to spoil previous episodes the further down you go.

It could allow you to have an overview or complete review that then looks at the game as a whole and allows you to discuss particular episodes that let down or bring up the whole experience. As another plus, it’d work well layout wise for organising the spoiler free summaries and the full reviews.

I’m honestly not sure how feasible that tabbed idea for the separate full reviews and summaries would be considering it sounds like it’d be a lot of work to both set up and update but at least as a concept it sounds good imo. One thing it does immediately make me think of with this way is that I’d be coming to the site to look at the summaries/little reviews before I play the game and then I’d be coming back after finishing an episode to look at a more in depth look at the story and have a discussion about it.

I like the sound of what you want to do with this but the main thing for me is that you have something for those who don’t want it spoiled and a warning that spoilers are contained below if the expanded review that looks at the story is on the same page.

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