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Get both if you can but if you can only buy one, I’d suggest going with the Master Chief collection. The Halo games have pretty good stories, the campaigns have a good length and are very much replayable and the game play varies greatly between each title so everything will be kept fresh when you progress from one game to the next.

The competitive multiplayer also varies greatly between titles and allow you to create custom game types and at the very least in this collection, Halo 3 and 4 have forge mode which is a limited map editor that allows you to build your own maps on top of existing maps or just create interesting variants.

4 player split screen co-op and online multiplayer is supported as well meaning you’ll be set for whatever your multiplayer preferences are. Complimenting this, the campaigns and Halo 4’s co-op mode can all be played perfectly well in single player or co-op and at least Halo 3 and 4 will allow 4 player co-op in the campaigns. You can mix things up further by enabling skulls which are modifiers to the game such as AI difficulty or requiring you to melee enemies to recharge your shields.

The collection will also help tie the 4 games together with additional cinematics and bits of story and this will all help set things up for Halo 5.

You’ll get the most out of your money with the collection, it lets you keep things fresh and everything is fun to replay. Destiny isn’t a bad game either, I quite enjoyed the beta.

The main concerns with Destiny at the moment is the level cap seems to be level 20 which won’t take long at all to hit, missions in beta were very repetitive for the most part and many are concerned that the number of explorable areas announced for the full game won’t be enough to keep people busy for long. The multiplayer also isn’t as balanced or really as solid as the multiplayer in the Halo collection. What it does well however is let you make your own story. You’ll have unique experiences in Destiny that you can tell to others.

So once again, both if you can but I think the Halo collection is the best choice at the end of the year if you’re only going to buy one. At the very least if you don’t like one, you could sell it on and purchase the other.


I’m quite happy to hear about this. My PC isn’t capable of giving acceptable performance with this game so I had to miss out on it there. I’ll be looking forward to this.

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Well the great thing about it is if all publishers go this route, you can look at the publisher you tend to purchase games from the most or at least the one with the most games that appeal to you and just go with that. If they stick to similar pricing and you’re interested in a few then it’s basically half the cost of a game each for a library of games from each publisher.

I do agree that things could get a bit messy if everyone jumps on this but for me that just means more competition, more choice and more games for me.

What I disagree with is that EA games will suffer on PSN. The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, it’s selling insanely well. Their service doesn’t have a place on the PS4 and I can’t see EA giving preferential treatment to the Xbox One to the extent where EA cut off all discounts and free games from PSN. I still expect to see deals on EA games outside of this service on the Xbox One.

They will want to promote it but I don’t think they’ll take the chance of annoying over half of their potential audience on the PS4. Maybe they will and I’m prepared to be wrong on this but I think things will stay as is with them on the PS4.

I respect your opinion on it anyhow. I’m just someone who likes seeing all these crazy things happen and having more options, even if it doesn’t always turn out as well as I hoped.

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I’d say that helps but online multiplayer being mandatory for most games will definitely have played a huge role here.

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I cut out half of it because it retains the context without it and keeps in what I’m addressing, I found the rest of it unnecessary. I also completely disagree, their prices are ridiculous and there’s been many articles reporting on their current prices. While value is subjective, I feel EA are giving people more for their money.

As it is, they’re basically saying EA Access isn’t good value, that it isn’t worth the subscription cost. I think a more tactful way of going about this would be to simply say they’ve no plans to bring this to the PS4 and maybe that they don’t feel it fits the platform.

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I think it could compliment PS Plus unless they’re planning on adding another tier that includes a similar service, which they should be doing. For PS Now though, that’s only available to potential customers with a connection that’s consistently good enough to handle streaming games at a high enough quality. For many, PS Now is going to be a service they can’t use and many simply won’t want to stream their games over playing them locally.

EA Access is a nice middle ground and it could at least allow Sony to make some money from it. I’d hope they’re working on a comparable service for this because if they’re not, they’re passing up on a nice middle ground between the services they currently offer.

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Yep, it makes sense for some and not for others. It all depends on personal preference and buying habits. Value isn’t something that can be dictated.


Here’s hoping they do that and give the subscription a reasonable price then. They should absolutely be making changes like this before they try talking down something else for doing something similar to what they’re doing only with better pricing.

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Maybe not for you but it makes perfect sense for me. 3 out of the 4 games available at the moment are games I cannot find for the Xbox One less than £20 (hard to find prices near that tbh) which is the price for a year’s worth of EA Access. I own none of these games and I wasn’t going to buy any of them but I’ll be happy to play them to help with game droughts.

I’m going all digital this gen so this keeps in line with that and since I tend to only buy games when they go on sale because I don’t want to pay £50-£60 per game, I’m not buying games all the time for my Xbox One. I get through my games quickly and then I only have a couple of multiplayer games to keep me going till the next game.

This along with Games with Gold will keep me playing games, stopping me from getting bored between new game purchases. I’ll also get to try games I wouldn’t have even considered otherwise. Early access to games and trials 5 days before they’re released will let me get a hands on with games and decide if I want it or not while still being able to get in on preorder bonuses if for whatever reason there’s a game I decide I want a physical copy of, maybe for a limited edition of whatever. The 10% discount on games, dlc and microtransactions is a nice little bonus as well.

£20 a year for that makes perfect sense for me. It already has value and the library of games is going to expand as time goes on. Things may not end up being great in the long run and if that happens, I’ll abandon it but for now, it’s got enough value for me to make the leap.

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I’m not convinced they’re scared but even if they see it as a legitimate competitor to PS Now then I just think there’s far better ways they could have gone about the whole thing. They’ve just made themselves look petty with this and I don’t think they’re fooling anyone.

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The current prices on the beta for PS Now are a pretty good indication of how they’ll be going about this. They could change it but as far as I’m aware, they’ve kept the prices as is despite there being a bit of a backlash towards them so I’m not terribly optimistic about it.

Regardless of whether they change it or not, both services are in beta so I feel it’s appropriate to compare how both companies are going about things. As it is, Sony seem a bit petty talking down the value of this whilst their PS Now prices are extortionate.

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I talked about this on Twitter but I find this funny coming from them with how they’re going about PS Now.

“We don’t think asking our fans to pay an additional $5 a month… represents good value to the PlayStation gamer.”

This seems like a very strange response to me when PS Now is asking for money on top of or at least separately from PS Plus and has such ridiculously high prices. I would have thought no response or something simpler such as “we have no current plans to bring this to PS4” would have sufficed. It’d certainly have looked a lot better than the response they’ve given.


I hope Nordic Games steps in here and offers the former Crytek USA aka the former Vigil Games staff new jobs if not just turning them into a new studio yet again and sets them back to working on Darksiders. They seemed interested in making a new Darksiders game before, what better team to get working on a new one than the people who made the first two?

It’s great Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical are being taken care of by Deep Silver so I’d love the same to happen to the USA team. It’d be a real shame for all that talent to be split up.

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Tbh it’s not so much of a problem for me because there’s a great deal of EA games I won’t purchase until they’re on sale or at all. I’m also finishing every game I own this gen meaning I’m left with long periods of having no new games to sink my teeth into. Sure, I can go back and play the multiplayer games I own since replayability is what those games are about but often enough I want to be able to switch between more than a couple of titles that I’ve already played a bunch of a time.

Something like this suits me quite well, I can play games I wouldn’t have bought otherwise, I can try games I’d never have considered before and it’s going to help with the game droughts we tend to get every year. EA are going to be getting money for content that probably wouldn’t have been a sale otherwise and it’s sure to drive interest up for certain titles on the service which in turn will likely make more people want to buy the next instalment in the series when it’s released.

At the moment the catalogue is pretty small, it’s hardly impressive. It is however going to grow and gain value as time goes on. If EA really does want to become the Netflix of gaming with this service then they could expand this to cover Xbox 360 titles. EA has so many games released on the platform both new and old that the value of EA Access would skyrocket.

We don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing with it yet but I have faith that they’ll be at least providing something worthwhile, even if they stick to this service being exclusive to the Xbox One. What’s there isn’t amazing at the moment but I don’t expect it to be with it only entering beta today. What is there however is enough for me to go with it for a while so I’m going to go with it for a year.

If it goes horribly wrong then I’ll be the first to complain about it but for now, it’s worth my £20.


I got my invite so I’m giving this a go for a year. It’s not amazing at the moment but what is there and what EA will be doing with it is enough for me to go with it for a while. I’m sort of lacking in games for my Xbox One at the moment, having finished the ones I own so this seems like it’ll help me inbetween the bigger releases that I’m not willing to wait on such as the Halo collection at the end of the year and perhaps Destiny.

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If there’s a game I really want, I’m probably going to pick it up anyhow so I get immediate access and know that if I let my sub expire, I’ll still have the game after. One of the things I’m interested in finding out is whether the 10% off games, dlc and microtransactions stacks on top of sales.


Small update: I transferred my retail version of the GOTY edition to the Steam version. It’s a really painless task to do. It does strike me as a bit odd that you don’t need a key to redeem the full version of the game on Steam, just the disk. The key is only required for dlc and the GOTY edition content.


Nice, I got the first and the last of those free as well from EA. That doesn’t matter though, everyone has their own preferences and they’re not always going to align with one another.

I’m a PC gamer and a console gamers, I’ll likely be taking EA up on this offer. I don’t want to play everything on a PC, I’ve more than enough games on there as it is. Sometimes I want to sit at my desk and play a game on PC and sometimes I just want to sit back and relax with a game on my TV.


No thanks, I’ll stick to the cheaper and more private option of sticking to my home and using a fitness app with a console I already own. I have no desire to lift heave weights, it is entirely useless for me.

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Oh nice, I’ve got the retail version of Borderlands so this’ll be useful for me. Thanks for the heads up!

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