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I took the time to write the above to show how easy it is to turn around everything someone points out as “my system is the bestest!”

I honestly don’t know how you jumped to those conclusions from those two comments. If anything I just see you trying to discredit Average Gamers opinions.


Not really Titanfall is on PC

How does that make a difference when we’re talking about two consoles?

Halo isn’t Bungie anymore so will be awful

Any plans to back this up with… anything? 343 has some people who were originally at Bungie and they geared themselves up to take over Halo with taking over from Bungie with Halo reach a while after release, they developed Halo Anniversary and they made their first entry to the series with Halo 4 which was a pretty damn good game.

Halo is in pretty good hands, we’ve got the Master Chief collection coming soon and Halo 5 to look forward to next year. They know the lore, the gameplay and what makes Halo, Halo inside out. I’d say it’s going to get better if anything.

Destiny will be pretty good I’m sure and the campaign feels a little like Reach but Destiny isn’t Halo. They’re going to offer different experiences from one another.


I hate that Youtube did this as well, they’ve made the voice experience on Xbox One near enough non-existent and it’s worse for users. I think MS let this one slip by because Google probably refused to put the app on the platform unless MS allowed it.


Why do you pay for access to PS Plus? Are you getting what you paid for? If so that’s all that matters. We don’t need to know specifically where all the money people pay them goes, that question does not need to be answered.

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The proverbial ship that processing power makes better games sailed a very, very, very long time ago.

Processing power can actually make better games just as restrictions and worse hardware can force creativity. If you have more resources available for your game to use then you can do more with a game. You have more space to optimise, you can support a wider range of visual styles, you can have bigger levels, you can have creative games that couldn’t run on worse hardware, you can support additional features and so on.

Like it or not, hardware does make a huge difference. Developers see this, consumers see this. I’d love Nintendo to be doing far better with the Wii U but between it’s hardware being more comparable with last gen consoles and it’s online network and infrastructure severely lacking, it’s an uphill battle.

From where I’m sitting, it’s one less lowest-common-denominator annual shovelware designed almost exclusively for adolescent boys sitting on the shelf taking attention away from games that are actually worth people’s time and money. But bullshit is bullshit, and their treatment of the console very much is bullshit, and so should be the given appropriate response.

This just tells me you don’t actually have an argument here and thus choose to insult the people who play these games and the people who make them instead. Call of Duty titles are actually pretty good in quality, people are just used to them. They have a basic formula that works and they make additions, changes and tweaks with every game along with new weapons, maps, campaigns and co-op modes.

Up till now, they’ve been on a 2 year development cycle with huge teams and that’s now moved to 3 year development cycles. These games take a lot of time, people and effort to develop and they have to keep their playerbase as close to a whole as possible, happy whilst making it appealing for newer players. People love these games and a lot of effort goes into them, they are not even close to being shovelware.

Advanced Warfare not being released on the Wii U is actually a blow to the platform if anything. It doesn’t doom the platform but if the most popular shooter in the world is skipping a platform them it looks a little like the publisher is backing away from supporting the platform.

You don’t get to decide what is and isn’t worth peoples time and money, that’s for them to decide. You get to have your opinion but you should at least try to be a little more tactful about it.


It looks ugly and I generally find doing that sort of thing to be distracting along with the added risk of the cable being bumped and the external dropping off. I’ve got cats and there’s a small dog that likes to race around the house so it makes that risk all the more risky.

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It’s handy to have that option but Id rather be able to just swap in a bigger HDD and be done with it instead of trying to find space to put an external d rive.

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