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I am an aspiring web developer currently job hunting. I have a passion for all things technology, especially video games, and love my family, life, and my beautiful wife. (no rhyming intended!)

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If they release a forth (which I bet they will) it will probably be a blue Toad themed remote. Daisy or Rosalina might be options as well.

My vote would be for a yellow and purple Wario Wiimote but I think that would be unlikely. A Yoshi one would be cool too but since Luigi’s is already green I can’t see them doing that one.

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Just a thought, why not hold the convention in a different city or state. California is notorious for there sky high prices. I understand San Francisco is a natural choice because of its size and has one of the most diverse groups of people, but maybe if they branched out they may be able to reach a wider audience. They could change cities every year to reach that potential or find a different (less expensive) city to permanently host.

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All of these games are worth the price, even NSMB2, which I’ve enjoyed more than the console versions.


I agree it seems very high, and I can’t find anything backing my claim so I’m going to classify it as wishful thinking on my part.

Now that I think about it, I think I was remembering Sakurai talk about how Brawl featured 39 characters and that he didn’t want to surpass that number. How I got 48 or of that I have no idea! Haha

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I remember Sakurai confirming that there would be 48 fighters total. I could be way off base, but I feel like I remember that being a fairly early confirmation, like when Mega Man and those characters were announced.

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