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Changes nothing about the fact that this isn’t really Polygon material and indeed just a filling ad for a friend/relative. Or is your conclusion that having an opinion is forbidden just because they were open about it?

Regarding the bitching: You have certainly taken it far further than I did.

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So the “full disclosure” suggests that this isn’t really usual news (or ‘culture’) material for Polygon, but had to be covered as a bro service?


But in one year every possible photo and image from any angle will have been tweeted at least twice already! Could you justify bothering your followers? ;)


As I already said, that requires you to know that you own a specific game. I don’t know about you, but I have far more than 1,000 entries in my download list and own more than 200 PS games. It really isn’t too much requested to see my content in one practical library.

But Sony’s store is so bad, when you get in there and try to list all PS4 games (not those that you own, just all digital games that are playable on the PS4), it won’t succeed to show you all of them. At least not in Europe.

47 hits, but it won’t manage to list me Sound Shapes, for example. And many other titles too. If you don’t remember that you own a game, Sony won’t make it easy for you.

Nope, I stand by it. Nice job that Sony does it better than Nintendo, but they are far from being a praiseworthy role model.

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Oh, it is better than Nintendo’s system. True. But that’s not really an achievement, or?
And maybe you consider it “minor”, I say that Ben’s claim

I can log into my PlayStation Network account and see every game and piece of content I’ve ever purchased or tried from the PlayStation 3 and PSP onwards, and I can do so from any device, or even my smart phone or tablet. Sony has mastered this aspect of its business, even if the Vita is struggling in sales. bq.

is not true. Especially not that Sony ‘mastered’ it. Having to scroll painfully, page by page, through hundred of entries, is not an example for having mastered an account / store system. Steam managed that, Sony isn’t even close.

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I’m surprised that you mention Sony, as a competitor who does it better. How so Ben?
For years customers demand a library, just as Steam has, instead of the infamous ‘download list’. Nothing really happened.

PS3 and Vita still are burdened with a list of ALL your downloads ever, including demos and whatever else. And with no option to sort, filter, categorize or search within your content.
PS4 finally has a library tab, but it isn’t really providing the service that we’d expect. You won’t see all your earlier cross-buy purchases for example. And what value has a library function if it isn’t complete?
Imagine if you had to remember what you own on Steam or had to find by pure luck or randomly surfing the store. Nope, Sony is far from having achieved a satisfying account & store system.

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Your view is a good example that Twitter is indeed what the users make out of it. I have maybe 2 who rarely post cat gifs. I barely find silly stuff in my TL, but I’m also not confronted with the negative parts. So yes, my timeline is so reliable that I can take Twitter serious.

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Ahem, what prevents you from speaking in images on Twitter? You can tweet images, even more than one per tweet or animated GIFs .

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Do you just wonder about journalists? Sports and politics journalists are afaik at least as well connected and active on Twitter, as games journalists.


Well, I’m glad that I managed to contribute positive feedback via Twitter once or twice Chris. :)
I’m in the wonderful position that 99,9% of my Twitter exchanges are at least civilized. Had nothing yet that blocking wouldn’t have solved. I must admit though, that I don’t share private data or work related stuff, so it is naturally easier.
Nevertheless Twitter is usually what you make out of it. I couldn’t be happier with the people I follow, or my own followers.

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