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You forgot the very first Velocity, which was one of those Mini titles for the PSP/PS3


How would you want to order your games? Ah, you probably meant "sort your games?"

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Hehe, it is good that you clarified that you didn’t see me in that corner. ;)

Yeah, I don’t get most of the problems that people willingly create and enforce on large parts of the community and industry either.

Do people really believe that games never change? Why do others imagine that some people might think that games never change – or never should change?

Hardware changes, the way we play changes, the genres we play change, genres itself change – why exactly would or should anyone believe, that how we present and tell stories in games, are the only factor to resist change? And why should change necessarily be bad?

We might see less “damsel in distress” type stories in the future, but we’d still get them.
I’d like to compare that with Western films. Westerns aren’t as popular as they were in the 40s-60s, but you still see them.
And some are greater than anything that you have seen 50 years earlier, simply because absolutely everything about them improved. They can’t follow the same bland story patterns as before.

There is absolutely no loss if we see less cheap damsel in distress stories and and less bland brothel / violence to women scenarios. If those elements are pointless and meaningless, we won’t register their loss.
Not that they are in danger to be lost.
Some developers will still go the easiest path and use those elements in their most simple form. Some will try to improve those elements. Some will fail, some achieve decent results.

And from time to time a genius game director or story writer might appear, a Kevin Costner or Quentin Tarantino, and enrich or reinvent those classical elements, leading them to new stellar results.

Diversity is win. Change is win. Nothing will be lost, just reinvented and rethought, with better results for everyone. Tragic.

Sorry if I wrote bs that doesn’t make any sense. Foreign language and it’s past midnight. I probably shouldn’t post in my current condition but I can’t resist. ;)

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I don’t think that it was the task of this article to represent arguments from several sides and I don’t really see Plante condemning everyone who disagrees with Anita, Tim & Co.

But you are right that too often opposing voices are stigmatized by being thrown together with the worst kind of characters, resulting in a cheap attempt to discredit every opposition.
I’d welcome it too if we’d see some fairer approach, it certainly would help to calm down all that current hysteria & madness.

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I made the mistake and watched that “thunderf00t” stuff … oh my goodness. Is that seriously the “big lie” they are talking about?

And no, seeing Princess Peach in her tower won’t make you a sexist. But giving women a better balanced treatment in games, could be one massive factor to influence how boys see and treat women. Or how girls see their own gender and role in the society. Next to how women are represented in all other media too.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’d still want my damsel in distress too. But I want variety.
And if I had to chose, I’d favor to get more of Rhianna Pratchett’s Lara Croft any day.

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You are right. And I also question the professionality of such people, when they are outright hostile and insulting and don’t really care if they are leading by bad example.

Sometimes it almost seems if some consider it a competition, attempting to distinguish themselves among their pals.
Well, bad attitudes aren’t exclusive to any specific kind of humans. You find them among gamers, game journalist, game developers and everyone else. Some abuse their quantity and anonymity, others their position and impact.

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I really don’t like how all this develops recently. I don’t agree with everything on Anita Sarkeesian’s agenda for example, but she is obviously right about most things. Minor errors, you can argue about the scale, impact, importance. Reasonably.

That is if you would even have the slightest chance to discuss this reasonably. It is pretty much a mine field. It is unavoidable that you’ll sooner or later meet someone who is already so fed up and enraged that it will end in a frustrating clash. You can never prevent that someone will interpret your words wrongly or too much into them.

Thus I totally avoided even the slightest participation in the past years, and that helped somewhat. But recently this escalated so incredibly, that you aren’t safe no matter what. Death threats and immense hostility impact those in the eye of the storm. Their mood and approach to “gamers” gets worse and finally it impacts everyone who is even slightly connected to/following people in the games business.

It pisses me off so much when I get snarled as a “gamer” on Twitter by respected people, just because others lack basic lessons in dignity, respect and general human interaction with them. Generalisation and extreme stances get to be as much a problem as in US politics.

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Awesome: Velocity X2
Great: TxK
Good: Sportsfriends (“only” good because I’m not sure if I’ll manage to use it as intended)
Meh: PSASBR, Joe Danger
Bad: Hoard

I also consider it annoying that this is the third time that Joe Danger is part of Plus.
And there is supposed to be a balance of 1 indie, 1 AAA game for PS3 and PSV. This month it is just PSASBR. While I enjoy indies, I still don’t want it to be almost only indies.

What I really love though, is cross-buy. The Vita gets so much content. Velcocity will murder my thumbs once again daily. And soon Don’t Starve: Giant Edition too!

Could we stop calling those games “free”? My newspaper isn’t free either, it’s a subscription.

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I disagree. Google+ was just too late and people had no reason to share even more private information with Google.
And Youtube comments are just as bad as you’d expect from a real global audience, with all kind of content and no negative impact from public shaming.

Both has nothing to do with Google’s social abilities.


I have similar doubts about Amazon.
But I can’t really imagine what sense it would make for Amazon to pay $1b just to stream only Amazon Fire TV games and only to other Amazon gadgets. ;)

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