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A gamer, a game developer.

I play and discuss.

Twitter: @GunFlame713

Website: Into the Inferno

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I don’t think there is any harm in being transparent, right?

It’s not saying that people can’t do whatever they want with their money, just that they disclose what could be considered relevant. In the event that a reporter interviews someone they support via Patreon, I think that disclosure would be suitable.


The negative press is about worker treatment for the most part, so I don’t think Twitch would call those favourable values. But it can’t be denied that Amazon is very consumer focused, and offers some pretty great services at solid prices. So those consumer focused values are legitimate.

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It was odd… dunno…

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That’s correct!


That’s correct!

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The Living Daylights.

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It took too long, and other than the pretty visuals, the original movie wasn’t all that good. I can’t see many being interested in revisiting that again, especially with such a long wait.

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I watched the first 2 episodes of Psycho-Pass. This is what I have:

- The name is terrible. Even Psych-Pass would be better. It’s not a big deal, but it is a bad name.

- It looks gorgeous. I’m not sure about the animation quality yet, but an excellent level of detail is there, and the backgrounds look stunning, especially some of the cityscape shots.

- The character archetypes (only second episode, so stuff can change!) are super heavy. Not a good thing.

- The world itself is quite interesting, the concept though is a little tough to swallow as there are so many flaws with a judgement system being used as it is. But as with most entertainment, some suspension of disbelief.

- Character designs are very familiar, kinda dull.

- Title and closing themes are terrible.

In conclusion… I liked it! I haven’t found that many decent sci-fi worlds, but this is one that does actually seem like it could work, if they manage to flesh it out enough. That’s where most of my interest lies.

The whole premise though is something that is a bit too familiar, but it was shaken up a little by the fact that gore and violence could be delivered. That can change things up a lot, if it’s used well (e.g. body horror).

I’ll continue to watch it. See how it goes.


A lot have been listed, but some I haven’t seen:

Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Dynamite Headdy
Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibōken
General Chaos
PGA Series
Kid Chameleon
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Hidden Treasure
Speedball II
The Chaos Engine
Rocket Knight Adventures
Robocop vs Terminator
Light Crusader
Mutant League Football

Man… could go on and on…

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The latter.

Sprite is about a group of friends who go to visit a reclusive uncle, who lives at the top of a modern apartment block. While up there, a strange-earthquake/tsunami appears, which engulfs everything that can be seen from the window, and when attempting to go to lower floors, the inside of the building is also flooded.

When the water finally recedes, there has been an strange impact on time.

So it’s essentially a time-travel like mystery, like mild-horror, kinda deal.

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Kinda more skewed towards kids I suppose, no one too old from the offset anyway. But yeah, you’re pretty much right. It’s just that it’s not as well executed as you would hope.

There’s very little in the way of tension or thriller like content, or psychological elements for me.

It’s just a bit samey. I’ve read a lot of Manga though, so that is a problem in general as Manga authors seem to love the idea of character archetypes, blatant ones, too. So it can mean that a lot of stuff is predictable, because you know these characters so well due to reading them elsewhere.

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