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I play and discuss.

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I’ve ready and watched pretty much every shred available regarding the series. Have Aizen and Rangiku statues, bought the special Character Books. And even so, I wouldn’t recommend spending any time with the series at this point.

If you’re not willing to see past its flaws – and you really shouldn’t, it doesn’t deserve it at this point – then you’ll just find yourself running into predictable plot lines, and cyclical character motivations.

There’s better stuff out there to spend time with.

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I’ve read up to the latest Bleach release again.

I know some people wanted this, they wanted battles, Bankai’s, and such. They wanted big guys going toe-to-toe. But it’s just so incredibly shallow right now.

Now, Bleach has always been awful for character building. If you look at the entire cast, not a single one (bar maybe Orihime) has actually progressed as a character. But more than ever, characters are being defined by their unique skill related to fighting.

At least at through the Rescue arc, the Captains and others related to the Gotei 13 were at least given a little character outside of their skills. That has now deteriorated to being none existent at this point. It’s a complete mess.

I should probably not bother reading through it anymore, but an investment in time and money of nearly 10 years kinda compels me to see it through. Just a shame that this is how it’s looking to end.

What a pile of shit.


“True fan” is a bullshit term. Better not to waste time on folk who use it. Uttering the phrase is enough to understand their perspective is screwed.

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It would be nice to see something step away from the current aesthetical trend seen in the genre. Everything looks very samey as it is right now.


Human problems, struggles are what we all encounter, regardless of race or gender orientation. But issues specifically for being a straight white guy?

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It’s difficult, because what you said is entirely true. People do feel attacked and insecure about it, but going the “grow a pair” route is completely useless, tactless and generally crappy.

I just hope that effort is spent on explaining that it isn’t an attack, the view point clarified, and that these articles can continue to be posted/printed, rather than ask for them to be reigned in.

It just takes some cool heads to discuss the whole issue with clarity.

Often, I’d think that there would be more agreements if the argument was clearly laid out, and questions against where not seen as attacks, but potential areas of education.

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Most of the people who talk about – and are worth listening to – these topics, do not want to impose on creative choice. If there was a creative decision to not have a women, then although some would still rather see it, it’s is part of a vision. So it has to be accepted. That’s they way art works.

Note; accepted does not mean that it cannot be criticised.

The issue here, was that Ubisoft said that the effort is too great. So that comes off as, they thought about adding it (they would need to if they understood the effort), but decided against it. Whether it was cost, or time, or resource, they fact is, is that the woman character was not as important as the man. And it’s that part that sucks.

Artistically, they had a vision to include women (again, they mentioned the cost, so they’d have thought about it), but a woman character just wasn’t important enough to them. Again, this is what sucks.

Creatively, the choice is theirs. Resource and cost meaning that they couldn’t do it within budget, could very much be a fact. Okay, that’s the way it goes. But the fact that a woman character (which again, was considered) was not thought important enough to be included in the game, or budgeted for, sucks. It certainly places that sex as second tier in this case.

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I don’t want this to seem offensive, but that’s a you problem, not a problem with the topic.

But I do know where you’re coming from with it, because I was there, too. Sometimes I still am, and do have some disagreements with the presented topics, ones that I still stand by.

Sometimes the authors can appear to bait a response. I’d call this as poor writing for the most part, as it doesn’t do a lot other than look to get page hits. As nobody is as active as an angry commentor. That stuff is usually pretty blatant though, and irrationally bias to the point where you have to believe the author is very aware of the delivery. This is something that very, very rarely happens though. Especially on game sites.

Most of the time, these articles do mention white men, but no so much as being the issue, but being the norm. And THAT is the issue. Not you existing, but that others don’t have that same representation. And it’s true.

It’s not so much “white male protagonist needs to go” it’s “we need more than the white male protagonists”, as one example.

The wording can sometimes be a little hard to decipher, because until you relise it’s not a personal attack, all articles like this can be read that way; as an aggressive attack. But when you understand what the real issue is, you can then apply that context needed to really understand these articles.

Outside of a very tiny group, that probably doesn’t even exist in regards to games, no one wants to remove the representation of the straight white male. People are just asking for more.

There is no attack, no real aggression. Certainly nothing targeting you directly.

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“tone it down a bit sometimes for us, reasonable white straight male guys who don’t mean no harm”

Why though?

If the article isn’t calling out you specifically, then I don’t think you need to be bothered by it. I assume you’re a decent guy, so these types of articles don’t highlight what YOU do. They highlight a different group, one that very much exists.

If some of the biggest problems a white male faces, is aggressive articles on the internet, then shit son, that’s a pretty sweet deal!

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I really wish they’d drop Injustice for something else. That game is just so boring to watch.

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I would have thought the format be set before the purse was finalised.

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Famed contact juggler Elizabeth rolled her head along her arms, literally blowing the socks off her fans’ feet.

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I understand, but it still doesn’t really explain why they need to play so many matches. Why is the format so stretched like this?


I’m far from sold on it. I just don’t know if I have the interest for another medieval fantasy RPG right now.

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Why do they play so many matches?

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To quote myself:

“Surprised to see a lot of the hype around the Brazilian team this coming tournament. Perhaps it’s in part because they’re the hosts, but I don’t think they have a particularly strong side.

I’d have to go with Germany as the favourite. I reckon Spain are winding down a bit, they had all their players in their prime with the previous victories, but it’s a different kind of Spain now.

England won’t quality out of the groups, but oh well, still gonna support the useless bunch!"

That “quality” should be qualify. But hey, I’m pretty close! :D

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The weapons don’t really matter.

What’s important in this case, is the upgrade and combo systems. They’ll define what type of weapon system is needed.


Grid based would be fine. An more flexible, non-linear system would require a lot of hole plugging. Which is fine if you have the time, but as you mentioned it was a “garage game”, something a little more linear input wise would likely make more sense.

With that system, you can still apply areas but they’re a little less flexible. Check out something like Dynasty Tactics on the PS2.

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If you look at sporting events as a whole, female competitions get far less funding an attention. There’s a smaller reward for putting the same level of effort.

Most sports that do seperate men and women, do so for physical reasons, which makes sense. But gaming doesn’t have that restriction. It’s a level playing field, so a mixed tournament as the end goal makes a lot of sense.

That tournament will be hugely beneficial to women who may want to be professional gamers.

So in the end, we want a mixed tournament. There are so many benefits to women, but nothing lost there for men. They still have the same level of access and exposure that they’ve always had.

But it’s really not there yet. eSports now, is too hostile a space, a gaming communities are the same. It’s certainly not welcoming.

The mixed tournament already offers men the same as what they’d get with a men only tournament. So they don’t need a seperate one (even mixed, due to the overwhelming amount of male players, it’s virtually a men’s tournament now).

But until the mixed tournament does integrate women players just as well as men (it only just accepted women players), then it’s no loss to men for a women’s tournament to exist.

Once safety policies for women are in place, and proven to work. And female participation is encouraged and as accessible as it is for men, then the female tournament won’t be needed like it is now.

1 reply

For now, it’s the best solution, and it is actually doing something positive in nurturing interest in women for competitive gaming. It’s progressive in that sense.

I think we’d all like it if it wasn’t needed, but unfortunately, it is.

The numbers aren’t as high as men, so any women in those groups will get some type of discrimination, or belittlement in someway for being the minority group, they will certainly be seen as women first, gamers second, as most women do. I mean, girl gamer is a thing, but a guy gamer is often just a gamer.

Until it becomes the norm, this’ll continue. It can be hostile, so there should be somewhere that they can play and compete without all of that. And that space should be available until they can play in any tournament, without their sex being such a big deal.

As a guy, I know the kind of atmosphere men can make for women. Like if they’re one of the few in a bar, for example. It’s rough. But with the right crowds, the ones we want to work towards in gaming, it becomes a none factor. I’ve seen these positive environments, too, so I know they’re possible.

As a man, a gamer, I want to work towards creating an environment that doesn’t feel intimidating to women. Until I can say it’s safe, I think it’s fine for them to keep the tournament that they have.


But creating a mixed tournament doesn’t now mean that half of the participants will be female, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s now completely safe and harassment free, either.

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