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Not if the “feel” of the game is good enough to keep them interested. There are some games with a very limited scope that I still go back to because they just have a very nice feel to them that no other game has duplicated. Soul Reaver is a good example with the dynamic worlds that switch seamlessly at the push of a button. The games themselves are limited in scope due to the largely plot driven gameplay, but I have yet to play any game that mimics the feel you get when changing between the two worlds.

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Kind of what I first thought when I read the title. lol


It’s not feminism though, it’s white knighting. Feminism is treating a female as an equal, which means you DO NOT feel the need to stand up for them in their place. They are perfectly capable of doing that, at least that is how it should be if you truly feel that females are equal to males. If you feel that you need to stand up for a female then you are just as guilty of being sexist as the people you are condemning.

Of course I use "you" in the general term that refers to a male in general and not a particular person. Not correct grammar I know, but I have already come this far and I’m too lazy to edit my post.


Frylock/Master Shake: You have to pop the balloon!

Meatwad: Okay.

Meatwad: … Do what now?


Anachronox is a great game, it was even good enough for me to start over after getting half way through the game, then having the game crash while I was saving and subsequently corrupting my save data. Be warned, I hear the game is still as unstable as ever. Save often as use every slot you can.

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