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Assuming Alexa is making a mistake about LOTR terminology is usually a mistake. Urukai isn’t a word, you are thinking of Uruk-Hai.

Christopher Tolkien describes “Uruks” as an anglicization of “Uruk-hai” and his father used the two terms interchangeably a number of times. While “Uruk-hai” means simply “Orc-folk”, the term was reserved for the soldier orcs of Mordor and Isengard.

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AuraMasterNeal did a really great job of enumerating a number of serious issues with Danilo’s suggestions above.

Why isn’t the idea of stopping the outright toxic and abusive environment at least worth making an effort?

I literally started off my post saying that Twitter should be doing more, so I don’t see how my post could be read to mean that I believe nothing should be done. My point is that it’s a complex issue and any solution will need to be well considered and carefully implemented.

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I agree that twitter should do more, but unlike yourself and others I’m not going to pretend this is some ridiculously simple problem to solve that twitter has simply maliciously ignored. It’s a complex issue and the solutions proposed by Danilo Campos are extremely poorly considered and would almost certainly irrevocably harm twitter as a new tool for communication in our modern world.

Are we ok with potentially destroying twitter and all the good it has brought along with it in an effort to stamp out all harassment?

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What is/has Polygon done to avoid being used as a mouthpiece for future issues like this? Are you updating any policies or procedures or does Polygon not acknowledge any responsibility? You obviously haven’t in the article.

Shouldn’t you update the original story with a correction at the very least?

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