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The easy answer is that Alien is better, but the number of times this debate comes up speaks volumes about the quality of Aliens. Not many horror movies get sequels that are this revered, even if the sequel is by all accounts an action movie.

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this seems like the saints row character creation only a little more so

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Success shaming? You mean how they made fun of pokemon? They do that in all their ‘trailers’.

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If you were dissapointed with those games you should try the new Wolfenstien! It’s top notch. Slow to start, but awesome the rest of the way through.

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A super violent Doom would be the only way to do it! I have a hard time playing some of the modern first person shooters because of the context of their violence feels a little too real (ie shooting brown skinned people in the middle east) or distracting, like in Bioshock Infinite. But in something like Doom, or the new Wolfenstien, those buckets better be filled with blood!


Pretty sure you’re right! I just went and dug up my old copy of DC vs Marvel because I swore Wonder Woman loudly proclaimed herself to be Thor, but she just sort of picks it up, turns into Thor and then puts it right back down.


I totally had that when GTA Vice City first came out. I played so much that summer that every time I saw a motorcycle I seriously considered pushing the driver off and speeding away. Sort of like when you have a fork full of food and you naturally want to put it in your mouth, I wanted to steal every motorcycle I saw. “If I run and hold Square I could totally take that guy’s motorcycle.” It sounds stupid and farfetched in a totally banal sense, but its true.

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