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So tempting. Just when you think the console is dead in the water they go and reel you back in. If they did a package deal on this, it would be hard to say no to a One.


Pertinent to recent events: the Tomb Raider reboot had the embargo on its reviews lifted a week before it came out, so we got to read a bunch of high score reviews for a whole week before it could be purchased in stores. (This was later blamed for the game’s poor sales) but if the reviews are out for a week early on the new TR it gives people plenty of time to pre-load!

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I’m seeing that a lot of your comments on this article have a similar tenor so maybe we’ll just have agree to disagree, but the core of my argument is that one activity is creative and another activity is predatory. In some respects console exclusive games will always be tribal and petty, but sometimes we get wonderful games that you would never get otherwise. Other times a game that should have been available for most people gets imprisoned on a single system.

I’ll let you decide which situation this is.

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I own neither system.

I think the difference is that owners of the xbox get nothing they wouldn’t have had already. The new Tomb Raider was coming to their system already. Some fans feel that Tomb Raider has been taken from them by MS and its big wallet.

Conversely a game like Uncharted would probably never have been made without Sony since the studio that makes it is owned and funded by it. Sony is rewarding those that buy their system. MS is punishing those who don’t buy xbox.

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I think a major difference is that Sony owns the studios that make its exclusive games, unlike a few recent Microsoft exclusives like Titanfall and now Tomb Raider. It’s one thing to buy a PS4 with the foreknowledge that you won’t be playing any Halo games on it, it’s another thing to have Microsoft bogart a popular franchise that has almost always been platform agnostic. They aren’t paying to bring the game to life, they’re paying to keep it to themselves.


The easy answer is that Alien is better, but the number of times this debate comes up speaks volumes about the quality of Aliens. Not many horror movies get sequels that are this revered, even if the sequel is by all accounts an action movie.

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this seems like the saints row character creation only a little more so

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Success shaming? You mean how they made fun of pokemon? They do that in all their ‘trailers’.

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