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When is the next Uncharted game scheduled for?
If they release at the same time they could really shift some units.

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I would pay for a a news / discussion service that let me go to the post office and show my driver’s license before I could join. (the payment could also be used to pay for writers and content creation)

That way the people who want to hide behind anonymous accounts can keep doing what they’re best at and I can enjoy discussion and news in a community that understands responsibility.

It might slowly educate people and whilst it’s a shame to have to pay for a respecting community the systems required to maintain it and the content it would provide are not free.

I quite like having my real name as my account name.
Maybe I’ll look back and regret what I’ve said, but I’d like to think I won’t.

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Hopefully the DLC comes with another round of patches, there are still a few glitches to finish off.
Any chance of a Polygon review of this game?

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Yeah it doesn’t have a score at the end of it :p

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Is this game not out in the US for all platforms? Wikipedia seems to think it was July 1st

Will there be a Polygon review of this game?

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Didn’t developers used to make the previous DLC free when a new one came out?
That minimized community fragmentation.
I think I remember that with Gears of War and maybe Halo 3.

Is the cost in creation of DLC these days just tied to the size of the teams working on it?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the big franchises (or maybe even publishers) went for a subscription model that gives you access to this year’s game and maybe all the DLC for it.

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Isn’t this much, much more like a Playstation controller than an Xbox one?
Dual sticks down low together, D-Pad on the left up top?

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