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Follow me on Twitter @johnmadninja to get the latest...whatever I think of at the moment. I was once the editorial intern here now turned plebeian.

Also writes on websites. Go check them out:

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To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind one bit if that happened.

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Constantly running through my head.

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I apologize if I did not fully explain what I meant by Gamification, a concept I have studied extensively. I was referencing Lindsey’s brave acts of applying game mechanics to the real world and her teaching people through Gamification. Does that help you?

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This is highly recommended for any situation!

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That exact scenario has happened to me before but we are based in NYC. Bunch of weirdos here.

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I still find it baffling when my girlfriend comes home and she tells me a story about being literally cat called in the streets. Gamification helps teach people.


I played it all with my brother but I bet it was also awesome single player.

I always forget that Summer of Arcade games do hit PSN. Thanks for the tip! Going to go down the nostalgia hole now.

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Quickly someone edit Russ Pitts to replace the baby sun from Teletubbies.

Also great feature! I love the part about inspiring the next generation.

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Can’t wait! The first game was an awesome Co-op game that a lot of people seem to have forgotten because of the Summer of Arcade.

Hope more people check this game out!

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