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Hmm, all of a sudden?

Remember the Cloudsong incident? lol

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Hmm, I guess I want VR to be successful. Sorta? Kinda?

I want to “play” flight simulators like the DCS series, FSX or IL-2. I want to play space sims like Elite, Star Citizen and X (minus Rebirth). None of those titles are wildly successful games that sell 100,000,000 copies, and I’m OK with that. Hell, more than OK with that, in that to sell in huge volume the games couldn’t be what make them good: complex, in-depth and hard as hell.

As long as I can “play” my simulators on the Rift, I don’t care how successful it is or VR in general is.

I like Coca-Cola. Do I care about the health of the soft-drink industry? No. I just want a tasty beverage that I can enjoy on my terms without sending Coke my date of birth and blood type so they can sell that information to people who want to sell me more junk.

The Rift, prior to yesterday, looked like a product that was going to deliver on what I want.

The Rift, today, looks like it’s going to do all kinds of creepy stuff.

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