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Oh, come on. You bought that line from MS? Do you honestly think MS would hand over all of those countries to the PS4 to dominate and miss out on what you think is 2 million extra consoles because TV integration or Kinect wouldn’t work right? That’s crazy.


Which supports what I said.

No it doesn’t…at all.

That’s not a total.

How is that not a total? Mouse over March and you will see the total for March.

With the numbers that we just got from Sony and MS this month, that’s actually what happened in March/April. The Xone is outselling (barely) the PS4 for this sales period.

What numbers are you looking at? PS4 outsold the XBone by 60k in the March 2014 NPD report.

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No, we do know for absolute certainty. They are reporting on NPD numbers. Also, if you must know, XBone is 311k and the PS4 is 371k.

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I don’t believe that at all. MS knows that the vast majority of sales comes from the 13 countries they launched with. There is no way that they wouldn’t ship in other countries, especially sitting on as much extra stock as they are now, if they knew that they could increase their sales by 50%. No way at all.

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They have the XBone beating PS4 by 40k for March.


Because it’s suppose to be much easier to port between PC and PS4. Indie teams aren’t big so porting time is pretty important.

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