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Already bought it. Haven’t had time to play it but I’m excited to. I enjoyed the first episode and it sounds like they did some interesting things with the combat in this episode, even if the story is a bit of a miss.

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I’m guessing the answer is no.


I see your point but I still feel like using getting hit on as an example misses her own mark a bit. Being hit on does get you attention but only a very specific type of attention. There nothing that says these women are being taken more seriously than other women in other contexts.
That said, the fact that she feels limited to being attractive or being ignored is a problem, but I don’t know how much of that is on her and how much is on industry culture.

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I think you are right in that she deserves to be just as visible as any other person, but I think a large part of the confusion here comes from the fact that she uses not being hit on as an example of being invisible, or not being seen for more than looks. Being hit on is a sign that the other person finds you attractive, in a sexual sense (physical appearance). It is not a judgment on her as a person, as a professional or anything like that. As long as hitting on people isn’t banned at these conventions, using it as a metric to judge yourself by doesn’t make sense (unless you’re specifically trying to judge your physical appearance).
I hope I made some sense here, I think I managed to confuse myself a little bit.

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I don’t think think you came off as preachy.
His dedication is impressive but honestly, reading this just made me kind of sad. I can’t imagine this level of obsession (about anything) being healthy. I love gaming but it’s a part of my life, not the entirety of it.

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As dumb as it sounds, one of the more important things to me is that I can keep my glasses on.
As for the rest, it sounds really promising. I haven’t tried any VR-headsets personally but it sounds really cool, and as long as they get the game support they need to actually get it off the ground I’m sure it will be an awesome experience.

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New ‘n’ Tasty is a day one purchase for me and I really hope it gets the sales needed for a completely new Oddworld game.

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