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Hey, there. I'm Alex Lovendahl.

I run a video game podcast called Nerf'd with Jake Stroth.

Here's a link to the RSS Feed. We're also on iTunes as "Nerf'd". You can also email us at
If you want to follow my game reviews, follow my account on
I'll also be writing film reviews at, which operates on the same good-old Whiskey Media tech. I'll be accepting requests as well!
Last but not least, I write music reviews on my blog at

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Ah, okay. She’s fine at the beginning. I really, really hate the turn towards the end of the game where it’s all “Chie comes up with the solution, then says ‘Why is everyone staring? I’m the dum-dum, hehehe,’ everyone agrees and we never redeem that she’s not dumb.”

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No doubt, it’s Persona 4. The integration of the Social Link system, the Fusion system, and the dungeons is the most brilliant example of gameplay servicing story I can name. Given the fact that the battle (dungeons) is between Jungian Personas and Shadows, strength of heart is very literally the key to defeating the “shadows.” And strength of heart is increased by having experiences (Social Links) and then considering and analyzing them to gain more understanding of your world (Fusion.)

Beyond that, its story, battle system, and art style are very satisfying. I like the music, though I get that many people find it repetitive or annoying. And the characters are easily my favorites of the period, who I prefer to the more stereotypical, yet more understated characters of Persona 3. The amendments made between 3 and 4 make 4 the better title, though 3 perhaps has a more powerful plotline than the loose, Scooby Doo-like Persona 4.

That said, Persona 4 could best be described as a combination of Scooby Doo, Twin Peaks, a high-school anime, and Videodrome, and that still doesn’t cover its own character. It’s still pretty nuts.

Caveat: Yosuke and Chie are really terrible (Yosuke as a person, Chie as a character,) and the treatment of Kanji and Naoto remains a disappointment.

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Thoughts on the game as an iPhone title rather than an iPad title?


But they weren’t just present for “basic,” which would be the prototyping period. The “front lines” of Respawn are the game’s development, for which they (according to the article) were present for two years.


Walden’s key chapter is named “Visitors”; ignoring it will lead to the endless series of Thoreau critics who claim he “cheated” or whatever.

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