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What depresses me more than censorship.

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Acting is a varied range of skillsets, you are completely discrediting satire from that range. What African americans have you seen “juken and jiven”?

Last I checked one african american doesn’t represent the whole black race, at least to the educated they don’t.

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You are not even giving brother a chance to evolve from black entertainer if you going to shut them down in their infancy. The entertainment industry is just a tool a smart person would use to platform themselves to the next level.

Most entertainer’s first role is far from ideal. How can you be mad at a black ent. taking the role of “thug #1” on law and order, in order to further themselves in the industry to their eventual goal of maybe one day directing?

I respect black entertainers, artists, and african americans that use these systems to improve their lifestyle, and bring opportunities back to their communities.

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You do understand that when African-Americans make media for the “middle america mainstream” they are looked down upon, when they make media for the “hood” they are looked down upon. Give a brother a break, everything can’t be hunky dory.

House of Cards highlights the negative side of politics, but how you are viewing it, that show should not highlight the negative stereotypes of Politicians, because thats too negative!

Lots of African American men and womenn replicate the people they see on TV

I hate this type of thinking. Here on this site, people act like mediums such as video games and television raise our children, thats just very shallow thinking.

There could be 50 shows about black billionaires airing on every network, but when you walk out into the real-world and you say to yourself "damn I don’t see one black billionaire like I saw on tv. Reality hits you in the face.

Why wouldn’t you want people to write about the culture, the people, the personalities they are knowledgeable about, be it negative or positive. Some people use it as an example as what not to be.

So a black man brings shame if he doesn’t put food on the table, and brings shame if he does. I’m sorry to say you are buying right into the “white agenda”, when you start persecuting blacks for making an honest living.

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I hate all these marketing tactics to get people to pay more for games.

Honestly i’d rather have games have price tags for $100, and return to the complete/competent project one time purchase.

Not the forecast sales, cut content, adjust projections, redistribute cut content under the guise of premium.

Won’t be buying the Sims 4. Yes I am a drop in the ocean, but a drop that won’t have the headache of dealing with EA’s nonsense.


Well I know I made comments on both of the threads and they are not there now, I searched. Yes this may be some system issue that argument I can cave on.

But I will stand on Polygon staff not tackling the race conversation as much as they love to wrestle the gender issue, and we all know its because thats what’s the buzz in San Fran right now.

I just personally wish that Polygon and more other places hired the whole gambit of cultures, because I know the whole gambit is out in the job field. Then when the issue of race/gender came up we could get a wider spectrumed opinion.

Yes I get the right person for the right job argument, but sometimes you have to branch out.

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You’ve earned a special place in my internet friends list, my white homie teknoarcanist.

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Just to immediately correct you I never said or assumed polygon’s staff was primarily white.

So what all black letter’s look alike.

Just to let all of you know, I say this stuff light hearted because I can accept it.

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Look at those same article’s comments and notice no staff input on the comments. My point is that polygon sure will write about it, but won’t crusade for it as much as gender equality. (which is completely fine, if you’d accept that instead of linking and saying see they do believe in racial equality as much as gender equality.)

Note that the third post you link the comments got shut down, hmmm I wonder why? Could it be that racists/intolerant people were in thread and Polygon staff did not confront them instead shut down the thread itself, yes I remember that day vividly because that was the day I lost respect for Polygon’s staff.

Tracy did comment in her article but not address the thread itself.

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Um do you know what site you are on? Does Polygon really have the authority to speak on black culture, in my opinion they don’t. Polygon’s input would not even be appreciated because its not genuine at all. They can stick with pushing gender equality because thats what will keep their jobs floating a little bit longer (for all I care).

Any article with gender in the mix you will see Polygon staff get in there and have some opinions, but let it be an article about race and no one on the staff will touch it with a ten foot pole, because they know better.

Oh and the real issue with Captain America/Thor is, because the change in character doesn’t come from women and african americans joining the staff. They are switching it up because being “progressive” is in right now.

‘eponymous’ – word of the day??

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Dude what is wrong with the tv show Martin?? That show was funny, and I was glad to see Martin Lawrence get a television show.


Dont forget to talk to the guy at the Tower to activate the crucible.

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No it wasn’t gender biased. He mentioned he had a daughter, and I was just stating giving the power to any group to determine if others could have children, there would be the possibility of him not having his existing child.

Pretty much trying to get him to realize that as much as he loves his daughter, would he really want to live in a world where either himself or others humans could not have that experience.

I get your presumption that he would of course meet the standards of the world he purposes. But imagine how many millions if not billions would not be able to meet that standard. I just see his theoretical world as a short cut to extinction.

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No he is not talking about a one child per family rule, nor am I talking about the sex of the child as my issue with his comment.

The type of system he is talking about is putting the government (greed induced policy shapers) in charge of the decision to procreate which is very dangerous.

Imagine the hot topic of immigration, and say immigrants that were granted visa’s to the united states had to abide by the procreation law of: they cannot have children if they accept citizenship. That would be the end of their family just for searching a more economical sound lifestyle.

Thats just one negative scenario, and most people who are not sensitive to immigration issue would say oh thats a good idea, but take this next example.

What if the government in charge was lead by Republicans, and they said anyone who wants to reproduce they can only and only if they are a registered republican how would half of America feel about that.

If you are talking about handing over the decision to a “higher agency” more likely the state/federal things are not going to be all hunky dory like you guys are imagining.

Greed, corruption, and self preservation will cause the people running the system to abuse the system in ways that will make it so the common woman/man doesn’t have a voice in chance to reproduce.

This is all speculation, but to pretend the current system in America works properly and think a world where you have to get permission to have children would fit perfectly into this mess is radical thinking.

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No don’t say that, if you took our current system and made procreation a right that had to be earned. Trust me you would not have a daughter right now.

The world would not be better in the hypothetical you purpose. Yes there are some people out there that may or may not deserve to be parents, but there are a lot systems in place to help keep those children safer than ever before.

Its unfortunate that a child abuse case has such a ridiculous motivation behind the abuse, but you have to blame that more on the economic system than inherent human nature.

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I’d say that this type of behavior doesn’t happen in the US because of the public works programs that exist (e.g welfare/w.i.c./etc). I’d be willing to bet on that more than close circles questioning the legality of your adoption.


I expect to see those Neversoft knives up on ebay rather quickly.


Passing on this one because of the location. Until we can make games that are 1:1 with the cities they are modeled after i’d prefer fictional cities(or Rockstar interpretations).


“a mobile-first and cloud-first world.”

So trying to catch up to Japanese culture and infrastructure; on shitty American internet infrastructure.

Note: before throwing out how fast your San Fran internet is the majority of America sits wondering what 4g would even taste like, and data caps, etc. I don’t expect that to change “overnight” in the next 6 years.

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Hey Arch, I see you post a lot and would agree with others here that you are mostly pessimistic about a majority of news on here. I just want to say do not change, man. I understand you probably do have games that you love, play and enjoy, but are truly disappointed with the direction the industry has gone.

Don’t let these people in here tell you are wrong, just because they like or tolerate the direction of games. People saying things like you should quit gaming need to grow better tolerance to others opinions. When I see you on articles I really enjoy I just overlook your comments if I assume you are being negative about something I choose to enjoy.

I appreciate that you bring what other perceive as “negativity”, because I personally enjoy hearing about and seeing both sides of the coin. If people are praising something in gaming, I also want to hear about what people are disliking about gaming as well. Gives me a better vision of the whole picture.

This community needs to support all its members.


I’m still waiting for my Mech game that is actually good! Thats the demo. I fall under and like /u/Qubit said, if I get a Mech game it will be “watered down and homogenized”. And thats if I get a Mech game.

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If anywhere I would want a Grand Theft Auto in a South American country. I have in mind a story centered around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Yes I know Max Payne was in Brazil, but to me GTA could still deliver great results in South America.


To me this is the type of company Microsoft should have partnered with, and applied to the Kinect 2.0.

If I could have used this software when sending messages or live video chat while in games like Titanfall. Those options would have made me see a value in purchasing a Kinect 2.0.

But hey what do I know, I am just a gamer right.

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