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My earliest memory of gaming is of playing on my Commadore C64, playing Flimbo's Quest and my mum getting addicted to it to the point she would play until three or four in the morning when she wasn't working; I guess I get my addictive personality from her.

I've owned most consoles and handhelds down the years, most of them are still in working order and I've had a gaming PC since 2000 and I can honestly say I love all platforms equally, except X-Box, all it's exclusives I wanted eventually came to PC so I never had a reason to own one.

In my commentary and blogs I aim to bring a neutral and calm voice to the furore in our community, which as we all know can get out of hand and descend in to poop slinging all too easily

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I’m in two minds about this… on one hand it seems a bit creepy mainly because it is put in context of the traditionally pervy Japanese gamer, but if i think of it outside of the panty shots that are implied this could serve a purpose that helps people become better at communicating.

 Also, the almost realism on display is incredibly impressive, even if that smile at the end was ripped directly from my Miq’oté character from FFXIV


I’m terrified to boot it up and see how many hours I put in to it… Also, i know it’s stilling running and i don’t want to fall back in!

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Anything you get that you don’t want to keep in this can be broken down for crafting materials to help you make better, more appropriate gear :D

 I personaly loved everything about ME3’s MP, including the pot luck nature of the loot crates.


Part of the code they built has little autonomous drones that can check a planet and record short bursts of what the planet is like so they can few batches of them at once. Obiously you can’t check every planet, but i have the feeling that they are making sure the generation algorithm works fairly robustly before unleashing it on the world… I’m realy looking forward to making a youtube series on travelling through the universe when this comes out.

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I envy you my new brother, you are in for such a treat and I wish I could play the game for the first time again.


When I was a teen I had an old bloke who stuttered as a dentist, he was still really good at his job, though.

 My current dentist is close to my own age and well I might be in my thirties, but I am still a hot blooded male…

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I second this.

Stupidly excited to see and hear more about this.

I adored Remember Me.

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I’m lucky in a way because my dentist is both amazing at her job and has ridiculously pretty eyes, plus the whole not being a daft scaredy cat helps.

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‘Waffling’ god complex… Chap doesn’t know when to be quiet and just try to make a game before bigging it up.

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Make sure you call Hardy a woman to his face… He’s such a cool guy he’l probably thank you for the compliment.

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