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My earliest memory of gaming is of playing on my Commadore C64, playing Flimbo's Quest and my mum getting addicted to it to the point she would play until three or four in the morning when she wasn't working; I guess I get my addictive personality from her.

I've owned most consoles and handhelds down the years, most of them are still in working order and I've had a gaming PC since 2000 and I can honestly say I love all platforms equally, except X-Box, all it's exclusives I wanted eventually came to PC so I never had a reason to own one.

In my commentary and blogs I aim to bring a neutral and calm voice to the furore in our community, which as we all know can get out of hand and descend in to poop slinging all too easily

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Say it out loud, it is a very satisfying word.

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It’s also worth noting that in the video’s dooblydoo that it is Cologne, Germany that has been chosen and that is exactly where Gamescom is held…. and held soon

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I wonder how much say the people at ND have in what occurs in the film?

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The only issue I’ve had with Arena Commander so far is that my damned reticule keeps disappearing, making it impossible to aim or even be certain where I’m heading.


It’s a good peeve to have! Considering that ‘rein’ and ‘reign’ are vastly different things.


Dorian seems like a really cool character, it will also be nice to have a male character my female elfquisitor can be friendly with without fear of being jumped… frikking Anders!

 All kidding aside, most of the characters revealed so far have some really cool traits that I can’t wait to begin loving.

 October cannot come soon enough!

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